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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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July 2009
5080043Unnamed Story Part 2.5Finishing up Part 2.Unnamed, Quest, Story, Part 2.52009-07-03 6 
November 2009
6585314Homebrew Part 2See Homebrew Part 1. This section of the story takes place after the Great Stir, it describes how The Great Old One and the Ruler Archon were lost to the universe."Homebrew Part 2" "T'goo" "Ruler Archon" "Luminat" "Great Stir"2009-11-06 0 
June 2013
25380844Stormtrooper Quest: Part 2The plot thickens as you and your squad go out to battle rebel scum!Stormtrooper Quest, Part 22013-06-11 10 
May 2014
32008063Hellborn Quest 3 (Part 2)Sierra returns from her walk and wonders why these people are being so irritatingly nice.Hellborn Quest, 3, Part 2, Collective Game2014-05-08 25 
32294055Hellborn Quest 10 (Part 2)Dogwalker gets his comeuppance and Sierra is reunited with an old friend.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 10, Part 22014-05-22 22 
32451811Hellborn Quest 13 (Part 2)Sierra goes to find the source of Borislav's power, and comes across an old memory instead.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 13, Part 22014-05-30 22 
June 2014
32684440Hellborn Quest 17 (Part 2)Sierra takes care of a last request, and has an unexpected conversation.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 17, Part 22014-06-10 22 
32964328Hellborn Quest 26 (Part 2)Sierra gets dangerous in pursuit of vengeance.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 26, Part 22014-06-24 21 
July 2014
33256218Hellborn Quest 33 (Part 2)Sierra meets up with Wolfgang.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 33, Part 22014-07-08 20 
33388370The Golarion Heresy Part 2A warhammer 40k Inquisitor ends up on Golarion (Pathfinder Setting). Hilarity and Violence ensues.The golarion heresy, warhammer 40k, pathfinder, crossover, golarion, inquisitor, 40k, part 22014-07-14 13 
August 2014
33826102Hellborn Quest 48 (Part 2)Peeps come to pick Sierra up, and a power is restless.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 48, Part 22014-08-01 20 
33894928Hellborn Quest 49 (Part 2)Sierra builds a sandcastle.Collective Game, Hellborn Quest, 49, Part 22014-08-04 20 
33947293Hellborn Quest 50 (Part 2)The party winds down.Collective Game, Hellborn Quest, 50, Part 22014-08-06 20 
April 2015
39393958Hellborn Quest 92 (Part 2)Sierra fights a landmaster and accidentally the whole duel.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 92, Part 22015-04-17 16 
July 2015
41201304Weimar Quest pt. 3In which we meet with two (maybe three?) different types of crazy.Weimar Quest, Germany, OP is mad, Wheres Part 22015-07-13 3 
October 2017
1920636Sburb Quest - Part 2In which we meet a few people, are filled with determination, and get some particularly useless sprites. Homestuck, sburb, sburb quest, quest, collective game, part 22017-10-06 0 
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