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November 2016
835372DanganQuesta: A Danganronpa Quest 1Plot twists, suicide, seduction, and one big mystery at the mall. Danganronpa, Dangan Ronpa, mystery, bait and switch2016-11-21 2 
December 2016
856933DanganQuesta: A Danganronpa Quest 2We hang out around the mall waiting for the first life to be taken. Danganronpa, Dangan Ronpa, mystery2016-12-01 1 
892704DanganQuesta: A Danganronpa Quest 3The 1st trial comes and goes. Also, the new kids show up and distrust is in the air. Danganronpa, Dangan Ronpa, mystery2016-12-10 1 
932525DanganQuesta: A Danganronpa Quest 4More stuff happened, someone died, lots of blood. No big deal.Danganronpa, Dangan Ronpa, mystery2016-12-24 1 
January 2017
994979DanganQuesta: A Danganronpa Quest 5 All the clues are found, the stage is set for the 2nd trial. Danganronpa, Dangan Ronpa, mystery2017-01-11 1 
1038382DanganQuesta: A Danganronpa QuestTrial #2 gets going, the 2nd floor is opened, and more questions arise. Danganronpa, Dangan Ronpa, mystery2017-01-24 1 
February 2017
1084719DanganQuesta: A Danganronpa Quest 7A lot of people hand out and get to know each other better. And someone kind of died again.Danganronpa, Dangan Ronpa, mystery2017-02-04 1 
October 2017
1948165DANGANRONPA International 125 years after the events of the Hope's Peak Academy saga, another Killing Game has begun. You are the Ultimate Film Director. Survive.Danganronpa, Mystery, Puzzle, Anime2017-10-17 5 
1975812DANGANRONPA International 2A murder has happened, and now you must unmask the killerDanganronpa, Mystery, Puzzle, Anime2017-10-23 2 
November 2017
2002343DANGANRONPA International 3A new world opens up, and things take a turn for the surprising.Danganronpa, Mystery, Puzzle, Anime2017-11-05 1 
2048137DANGANRONPA International 4Right at the moment of freedom, things suddenly become too much to bear.Danganronpa, Mystery, Puzzle, Anime2017-11-17 1 
2076289DANGANRONPA International 5The survivors deal with the fallout of capturing Joshua, and Kyoko flies to Finland.Danganronpa, Mystery, Puzzle, Anime2017-11-27 1 
December 2017
2106185DANGANRONPA International 6OP gets his ass kicked, Kyoko continues to investigateDanganronpa, Mystery, Puzzle, Anime2017-12-09 1 
2133309Danganronpa International: Sweden Quest 2Kyoko gets to the bottom of the leakDanganronpa, Puzzle, Mystery, Anime2017-12-18 1 
2158012DANGANRONPA International 7Kyoko continues investigating the computer of Emile Delacroix when the QM fucking dies.Danganronpa, Mystery, Puzzle, Anime2017-12-31 1 
June 2018
2634244Danganronpa Quest: Thread 1After an edgy start, Will Alison Frank enters New Hope's Peak Academy, escapes a room, meets some students... then the game begins.danganronpa, mystery, puzzle, anime2018-06-18 1 
December 2019
3959126MAGICAL MURDER MAYHEM~DANGANRONPA: IPerseus Meigma is selected to attend Pagus Academy, a prestigious magic school. He doesn’t get what he signed up for. Nor do his classmates.Danganronpa, Magical Murder Mayhem-Danganronpa, Bait and switch, magic, school, murder, mystery, whodunit2019-12-10 14 
3969350MAGICAL MURDER MAYHEM~DANGANRONPA IIPerseus gets to know more classmates, elects a leader, and shoots down contradictions. Meanwhile, OP’s schedule nosedives. Magical Murder Mayhem: Danganronpa, Magic, School, Murder, Danganronpa, Mystery, Whodunit, Quest2019-12-19 10 
January 2020
4047710MAGICAL MURDER MAYHEM:DANGANRONPA~IIIOP is alive. Perseus helps plan a party, makes drinks, watches 80s action kino, sucks at racing games, and witnesses death.Danganronpa, Magical Murder Mayhem: Danganronpa, Mystery, Character Death2020-01-30 11 
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