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October 2010
12314471Dragon Quest VIICibach Azaladon, young-adult age category red dragon, is out to see the world, gain empire, hoard, love (or at least mate,) and power. Glorious power. Under the 'knowledge is power' theory, we manage to bust up an evil cult, and rescue a servant the local god of knowledge who is as much more than she seems as we are. Also, we get to drop the hammer in dragon-form.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, devil, wizard, magic, pirate, orc, cult, gold, VII, 7, seven2010-10-04 24 
12329848Dragon Quest VIIICygnis, the Gold we rescued, offers us an in on local politics, as well as a fairly decent bribe. We accept, and start plotting about how to off her. Necessities are arranged for, and meetings are scheduled. Wonderfully productive. Short, but lots of text. Plotting and maneuvering.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, fantasy, dragons, D&D, rpg, writing, dungeons, devil, erinyes, wizard, magic, pirate, cult, gold, VIII, 8, eight2010-10-05 22 
January 2011
13621387DragonQuest XXXITruth or Dare (without Dare, unfortunately) with Scinnari, accounting for things, and readying for a diplomatic envoy.DragonQuest, Quest, Dragon Quest2011-01-23 23 
February 2011
14067052Dragon Quest XXXVIIIMuch planning, little action. Cut short by server problems.dragon, quest, dragonquest, dragon quest, XXXVIII, 382011-02-28 23 
March 2011
14151277Dragon Quest XXXIXThrowdown in Basserak! Devils get what's coming to them.Dragon Quest XXXIX, Dragon Quest, Dragonquest, Dragon, Quest2011-03-07 23 
14254327Dragon Quest XLA new addition is made to the horde, and plans to welcome it are made.DragonQuest, Dragon Quest, Dragon, Quest2011-03-16 24 
14330937Dragon Quest XLI Cygnariassis gets a chance to enjoy our "hospitality".DragonQuest, Dragon Quest, Dragon, Quest2011-03-23 23 
14386044Dragon Quest XLII Cultists, Demons, histories of waifu wars, fa/tg/uys being evil geniuses.DragonQuest, Dragon Quest, Dragon, Quest2011-03-28 23 
April 2011
14547785Dragon Quest XLIIIAzyra's 1st birthday party, Cygnis finally wears her brother (or to be more precise; what is left of her brother).DragonQuest, Dragon Quest, Dragon, Quest2011-04-11 23 
14626381Dragon Quest XLIVWe invade a library made of cloud guarded by giants and chat up the disembodied head of a mithral golem.Dragon Quest, Dragon, Quest, Dragonquest2011-04-18 24 
May 2011
14847474Dragon Quest XLVII Being a dad to Azyra, a mentor to a yound red dragon, and capturing not one, but two dragons, a silver and a blackdragon, Dragon quest, Dragonquest, quest2011-05-08 22 
August 2011
16109529Dragon Quest LIVWherein we play as a group of adventurers investigating Mza and Lord Prestor.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-08-30 20 
September 2011
16457297Dragon Quest LVWe track down the adventurers and bring them back to Mza.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-09-29 22 
October 2011
16487506Dragon Quest LVIWe finally subdue the adventurers and have words with Scinnari and Azyra.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-10-02 22 
16562313Dragon Quest LVIIIn which we decide what to do with a captured Brass.Dragon, Quest, Dragon Quest, Dragonquest, Collective Game2011-10-09 22 
16635054Dragon Quest LVIIIWe finally get around to killing the sorcerer, have a chat with Azyra about her future, learn Zevaana's true name, and try to figure out what to do about the brass dragon in our basement.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2011-10-16 21 
November 2011
16840171Dragon Quest LIXwherein we approach the elementals of earth and wind, discuss how to destroy the insidious ithilid and take our daughter out to find a suitable magic-school.Dragon Quest, dragon quest, DragonQuest, Dragon, Quest2011-11-05 21 
February 2012
17991103Dragon Quest LXI: Silver AgeIcing orcs and wishing we could ice gnomes. Lucrative job is proposed, with the possibility of company. Paranoia is rife.Dragon Quest, dragonquest, Collective Game, Dragon, quest, silver2012-02-18 13 
18085185Dragon Quest LXII: Silver AgeTravel with Baha, sinister signs, corpses, and a brief fight. A few interesting ideas, though.Dragon Quest, dragonquest, Collective Game, Dragon, quest, silver2012-02-25 11 
March 2012
18164806Dragon Quest LXIII: Silver AgeInfiltrating the hold, and wondering WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2012-03-02 13 
18268225Dragon Quest LXIV: Silver AgeShorter than normal session. We stabilize found mage, fight an ooze, and wander a bit through the tunnels.Dragon Quest, dragonquest, Collective Game, Dragon, quest, silver2012-03-10 11 
18352199Dragon Quest LXV: Silver AgeWe fail in fighting and cant figure how to name our character. Also, gods of /tg/ hate Dragonquest.Dragon Quest, dragonquest, Collective Game, Dragon, quest, silver2012-03-17 10 
18433628Dragon Quest LXVI: Silver AgeWe are getting told by the gnom, and decide to crawl in sewers because its fun.Dragon Quest, dragonquest, Collective Game, Dragon, quest, silver2012-03-24 14 
April 2012
18529654Dragon Quest LXVII: Silver AgeWe rescue womanizer in distress, and argue if kobolds have any relation to the church of The Great (Red) Lord. The gnome was being a dick as usual, but then invited us to a party.Dragon Quest, dragonquest, Collective Game, Dragon, quest, silver2012-04-01 7 
18587979Dragon Quest LXVIII: Silver AgeWe clean up the worgs with some good rolls for a change, only to walk right into a pair of blue dragons.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2012-04-06 8 
18783425Dragon Quest LXIX: Silver AgeWe talk our way out of a confrontation with the two blues, the gnome plays dead, and we continue our investigation.Dragon, dragonquest, dragon quest, quest, Collective Game, RPG, D&D, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, writing2012-04-20 12 
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