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March 2010
8780479Lego Quest 1A new quest based around a Lego Spaceman.Lego Quest2010-03-26 42 
8785707Lego Quest part 2: Spaceman QuestSpaceman's adventures across the universe continue!"Lego Quest"2010-03-26 22 
8808646Lego Quest 3Spaceman's adventures continue!Lego Quest2010-03-27 20 
8827697Lego Quest 4Spaceman's adventures take him to hostile worlds and win him glances of affection! (maybe)Lego Quest2010-03-28 14 
8845731Lego Quest 5The adventures of Spaceman, Endman and Clarke continue!Lego Quest2010-03-29 16 
8868254Lego Quest 6Spaceman's adventures get him in all kinds of hilarious trouble.Lego Quest2010-03-30 12 
April 2010
8907738Lego Quest 7Spaceman confronts the enigmatic BLACKTRONS.lego quest, collective game, lego, awesome2010-04-01 15 
8947433Lego Quest - Viking EditionViking based interlude, in which the fearless viking Arnold seeks mighty orange transparent mjöllnirLego Quest, viking2010-04-03 13 
9096997Lego Quest 8Spaceman throws down with an Imperial Knight, and Clarke is near death!Lego Quest2010-04-10 10 
9295056Lego Quest 9Spaceman, Endman and Clarke in the Imperial city!Lego Quest2010-04-20 10 
9466706Lego Quest 10Spaceman takes on Azimuth and gets a goddamn chainsaw hand!Lego Quest2010-04-28 10 
9473107Lego Quest 10 part 2Orange Transparent motherfucking CHAINSAW HAND Lego Quest2010-04-28 10 
9493313Lego Quest: The Final EpisodeThe final episode of Spaceman Quest!Lego Quest2010-04-29 28 
May 2010
10031728Endman's Adventures 1Tales of Endman's adventures before he met SpacemanLego Quest2010-05-25 6 
July 2010
11251782After the Brick: A Lego Quest one-shotPost-apocalyptic fun with LegosLego Quest, post-apocalyptic2010-07-21 14 
11254899After the Brick pt. 2The Wanderer continues his journey across the post-apocalyptic baseplateLego Quest, post-apocalyptic2010-07-21 12 
11316275After the Brick pt. 3The Wanderer continues his journey across the badlands.Lego Quest, post-apocalyptic2010-07-24 12 
11432949After the Brick pt. 4The final episode of After the Brick! The Wanderer takes on the raiders, steals the food truck, and leaves a trail of bodies across the badlands!Lego Quest, post-apocalyptic2010-07-30 12 
October 2010
12605957Apprentice QuestLego Quest returns with the tale of a wizard's apprentice and the dark powers that grant her the magic she seeks!lego quest, wizard, apprentice2010-10-29 11 
12623583Apprentice Quest part 2The Apprentice learns how to make fire with magic, gives her nemesis a killer put-down, and continues her quest to master the dark arts!Lego Quest, Apprentice2010-10-31 6 
November 2010
12942176Tratot's Quest part 1Lego Quest takes requests to run a jungle adventure. Hijinks follow.Lego Quest2010-11-27 5 
December 2010
13206696Tratot's Quest part 2Tratot, Lord of the Jungle, takes on space pirates, psychic tentacle monsters, and his own clumsiness on his quest to rid the jungle of its foul intruders!Lego Quest2010-12-19 3 
13210959Tratot's Quest part 3The thrilling conclusion of Tratot's quest to save the jungle!Lego Quest2010-12-19 5 
13345067After the Brick: Dead by DawnLego Quest returns to the badlands as the Wanderer takes on slavers and the army!Lego Quest, post-apocalyptic2010-12-31 10 
January 2011
13366759Endman and the City of GoldMore tales of Endman's adventures before he met Spaceman.Lego Quest2011-01-02 6 
13623151Endman and the City of Gold (part 2)Endman's adventures in the City of Gold continue as he battles his way free of the deadly arena and sets his sights on the Diamond of Amia!Lego Quest, Endman, Futuron2011-01-23 5 
13697184Endman and the City of Gold 3Endman battles old ladies and guys with fancy hats in his quest for riches!Lego Quest2011-01-29 5 
February 2011
13796433Endman and the City of Gold 4Endman sows his space-seed, vexes a rival at tongue-twisters, and seizes the object of his quest!Lego Quest2011-02-06 6 
13807311Apprentice Quest part 3The Apprentice raises her rival, bumps into a few familiar faces, and hits the high seas! Or rivers.Lego Quest, Apprentice2011-02-07 5 
13915400Apprentice Quest 4The Apprentice and her friends set out into the wilderness, rob some highwaymen, and hear some crazy stories about fabulous treasures and terrifying dangers!Lego Quest, Apprentice2011-02-16 5 
14055876Apprentice Quest 5The Apprentice delves deeply and greedily, and comes away with a ton of great stuff! Lego Quest, Apprentice2011-02-27 7 
April 2011
14462638Lego Quest: The Big Burn (part 2)The Wanderer crashes the party, finds a new ride, and makes a big impact on the Warlord's base!Lego Quest, post-apocalyptic2011-04-04 6 
August 2011
15835410Lego Quest: The Return of SpacemanLego Quest returns with an all-new adventure featuring Spaceman, Endman and Officer Clarke! And Bennie!Lego Quest, Collective Game2011-08-06 8 
16042044Lego Quest:The Return of Spaceman 2Spaceman, Endman and Officer Clarke continue their fight against the corrupt Empire!Lego Quest, Collective Game2011-08-24 7 
December 2012
21941864West Quest part 2The lawman has a showdown with Jim Savage and recruits him into his posse!Lego Quest, Collective Game, western2012-12-08 3 
21846089West QuestLego Quest goes cowboy, as the Lawman tries to clean up Red Brick!Lego Quest, Collective Game, western2012-12-02 4 
November 2011
17004591Lego Quest:The Return of Spaceman 3Spaceman and company noodle around for a while, then get into a fightLego Quest, Collective Game2011-11-24 7 
April 2012
18532455Lego Quest: BlockoutMy name's Jack. I'm an information specialist.Lego Quest, Collective Game2012-04-01 13 
18567722Lego Quest BLOCKOUT pt. 2My name's Jack. I'm an information specialist.Lego Quest, Collective Game2012-04-04 5 
18615947Lego Quest BLOCKOUT pt. 3Jack and BB meet the king of the freegers, Jack gets wired reflexes and they learn the truth behind the mysterious disk!Lego Quest, Collective Game2012-04-08 3 
18629214Lego Quest BLOCKOUT pt. 4Shit hits the fan. Also there's a mermaid!Lego Quest, Collective Game2012-04-09 5 
18799240Lego Quest BLOCKOUT pt. 5Jack and Wendy take a helicopter trip to ReGene, murder a bunch of guards and fight a cyborg with a shotgun!Lego Quest, Collective Game2012-04-21 4 
June 2012
19520075After the Brick: The Last PieceA post-ablockalyptic Lego Quest one-shot! The Wanderer finally comes face-to-beard with the Warlord, and a new character joins the cast...Lego Quest, Collective Game, post-apocalyptic2012-06-18 5 
19537562Lego Quest BLOCKOUT pt. 6The transhuman train-wreck concludes! Guns, girls and an ending that nobody can believe!Lego Quest, Collective Game, cyberpunk2012-06-19 6 
19680084LegoquestLego. Quest.Lego quest2012-06-30 9 
July 2012
19689141Endman and the Women of Troparctica pt. 2Endman battles terrible monsters, trains shreep as war mounts and commandeers a boat to the Southlands!Lego Quest, Collective Game2012-07-01 5 
19702744Endman and the Women of Troparctica pt. 3Endman makes his way to the great city, finds a gold-plated ziggurat and commits a little B&E.Lego Quest, Collective Game2012-07-02 3 
19712652Endman and the Women of Troparctica pt. 4Endman discovers the treasure vault of the great city, rolls some great killing attempts, and meets some lovely new ladies!Lego Quest, Collective Game2012-07-03 5 
20012237Endman and the Women of Troparctica pt. 5Endman and co. meet up with a mysterious newcomer, surprise a guest with some disarming humor, and crash a party!Lego Quest, Collective Game2012-07-24 3 
20050515Shreep questA Shreep is you!lego quest, Shreep, Shreep quest, Collective Game2012-07-27 22 
20079343Shreep quest 2; The ShreepeningA Shreep Queen is you!Shreep, Shreep quest, Collective Game, Lego Quest2012-07-29 6 
August 2012
20282354Prisoner QuestLego Quest returns with the tale of a prisoner wrongly convicted and sentenced to life at the end of the universe!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Prisoner2012-08-12 6 
20470313Neil Armstrong memorial/tg/ weighs in on the death of Neil Armstrong. Lego Quest posts a memorial slideshow.Neil Armstrong, moon landing, Lego Quest2012-08-26 46 
20531453Legovolution Quest: part oneYou were a 2x2 blue Lego brick. That has changed. Now, you are something more, something greater. And soon, everything else will be too. Everything else will be you.Lego Quest, Legovolution Quest, 2x2 brick, Collective Game, horror, comedy, borg, katamari damacy2012-08-31 19 
20536274Endman and the Women of Troparctica pt. 6The conclusion of Endman's adventures on Troparctica! Danger, romance, and an unexpected ending!Lego Quest, Collective Game2012-08-31 5 
September 2012
20574772After the Brick: Leftovers pt. 1The Wanderer and his new friends go to a surprise party!Lego Quest, Collective Game, post-apocalyptic2012-09-03 8 
20584298After the Brick: Leftovers pt. 2The Wanderer and friends get acquainted with their new digs.Lego Quest, Collective Game, post-apocalyptic2012-09-04 6 
20598949After the Brick: Leftovers pt. 3The conclusion of After the Brick: Leftovers!Lego Quest, Collective Game, post-apocalyptic2012-09-05 7 
January 2013
22448820Lego Time TravelUnderwater time-travel lego quest.transparent orange chainsaw, lego, Collective Game, LEGO Quest2013-01-08 17 
June 2013
25316010Lego in tabletop gamingCan Lego boards be used instead of grid maps? Can minifigs be used instead of minis? /tg/ discusses the possibilities.Lego, game ideas, Lego Quest, lego, LEGO, minis, board2013-06-09 0 
September 2013
26959853Endman and the Female FuturonEndman returns with another tale of his adventures before he met Spaceman!Lego Quest, Collective Game2013-09-02 6 
27094004After the Brick: Family Matters part 1The Wanderer and the kid meet the neighbors.Lego Quest, Collective Game2013-09-08 11 
27108627After the Brick: Family Matters part 2The Wanderer makes up for lost time as he shoots, burns, and punches his way out of home sweet home!Lego Quest, Collective Game2013-09-09 10 
November 2013
28063977Endman and the Desert of DeathEndman disarms his foes, rouses hearts and plans for the future.Lego Quest, Collective Game2013-11-02 7 
March 2014
31007574Lego Quest makes an RPGA new roleplaying game that uses Lego minifigures and terrainLego Quest, homebrew, RPG2014-03-23 3 
31130036Assassin Quest 2SX3, assassin for the Empire, is double-crossed by her employer and escapes with her former prey in tow!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Homebrew2014-03-30 2 
April 2014
31188537Assassin Quest 4SX3 discovers more about the plot to kill her and spark a war with the Circuit-Men!Lego Quest, Collective Game2014-04-01 2 
31268208Assassin Quest 5SX3, former assassin of the Empire, journeys to the mysterious realm of the M-Tron!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Homebrew2014-04-06 1 
May 2014
31898776Lego Quest presents: TECHNICLego Quest takes requests to run a BLOCKOUT sequelLego Quest, Collective Game, cyberpunk2014-05-05 3 
32172411Assassin Quest 6SX3, former Imperial assassin, takes on an entire clan-hold of M-TronLego Quest, Collective Game, Homebrew2014-05-18 1 
32363952Assassin Quest 7Yoren finds a fancy picture.Lego Quest, Collective Game2014-05-26 1 
June 2014
32643649Assassin Quest 8A Futuron falls. Lego Quest, collective game 2014-06-08 1 
32789610Assassin Quest 9LEGO DOGFIGHTSLego Quest, Collective Game2014-06-15 1 
33031114Apprentice Quest episode 6The Apprentice returns!Lego Quest, Collective Game2014-06-27 1 
33075629Apprentice Quest episode 7Locked in a tower, the Apprentice finds a familiar face.Lego Quest, Collective Game2014-06-30 0 
July 2014
33110554Apprentice Quest episode 8The Apprentice rodeos a bug and hangs with some frogsLego Quest, Collective Game2014-07-01 2 
33526523Apprentice Quest episode 9The Apprentice swats some mosquitoes and sets up a dateLego Quest, Collective Game2014-07-20 3 
33688565Apprentice Quest episode 10Vill and the Apprentice visit a city with a vermin problemLego Quest, Collective Game2014-07-28 2 
August 2014
33855716Apprentice Quest episode 11The Apprentice embarks on a series of surreal adventuresLego Quest, Collective Game2014-08-04 2 
September 2014
34546988Lego Quest Presents... After the BrickThe origin of the Wanderer!Lego Quest, Collective Game, post-apocalyptic2014-09-01 7 
35026328Master Shreepsman QuestYou are Willingsford, master shreepsman!Lego Quest, Collective Game, shreep2014-09-22 1 
35163244Master Shreepsman Quest 2The Master Shreepsman gets all dressed upLego Quest, Collective Game, shreep2014-09-28 1 
October 2014
35324389Master Shreepsman Quest 3The master shreepsman is revealed!Lego Quest, Collective Game, shreep, parkour2014-10-06 1 
35478055Master Shreepsman Quest 4The master shreepsman tracks down some leads, and somebody gets shot!Lego Quest, Collective Game, shreep2014-10-13 1 
35598608Master Shreepsman Quest 5Shreepin ain't easy.Lego Quest, Collective Game, shreep2014-10-18 2 
November 2014
36049659Accidental Succubus QuestA short intermission.Lego Quest2014-11-09 2 
36193637Lego Quest Presents... After the Brick part 2Road trip!Lego Quest, Collective Game, post-apocalyptic2014-11-16 2 
December 2014
36476119Lego Quest Presents.... After the Brick part 3The Wanderer gets back to natureLego Quest, Collective Thread, post-apocalyptic2014-12-02 3 
36614346Tales of the Valor SquadronTen thousand years before the Spruesworth Saga, the known universe is wracked by strife, as planetbound warlords feud in the chaos wrought by the unstoppable Blacktrons!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Futuron2014-12-10 5 
36886541Lego Quest Presents... Tales of the Valor Squadron pt. 2Altman of Futuron takes the fight to the Blacktrons!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Futuron2014-12-23 5 
January 2015
37161215Lego Quest Presents... Cassiopeia, Queen of the CosmosLego Quest goes full BarbarellaLego Quest, Collective Game2015-01-05 9 
37464309Cassiopeia, Queen of the Cosmos 2Bloodbath in the pleasure-palace!Lego Quest, Collective Game2015-01-19 5 
February 2015
37929907Cassiopeia, Queen of the Cosmos 3Love and death in the polar region of Arabesh!Lego Quest, Collective Game2015-02-09 2 
38078674Lego Quest Presents... Deep Shaft 8Miner problemsLego Quest, Collective Game2015-02-17 3 
38231327Lego Quest Presents... Deep Shaft 8: Part TwoMore miner problems... And lazers!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Lego2015-02-24 4 
March 2015
38723079Lego Quest: Vigilante NoirThe city is rotten to the core. All the heroes are gone. There's no one left. Until tonight.Lego Quest, Collective Game, Lego, Noir2015-03-16 6 
38838186Lego Quest: Vigilante Noir 2Red and Rover take on Bottled Blonde and learn that not all the heroes are gone.Lego Quest, Collective Game, Lego, Noir2015-03-22 6 
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