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Archived Threads

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March 2010
88100011001 horrible ways to die/tg/ discusses some clever albeit often incredibly gruesome trap and spell ideasDnD, traps, spells, gore2010-03-27 1 
August 2014
34293869Brouzouf Quest 10The day started nicely. Then you went to work and you killed your boss and co-workers.Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, Blood and gore2014-08-21 3 
October 2014
35563376Ryukuza Quest: Protector of Smiles and Oni SlayerPlaying as Mizumi Shoko, we learn what happened to the original God of Destruction.Collective Game, Ryukuza Quest, Ryukusa, Ryukuza, Smile Protector, comedy, romance, over the top, dragongirls, oni girls, parthenogenesis, oni, dragons, dragon girls, neko, gore, death2014-10-16 8 
May 2016
115647Genocide Quest, part 2The battle wages on inside the Great tree. What dark rituals could be taking place? What horrors will Leo and Thea find waiting ahead?Genocide,Fantasy,War,Magic,Elf,Drama,Action,Demon,Undead,Gore2016-05-15 7 
134169Genocide quest, part 3Demons in the great tree? the battle continues against the dark forces in a desperate attempt to shut the portal atop the tree.Genocide,Fantasy,War,Magic,Elf,Drama,Action,Demon,Undead,Gore2016-05-18 5 
148774Genocide Quest, Part 4A new companion, A new enemy, another town full of monsters. but where are the corpses?Genocide,Fantasy,War,Magic,Elf,Drama,Action,Demon,Undead,Gore2016-05-22 5 
173929Genocide Quest, Part 5Fight, new friend Lisa, lucky Duncan, luckier Leo.Genocide,Fantasy,War,Magic,Elf,Drama,Action,Demon,Undead,Gore2016-05-27 5 
189519Genocide Quest, Part 6A night to remember, Leo in a duel with Duncan, a natural 100, and another peaceful day behind them. What will the next day bring?Genocide,Fantasy,War,Magic,Elf,Drama,Action,Demon,Undead,Gore,Romance2016-05-30 4 
June 2016
210554Genocide Quest, Part 7A strange dream? or an ill omen. The general orders the unthinkable, while Leo becomes suspicious. What could the truth be?Genocide,Fantasy,War,Magic,Elf,Drama,Action,Demon,Undead,Gore,Romance, Boo, Bee2016-06-06 4 
September 2016
579217Cyber Demon Quest #1Your name used to be John Smith, mild mannered cracker in the city of Neo York. Now you're the Steelshape called Saurian, and you're hungrCyber Demon Quest, Collective Game, Game-Like Quest, Cyberpunk, Shin Megami Tensei, Deus Ex, Creative Deaths, Gore, OP protagonists2016-09-18 12 
613821Cyber Demon Quest Episode 2Steelshape Saurian kills and eats the Steelshape Berserker, fights Puma, has a girl fall in love with him, and gets shot at repeatedly.Cyber Demon Quest, Collective Game, Game-Like Quest, Cyberpunk, Creative Deaths, Gore, OP protagonists, violence2016-09-26 16 
October 2016
641510Cyber Demon Quest Episode 3We are Steelshape Saurian, and we find out that someone's been distributing guns, before encountering Squid and Aries.Cyber Demon Quest, Collective Game, Game-Like Quest, Cyberpunk, Creative Deaths, Gore, OP protagonists, violence, waifu2016-10-03 10 
November 2017
56169195Nechronica PDF ReleaseFirst PDF release of Nechronica by the Miraheze translation team.nechronica, pdf, translation, loli, necro, japanese, system, zombies, gore, guro, anime, translation2017-11-01 10 
November 2018
3048494Body Horror QuestYou wake up in a flesh-corrupted world and come to terms with powers that change what it means to be human.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2018-11-25 31 
3064141Visual Novel Quest!A cute and light-hearted quest about finding love at your new school!Collective Game, cyoa, Visual Novel Quest!, drawfag, meta, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2018-11-26 32 
December 2018
3068908Body Horror QuestOur protagonist fights a mad puppeteer, duels a vicious chevalier, rescues a girl from a murderous city, and makes a new friend.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2018-12-10 20 
3102295Body Horror Quest - 3rd VeinShu and her allies duel a mystery wrapped in an Enigma, share a heart to heart, and make a decision that changes their path through hell.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2018-12-14 15 
3117545Body Horror Quest - 4th VeinShu and friends begin their trek up the calcite cliffs, clear some air between them, then check out an aspiring artist's gruesome gallery.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2018-12-24 12 
January 2019
3153977Gumby's CYOA Simulator!A CYOA Simulator starring you and an empty house!Collective Game, cyoa, Gumby's CYOA Simulator, drawfag, meta, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2019-01-05 26 
3147018Body Horror Quest - 5th VeinShu and friends negotiate an art deal, pick a new wardrobe, and encounter two ghosts...one far more disturbing than the other. Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-01-10 16 
3170881Gumby's CYOA Simulator v2.0A CYOA Simulator starring you and an empty house...again!Collective Game, cyoa, Gumby's CYOA Simulator, drawfag, meta, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2019-01-13 20 
3180375Body Horror Quest - 6th VeinShu deals with the past, fights for the heart of a city, learns a terrible truth, and reunites with old friends.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-01-21 21 
3197660Body Horror Quest - 7th VeinShu's team expands as she fights a titan, plays a drinking game with friends, and is offered a choice by an unlikely host.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-01-27 20 
February 2019
3223954SacrificeA cute and fun quest about school politics and the escapades of you and your blind little sister!Collective Game, cyoa, Sacrifice Quest, drawfag, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2019-02-03 21 
3215073Body Horror Quest - 8th VeinShu and friends traverse a swamp, learn more about their newest ally, find a relic from the past and finally look in the mirror.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-02-05 11 
3236024Body Horror Quest - 9th VeinShu and company fight an endless cycle, enter a shared dream, discover one ally's unusual skills, and have a sit-down that is long overdue.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-02-11 12 
3253856Body Horror Quest - 10th VeinShu and her allies discuss the past, venture into the unforgiving dark, and learn about the Choice, for better or worse.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-02-19 14 
3244262Gumby's CYOA Simulator v3.0The third thread where walking out without any hearing protection results in an instant bad end. It does contain meta knowledge however.Collective Game, cyoa, Gumby's CYOA Simulator, drawfag, meta, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2019-02-23 0 
3276235Body Horror Quest - 11th VeinShu and company fight a foe from myth, help Gina make a Choice, journey to the Monastery, and struggle with the weight of a new bond.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-02-26 13 
March 2019
3299300Body Horror Quest - 12th VeinShu and friends hear out a proposal, learn about the Cord, and stage an intervention that changes everything.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-03-05 13 
3311209So coldIT'S A SNOW DAY! TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN!Collective Game, cyoa, meta, So cold, drawfag, horror, gore, oneshot, anime2019-03-11 2 
3320414Body Horror Quest - 13th VeinShu and her allies continue through an eerie forest, find the manor of a reclusive genius, and have a long overdue talk with a gun.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-03-11 12 
3342376Body Horror Quest - 14th VeinShu and allies assemble a new team, encounter a good boy, fight an aspiring god, and blow up a house.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-03-17 13 
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