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Archived Threads

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February 2009
3830290A very bad ideaActually, a very good idea...Setting, Muppets, MiB, Writefaggotry2009-02-27 13 
3837895Feltpunk II: The Rise of Sam the EagleTwice the felt, twice the stuffing, but is it a troll? /tg/ makes it awesome anyway. Kermit gets a contact high.Setting, Muppets, MiB, Writefaggotry2009-02-28 7 
March 2009
3925150Bungs & Barmaids/tg/ makes a card game about running rival taverns in a fantasy setting. SHIT GETS DONE!Bars, Bungs & Barmaids, Tavern, Alcohol, Homebrew, MuppetMaster2009-03-10 10 
April 2009
4196287/ck/ recipes for fa/tg/uysA cooking anonymiss drops by /tg/ to deliver several recipes. They meet approval. This thread is archived for the purpose of holding onto these treats./ck/, Banana and Rose Petal smoothies, cookie tarts, EZ Caramel fudge, cooking, baking, food2009-04-06 15 
July 2009
5277833Games: Toonami Style Part 2Same as the old one, but with talk of an Exalted/Nobilis movie and its plot, Imperators punching a Yozi in the face and a common cause to stop the Kukla from destroying Creation.awesome, nobilis, exalted, IN A WORLD, Peter Cullen2009-07-28 9 
May 2010
10164825L5R Haiku ContestA Scorpion throws a haiku challenge to /tg/, poetry is discussed and composed. Fluff discussion ensues. Koi prove to be incredibly fascinating.L5R, Rokugan, haiku, competition, koi, koi_fucking_everywhere, fascinating2010-05-31 2 
June 2010
10702457Spetsnaz Deathsquad in the UnderdarkSetting gets posted.hilarity ensues. including write faggotry!Spetsnaz,Underdark,Writefaggotry,russians2010-06-24 57 
July 2010
10944812Spetsnaz Deathsquad in the Underdark Part 3Maxim's Squad of Russian badasses once again continues to badass it's way through Faerun. Now with warforged singing Russian Tankist's hymn.writefaggotry, soviets, russians, underdark, faerun, spetsnaz2010-07-05 11 
December 2010
13082700Zerg Quest XXIIThe landworms bear fruit, the freighter's crew is delicious, and plans begin for an interesting sort of Zerg version of Amazing Race, or something. Also, Zerg therapy, and Zerg Quest finally snags a drawfag! We're moving up in the world...or down. Whatever.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Quest Thread, Collective Game, Drawfag detected, Gorn control, Meat puppets2010-12-09 11 
March 2011
14355984Warpuppets are back...And just how many Tau are on the ceiling, anyway?warpuppets, win, creed, horo2011-03-25 4 
April 2011
14576739More Ad-Eva discussionAd Eva discussion, and a discussion on logic in the Evangelion universeAdpetus Evangelion2011-04-13 0 
14620876Warrior Pets/tg/ recounts stories of brave animals dying in battle, earning their places in ValhallaPet, Warrior, Valhalla, Dogs2011-04-17 9 
January 2012
17549781Waldorf and DumpstatWaldorf and Statler heckle /tg/ with surprisingly non-shit results. muppets, heckle, heckling, Waldorf, Statler2012-01-15 35 
February 2012
18068262Damn Cats!/tg/ gripes and discusses cats and pets getting in the way of gaming.cats, pets, gaming, mess2012-02-23 13 
March 2012
18237435Shadowrun Storytime 2The continued story of a Shadowrun That Guy, now with more berserk troll.Shadowrun, That Guy, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, DeadMan, Trout, Street Samurai, Hacker, Mage, Infiltrator2012-03-07 55 
18291189Shadowrun Storytime 4The Ares runs begin, Tank gets a SIN, and an interrogation gets...weird.Shadowrun, Storytime, 2D, Geppetto, Dervish, Tank, Teacup Ride, Cyberpunk, Knight Errant2012-03-11 44 
18400401Shadowrun Storytime 6Bend the Infiltrator joins the team, spirits get stoned, 2D jizzes himself, and the Vegas arc comes to a close.Shadowrun, Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, TwoDee, Geppetto, Dervish, Bend, Vegas, Las Vegas2012-03-21 43 
18421888Shadowrun Storytime 72D and the crew head to Tokyo, Shenanigans ensueShadowrun, Storytime, TwoDee, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Tokyo2012-03-23 46 
April 2012
18532456Shadowrun Storytime 8The team goes to Lagos, and runner-on-runner violence happens! Geppetto kills a guy in a really fucked-up way. Also Nextwave!Shadowrun, Storytime, Storytiem, Shadowrun Storyime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Lagos, Nextwave2012-04-02 45 
18645891Shadowrun Storytime 92D and crew finally corner Two-Times in Bogota. The Sixth World is marred forever.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Bogota, Sensei, Pirates, Aztechnology2012-04-09 37 
18848099Shadowrun Storytime 11The Summer episode! The Team tries their hand at a bank heist.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Bank Heist, Bank Job2012-04-24 36 
May 2012
18990192Shadowrun Storytime 12The team goes back to college. It's not quite how they remember...Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, Geppetto, Bend, Dervish, Wildcard, College, University2012-05-05 34 
July 2012
19744246Shadowrun Storytime 14The Trout Run starts with a bang! Evil cultists and shit-covered capybaras abound.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, trout, twodee, capybara, capybaras2012-07-05 38 
20080536Shadowrun Storytime 15The team gets a nwe target, Wildcard and Dervish harass a checkpoint guard.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, trout, twodee, capybara, capybaras2012-07-29 32 
20098708Shadowrun Storytime 15.5Adversary says hi.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, twodee2012-07-30 35 
August 2012
20366845Shadowrun Storytime 16: The Tale of Felix RamirezThe team initiates their newest member, ex-Aztechnology Eagle Warrior Felix Ramirez.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Felix, Felix Ramirez, Locke2012-08-18 46 
September 2012
20779653Succubus QuestPlay as a Succubus. Disregard humans, acquire souls.Succubus Quest, Succubus, Revulvael, Gepette2012-09-19 43 
20871106Succubus Quest 2: Succ HarderContinuing Adventures of Revulvael and Crew.Revulael, Succubus Quest, Gepette, Succubus2012-09-26 35 
October 2012
20950596Shadowrun Storytime 17Happy birthday, 4chan! TwoDee returns with a very Dervish-heavy tale.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Felix, Locke, trolls, Fight Club2012-10-01 41 
December 2012
22113416Clowns in SpaceOP attempts to start a serious sci-fi quest involving cryogenically frozen humans. Anon is one of those humans: he is a clown, taught by the Honklords of Space Station 13, and, in the interest of comedy, is attempting to pit representatives of the Crazy Clown College and Wacky Waldo's World of Wonder against each other.Clown Quest, Collective Game, Rumpety Bump2012-12-19 12 
February 2013
23215009Chapter Creator : Angelus Petrus - Dark Angels Successors/tg/ creates a chapter, a dark angels successor and hammers out the fluff / tabletop for it.Chapter Creator, Dark Angels, Successors, Homebrew, Warhammer, 40k, wh40k, fluff, worldbuilding, Space Marine, Warhammer 40k, Dark Angels, Angelus Petrus2013-02-18 6 
23346869Succubus Quest 3: Return Of The BikiniRevulvael returns to fight the Angel Conspiracy. Features fun date with Argenta.succubus, Succubus Quest, Revulvael, Gepette, Argenta, Surt, Collective Game2013-02-24 27 
May 2013
24737400Overhuman Quest: Petre Lupei; Session 1 Shellshocks and Broken CitiesTaking some time, /tg/ finally births a gypsy named "Petre Lupei", a Gypsy that travels with his father and brother in a reality of Earth with Magic. Collective Game, Petre Lupei, Modern Magic, Magic, Overhuman Animist Quest, Dranule A Man2013-05-10 5 
24752827Overhuman Quest: Petre Lupei; Session 2 The Murder of CrowPetre kills three Overhumans that sought to instruct his family in suffering. After taking to the alleys, they meet a man seeking out Susej, and end up finding some kind of camp...Collective Game, Petre Lupei, Modern Magic, Magic, Overhuman Animist Quest, Dranule A Man2013-05-11 6 
24984112Overhuman Quest: Petre Lupei; Session 3 Returning to the CarnagePetre Lupei takes the advice of his Crow Tulpa and returns to the ruined parts of the city to find a haven after nightfall. Collective Game, Petre Lupei, Modern Magic, Magic, Overhuman Animist Quest, Dranule A Man2013-05-23 5 
25123719Overhuman Quest: Petre Lupei; Session 5, Rubble Rooting and Invisible MenPetre and company find some supplies within their impromptu hideaway. After some conversing, they head for the university, yet find themselves ambushed by a pair of powerful Overs...Collective Game, Petre Lupei, Modern Magic, Magic, Overhuman Animist Quest, Dranule A Man2013-05-30 5 
June 2013
25218069Overhuman Quest: Petre Lupei 6; Blood, Guns, and TreasonPetre and his brother arrive at a military barricade held by the army and meet a man with power, known as Staff Sergeant Jacques Moreau. The party rests within the med tent with other refugees... Yet peace is often short lived when in the eye of a storm...Collective Game, Petre Lupei, Modern Magic, Magic, Overhuman Animist Quest, Dranule A Man2013-06-04 5 
July 2013
25826870Shadowrun Storytime 19: The Final Run Part 1Lo, the beginning of the end.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Bend, Geppetto, Locke, Sensei, Wildcard2013-07-05 60 
25982294Succubus Quest 4: Bright Lights, Hell CityRevulvael's day off is anything but. Succubus adventure in Hell with BDSM Elf and other fun.succubus, Succubus Quest, Revulvael, Gepette, Argenta, Collective Game2013-07-13 25 
August 2013
26434747Peter Parker Quest: Issue #1The dawn of a brand new dayPeter Parker Quest, Marvel, Collective Game2013-08-04 44 
26478120Peter Parker Quest: Issue #2Peter discovers his true power: Being really, really annoying.Peter Parker Quest, Marvel, Collective Game2013-08-07 34 
26500386Peter Parker Quest: Issue #2The Shape of Things to ComePeter Parker Quest, Marvel, Collective Game2013-08-08 32 
26624794Peter Parker Quest: Issue #4School DazeCollective Game, Peter Parker Quest, Marvel2013-08-15 36 
26704073Peter Parker Quest, Issue #5Time to get to work on our spider deficiencies. Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-08-19 34 
26743188Peter Parker Quest, Issue #6We find ourselves in a web of mystery.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-08-21 30 
26798459Peter Parker Quest, Issue #7We reforge a friendship and think about masksPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-08-24 29 
26812624Peter Parker Quest, Issue #8The Set-UpPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-08-25 29 
26872375Peter Parker Quest, Issue #9Countdown to WednesdayPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-08-28 28 
26907331Peter Parker Quest, Issue #10To Catch a Cat...Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-08-30 33 
26918433Peter Parker Quest, Issue #10 (part 2)Hero or Menace?Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-08-30 29 
September 2013
27011079Peter Parker Quest, Issue #11Costume WoesPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-09-04 28 
27034383Peter Parker Quest, Issue #12The Red-Headed Shut-inPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-09-05 26 
27050615Peter Parker Quest, Issue 13The Red Headed Shut-in, Part 2Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-09-06 26 
27074738Peter Parker Quest, Issue #14A Tangled Web of LivesPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-09-07 26 
27091089Peter Parker Quest, Issue #14 (Part 2)A Tangled Web of Lives (Part 2)Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-09-08 25 
27146779Peter Parker Quest, Issue #15The Cat and the SpiderPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-09-11 27 
27156607Peter Parker Quest, Issue #16A Day at Nilbog HighPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-09-11 26 
27204954Peter Parker Quest, Issue #17To Catch a HobGoblin...Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-09-14 30 
27289472Peter Parker Quest, Issue #18Material Sciences and Murder SpreesPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-09-18 29 
27440014Peter Parker Quest, Issue #19Back to SchoolPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-09-27 29 
October 2013
27590047Peter Parker Quest, Issue #20 (Part 1)Reconnecting the WebPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-10-06 26 
27611809Peter Parker Quest, Issue #20 (Part 2)Reconnecting the WebPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-10-07 26 
27707867Peter Parker Quest, issue 21Goblin season! Spider season!Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-10-13 25 
28009127Peter Parker Quest, Issue 22DowntimePeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-10-30 28 
November 2013
28125543Peter Parker Quest, Issue 23Cat's in the Cradle: Things Are-A- Changen'Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-11-05 30 
28254991Peter Parker Quest Issue #24DOCTOR DOOM wants to be a magical girl with Peter's help in exchange for fixing FeliciaPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-11-13 30 
28346923Peter Parker Quest, Issue 25Breakout at Baxter!Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-11-18 27 
28384851Peter Parker Quest, Issue #26Trapped in His Own WebPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2013-11-20 29 
28459044Peter Parker Quest, Issue #27Future Shock: School RumblePeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2013-11-24 28 
28515242Peter Parker Quest, Issue #28Futuria HistoriaPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-11-27 27 
28522887Peter Parker Quest: Issue #28.1Agent Venom VS CarnagePeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-11-27 24 
December 2013
28641061Peter Parker Quest, Issue #30Roadtrip to Castle DoomPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-12-04 25 
28648957Peter Parker Quest, Issue #30.1The Road Trip ContinuesPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-12-04 24 
28668697Peter Parker Quest, Issue #31End of the RoadPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-12-05 26 
28681962Peter Parker Quest, Issue #32Saviors and Martyrs: Escape 2035Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-12-06 29 
28723501Peter Parker Quest Issue #33The adventures of the Spectacular PTSD-ManPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-12-08 24 
28745609Peter Parker Quest Issue #34Illusions of Normalcy.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-12-09 27 
28785417Peter Parker Quest Issue #35A Spider at the edge of Halloween.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-12-10 27 
28846725Peter Parker Quest, Issue #36Halloween Ho-downPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel2013-12-14 27 
28864173Peter Parker Quest, Issue #37Ghouls and Goblins or How Not to Trick-or-TreatPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2013-12-14 24 
28871677Peter Parker Quest, Issue #37.1Changing Seasons or Time Skips AheadPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2013-12-15 24 
28935365Peter Parker Quest, Issue #38A Very Parker ThanksgivingPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2013-12-18 26 
28970923Peter Parker Quest, Issue #38 (Part 2)Thanksgiving: A Time For Family, Friends, and AwkwardnessPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2013-12-19 26 
29027088Peter Parker Quest, Issue #39Guess Who's Coming to ThanksgivingPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2013-12-23 25 
29034901Peter Parker Quest: Issue #39.1Talk shop with Norman and figure out how Iron Man works his armor. Also we're at Thanksgiving, I guess.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2013-12-23 25 
29066144Christmas Special #1 A Very Pym Christmas Presented by DeadpoolPeter Parker Quest, Pym Christmas Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2013-12-24 23 
January 2014
29217154Shadowrun Storytime 20: The Final Run Part 2The tension keeps up as the team struggles to hunt down their quarry.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Bend, Geppetto, Locke, Sensei, Wildcard2014-01-01 75 
29376249Christmas Special #2A Very Pym Christmas Presented by Deadpool (part 2)Peter Parker Quest, Pym Christmas Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-01-08 24 
29564568Peter Parker Quest, Issue #40Hard Driving Questions Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-01-17 26 
29688851Peter Parker Quest, Issue #41December Brings Unexpected GiftsPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove 2014-01-22 26 
29809101Peter Parker Quest 42Maximum ChristmasCollective Game, Peter Parker, spider-man2014-01-26 20 
29853881Peter Parker Quest, Issue #43Storm Chasing for ChristmasPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove 2014-01-28 25 
February 2014
30023421Peter Parker Quest, Issue #44The Year a Cyclops Ruined ChristmasPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-02-05 24 
30032500Peter Parker Quest, Issue #44 (Part 2)Christmas Wrap-UpPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-02-05 24 
30175330Peter Parker Quest, Issue #45Chilling With VenomPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-02-12 24 
30314854Peter Parker Quest, Issue #46Gluttonous Entity: Escape from Oscorp!Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-02-18 24 
30488782Peter Parker Quest, Issue #47No Colors Anymore I Want Them to Turn BlackPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-02-25 22 
March 2014
30638868Peter Parker Quest, Issue #48 (part 1)Friends of ConspiracyPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-03-04 21 
30754093What /tg/ does with the drunken sailorWe have discovered a horrifying reality. There are people who have never heard that song and new versions are pitchedSea Shanty, Songs, What Should We Do With The Drunken Sailor, The Drunken fa/tg/uy, Cowardly Guardsman, Muppets Treasure Island2014-03-11 9 
30786463Agent Venom Quest 49Protagonist change, and /tg/ argues about being proactiveCollective Game, Quest, Peter Parker Quest, Suffering2014-03-12 20 
31108145Peter Parker Quest: Issue #50In which we make a suit, and weird shit happens to us.Marvel, Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game2014-03-28 20 
April 2014
31209743Peter Parker Quest: Issue #51 (Hollow Quest Redux 62)April First shenanigans: Risa Schrödinger goes to the PPQ-verse and be Spider Man.Marvel, Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Bleach, Hollow Quest Redux, AzureEarth2014-04-02 12 
31211554Hollow Quest Redux 62 (Peter Parker Quest: Issue #51)April First shenanigans: Peter Parker goes to HQR-verse where stuff may or may not happen!Collective Game, Bleach, Hollow Quest Redux, AzureEarth, Peter Parker Quest, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-04-02 12 
31393798Peter Parker Quest: Issue #52 (part 1)The Letter. Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-04-10 8 
31503418Peter Parker Quest: Issue #52Crime HappensPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-04-16 6 
31653197Peter Parker Quest Q&ABuilding a Better QuestPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-04-23 11 
31814116Peter Parker Quest, #52A Whole New World or Nowhere GirlPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-04-30 17 
May 2014
31961758Peter Parker Quest, Issue #53Mysterio RisesPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-05-07 21 
32112076Peter Parker Quest, Issue #54A little downtime at the arcade.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-05-14 21 
32293227Peter Parker Quest: Issue #55We team up with someone, and montage some SCIENCE! Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-05-23 20 
32402511Peter Parker Quest, Issue #56Meeting at Stark IndustriesPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-05-28 21 
June 2014
32597067Peter Parker Quest, Issue #57Showdown at StarkPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-06-06 20 
32701212Peter Parker Quest, Issue #58A Shocking Start Leads to Soulful Decisions Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-06-11 20 
32857268Washed Up Quest Old Muscle Wizard forced into the military decides "Fuck the King" and leaves on merry adventuresCollective Game, Washed Up, Muscle Wizard, Monk, Like a Petal 2014-06-18 5 
July 2014
33332251Magical Girl Noir Quest 219A worried magical girl rains blueberries and death upon her enemies.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, Magical Girl, noir, drawfag, Chiaki, Sayaka, Wendy, Tiny Pete, Misaka, Red hot chili pepper2014-07-11 25 
August 2014
34471520Peter Parker Quest Issue 59Today is a big day for Crime, unfortunately Peter Parker's there to stand in its way.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-08-29 20 
September 2014
34633773Peter Parker Quest Issue #60Awkwardness, batteries, and our impression of the good, the bad and the ugly.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-09-05 14 
34801722Peter Parker Quest, Issue #61Confrontation on the George Washington BridgePeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-09-12 12 
34963184Peter Parker Quest, Issue #62 Multiple Evil DoublesPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-09-19 11 
35120663Peter Parker Quest Issue 62.5Battle With A Little Help From My Friends.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-09-26 11 
October 2014
35861747Peter Parker Quest: Issue #63Ghouls and GoblinsPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-10-31 11 
November 2014
36006744Peter Parker Quest: Issue #64Fantastic Evening.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-11-07 11 
36396499Peter Parker Quest: Issue #65Fun Times With FriendsPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-11-25 12 
December 2014
36645459Teacher's Pet Quest 1Our protagonist gets in a relationship with a teacher and keeps getting blue-balled before he can fuck her.Collective Game, Teacher's Pet Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-12-08 25 
36663875Teacher's Pet Quest 2In a world... where the protagonist still can't get his dick wet... what lengths will he go to to have some sweet, sweet loving?Collective Game, Teacher's Pet Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-12-09 11 
36682325Teacher's Pet Quest 3Our hero meets his teacher's parents, but not how he'd like, and has a heart-to-heart before blowing his load down her throat.Collective Game, Teacher's Pet Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-12-10 8 
36702180Teacher's Pet Quest 4As our hero approaches the conclusion, an evening of passion descends into the depths of debauchery.Collective Game, Teacher's Pet Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-12-11 5 
36711538Teacher's Pet Quest 5The conclusion of TPQ. Collective Game, Teacher's Pet Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-12-12 6 
36713106Peter Parker Quest Issue #66Things get better, but also a little worse. Overall, a net positive for Peter. Also, one more mystery that's inches away from being solvedPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-12-12 16 
36840862Machine Civilization Thread #6We create some more defenses and discover lakes of petroleum to inflict fiery death on our foes, and chaos monstersChaos, lake, petroleum, civilization, robot, gnoll, crystal, mine, node, hephaestus, collective game2014-12-18 1 
36944549Unprecedented Age Quest: Christmas Spectacular! part 1Jack John puts his life on the line for the chance to get the ultimate girlfriendCosgrove, Peter Parker Quest, Bleach Quest, Kamen Rider War Quest, Collective Game2014-12-24 10 
37016947Shadowrun Storytime 21.5Wrapping up loose ends.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, 2D, Dervish, Locke, Wildcard, Bend, Trout, Geppetto2014-12-28 65 
January 2015
37252997Peter Parker Quest Issue #67Peter faces the truth of his parents' deathPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2015-01-09 15 
February 2015
38137328Peter Parker Quest Issue #67.5Oh my brother, Can you take me by the hand? Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2015-02-18 20 
March 2015
38505729Peter Parker Quest Issue #68I wonder what went wrong I've waited far too longPeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2015-03-06 12 
38962109Peter Parker Quest Issue #70The Goblin Hunt begins.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2015-03-27 11 
April 2015
39244949Peter Parker Quest Issue #71Spider-man vs the Green Goblin, at long last.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2015-04-10 10 
May 2015
39676987Peter Parker Quest Issue #72Wake up and face the new world.Peter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2015-05-01 12 
40049879Puppetmancy Quest Ep1The start of Puppetmancy Quest! We create our character, our puppet, and we travel from Japan to Spain by crashing into the beach with a ship. Then we look for a job, and find one as a "Marionetta" worker at Sergio's.Puppetmancy, Collective Game, Quest2015-05-19 3 
40099751Peter Parker Quest Issue #73 (Last Issue)Peter Parker Quest's End. Peter Suits up in his Final Costume, then fights Electro. Cosgrove then does some Q&APeter Parker Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2015-05-22 6 
October 2015
43078099Petr'oil: For Reich & Imperium [game2]Dieselpunk game of conquering the sands as not!Germans, not!Russians, and the Sandlandistan Princes themselves.Collective Game, conquest, risklike, Petr'oil, Dieselpunk2015-10-15 1 
May 2016
2903This Quest Doesn't Have A Name YetThe Adventures of Peter TitmousePeter Titmouse2016-05-01 49 
29401The Legend of Peter Titmouse pt.2____________Peter Titmouse2016-05-04 27 
58828The Legend of Peter Titmouse 3Peter and Gnat successfully pull off the night caper, save a slum girl, then part ways, but then end up in court.Collective Game, Peter Titmouse2016-05-06 21 
92797The Legend of Peter Titmouse 2Legal TroublesOkk, Collective Game,Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-05-11 20 
112503The Legend of Peter Titmouse 3I can't move my legs Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-05-11 20 
154317The Legend of Peter Titmouse 6A mana storm forces Peter and Gnat to take shelter in a spooky mansionOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-05-22 20 
171740The Legend of Peter Titmouse 7Peter and friends are stuck in an endless hallway with a terrible monster. Okk spends most of the thread at work.Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-05-26 21 
186225The Legend of Peter Titmouse 8They're still in the haunted mansionOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-05-29 20 
June 2016
266305The Legend of Peter Titmouse 9Harmony cooks some eggsOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-06-20 20 
282793The Legend of Peter Titmouse 10Peter puts on a hat.Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-06-24 20 
296557The Legend of Peter Titmouse 11Harmony reveals her dark past, and Gnat talks a bit about her father. Then the party encounters a lizard. Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-06-27 20 
July 2016
310045The Legend of Peter Titmouse 12Peter tries to train a lizard. Then the party arrives in Casino City.Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-07-01 16 
August 2016
459048The Legend of Peter Titmouse 13Gnat is stressed about being around Chad.Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-08-18 8 
487002The Legend of Peter Titmouse 14Peter goes to the public libraryOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-08-28 4 
September 2016
513779The Legend of Peter Titmouse 15Peter vs. The King of RatsOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-09-08 2 
49273753Final Solution of Quest Question Quest 47A mod cracks, loses control of their life at 4AM server time, sneakily banning quests 4ever. Conclusion of his long-run quest thread series.Autism, Samefagging, Ignorance, Incompetent Management, Zero Wage, Live With Your Shame2016-09-10 23 
November 2016
802753The Legend of Peter Titmouse 16Okk craps out after two updatesOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-11-15 2 
50330040Odd Villain MotivationsIn this thread, posters brainstorm some motivations for villains that are odd, unconventional and just plain petty.Brainstorming, petty villainy, BBEG, motivations, funny, insurance fraud2016-11-22 31 
April 2017
1393685The Legend of Peter Titmouse 17Peter has a civil conversation with Lady JerricaOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2017-04-27 3 
November 2017
2028627Shinobi Support Quest 1QM introduces Yoko Yamisaki to her team, sensei, and a certain someone on her first week of being a GeninCollective Game, Support Shinobi Quest, CairnCarne, Naruto, Ninjas, Poison, Puppet, Snake2017-11-05 22 
2061719Support Shinobi Quest 2Yoko Yamisaki goes on a C-rank mission with another team!Collective Game, Support Shinobi Quest, CairnCarne, Naruto, Ninjas, Poison, Puppet, Snake2017-11-18 21 
December 2017
2099661Support Shinobi Quest 3Yoko snitches, sees Orochimaru again, is so excited she hisses in her room for a week, and then reenacts Weekend at Bernie's for an arm.Collective Game, Support Shinobi Quest, CairnCarne, Naruto, Ninjas, Poison, Puppet, Snake2017-12-03 20 
2146766Support Shinobi Quest 4Yoko goes home, discovers a dark family secret, and deals with its fallout.Collective Game, Support Shinobi Quest, CairnCarne, Naruto, Ninjas, Poison, Puppet, Snake2017-12-22 13 
2165608Necromancer Aristocrat QuestWe raised our first undead and had them spar with our magically enhanced butler for a bit to get a feel for combat before QM cuts it short.Collective Game, Necromancer, Aristocrat, Puppet, Francis, Lilith, Rofal2017-12-25 3 
August 2018
2781798Warhammer 40,000 - The Perpetual's Quest #1Intro and Character creationWarhammer 40 000, 40k, Warhammer, Quest, Collective Game, Only War, Perpetual2018-08-04 4 
October 2018
2946268Petty Conqueror QuestIn the aftermath of an eldritch apocalypse, narcissistic monarchist mutant Malcardor Grey attempts to conquer the HimalayasCollective Game, Petty Conqueror Quest, Post-Apocalyptic, Eldritch, Warlord2018-10-16 2 
December 2018
3106383Fate Quest pt. 0: Character CreationIn which we generate up a Dead Apostle for the Fate/Apocrypha HGWFate Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Puppets, Character Creation, Ibaraki2018-12-23 2 
3110708Fate Quest Pt. 1: Boring Times in RomaniaIn which we mug the would be master of Beserker from the Red Faction for his Command Seals and set shit up in Romania.Fate Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Puppets, Ibaraki2018-12-23 2 
3121840Fate Quest Pt. 2: Guns, Daggers, and an OniIn which we have heartwarming moments with Ibaraki, accidentally ram our car into Jeanne D'Arc, and make an alliance with Master of Saber.Fate Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Puppets, Ibaraki, Car Autism, Holy Fuck Ibaraki What Did You Do To Karna2018-12-23 1 
January 2019
3131597Fate Quest Pt. 3: Arrows and GunsIn which we save our ally's ass from being ripped to pieces, find out that Assassin's not dead and turn Assassin's Master into a Vampire.Fate Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Puppets, Ibaraki, Vampire Autism, Fuck Off Caster of Red With Your Bullshit2019-01-05 1 
May 2019
3483879MvA: Muppets Vs. Alien skirmish quest 1In the first session, the Muppets scour around the USCSS Nostromo before entering into a one-way fight for survival with an alien threat.What Ifs, Skirmish, Alien, Muppets, Collective Game2019-05-05 2 
3497845MvA: Muppets Vs. Alien skirmish quest 2In the second session, A caveman gets freaky with technology, Steve and Rizzo try to hide elsewhere, and a Beaver gets geeky at the garage.What Ifs, Skirmish, Alien, Muppets, Collective Game2019-05-12 2 
3487423Imcompetent Magical Girls Quest 1A villain goes undercover as a teacher to deal with a team of incompetent, destructive magical girls while working to build his dream mechaImcompetent Magical Girls Quest, CorruptorQM, Magical Girl, Villain, Robots, Teacher, Superscience2019-05-18 6 
3530507MvA: Muppets Vs. Alien skirmish quest 3In this session, Steve suffers a weird dream while binge drinking at the gallery.What Ifs, Skirmish, Alien, Muppets, Collective Game2019-05-27 1 
June 2019
3519322Incompetent Magical Girls Quest 2 Otto schemes his way into owning a mining company, starts an RC car destruction derby, begins work on the mech,& the team shows improvement.Imcompetent Magical Girls Quest, CorruptorQM, Magical Girl, Villain, Robots, Teacher, Superscience2019-06-01 4 
3550940Incompetent Magical Girls Quest 3Otto goes on a date, builds some things for Hifumi, deals with some familiar investigators, and starts up a new class project.Imcompetent Magical Girls Quest, CorruptorQM, Magical Girl, Villain, Robots, Teacher, Superscience2019-06-17 4 
July 2019
3600855(Slightly) Incompetent Magical Girl Quest 4Otto heads in to the PTA meeting and finally meets Hifumi’s father. Short thread.Imcompetent Magical Girls Quest, CorruptorQM, Magical Girl, Villain, Robots, Teacher, Superscience2019-07-02 1 
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