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Archived Threads

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June 2017
53982827Change One LetterAnons change/remove/add a letter in the name of a /tg/ game, and then describe what it's about./tg/, edits, worldbuilding, setting2017-06-25 2 
53926988/tg/ describes their characters like Dishonored's Heart /tg/ writes short descriptions of their characters in the style of the Heart from Dishonored.Roleplay, Character, /tg/, discussion2017-06-24 2 
53972818Apocalypse Faction Generator - Part 2, Apoc BoogalooWe make an apocalyptic setting and expand upon the five main factions within it. Now with cyberpunk spiked raver drill-clans.apocalypse, Mad Max, setting, setting generation2017-06-23 1 
53967529Apocalypse Faction Generator We make an apocalyptic setting and the factions within itapocalypse, Mad Max, setting, 2017-06-23 6 
53922267The Patchwork GodA D&D campaign involving a bunch of frankensteinian cultists and their patchwork creation is discussed.frankenstein, mad scientist, divine, deity, cultist, monster, storytime, campaign, adventure hook, D&D, worldbuilding,2017-06-22 2 
53787726Nobledark 40k 29: Multi-Drug withdrawal edditionUrkrathos the Chaos Fleet Master, more on Savlar, Saharduin, Indigo Crow and the Raid, Tyrant Star and Harrowing, nature of AssassinsEldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-06-22 2 
53828679Space MagicA discussion on how to do magic in science fiction settings.magic, scifi, worldbuilding, star wars, force, destiny,2017-06-22 3 
53918453A Post-Apocalyptic Journey By RailA group of wanderers rides the last train bound westward in the hopes of finding some bastion of civilization at the end of the line.Post-Apocalyptic, Railroads. Rail Travel, Trains, Supernatural, Worldbuilding, Brainstorming2017-06-22 6 
53874593Warmasters' Triumvirate XVIIThe Thread Where Somebody Forgot The ApostropheAlternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-06-21 1 
53856823original magic systems/tg/ discusses magic in their games.worldbuilding, magic system, wizard, setting, magic,2017-06-21 2 
53867735Knightpunk setting worldbuilding/tg/ brainstorms a setting where being a Knight is like being a cartoon LuchadoreWorldbuilding, fluff, knights, luchadores2017-06-19 0 
53745725Living Statue WorldWorldbuilding for a setting based around the creation of magically animated statues.golem, statue, magic, weeping angel, pygmalion, worldbuilding, sculptor, setting,2017-06-19 2 
53827480The 108 Pearlworlds of the Nerakan ReclusiamAnon starts up a non-Imperium human realm, becomes zen Buddhist Chaos monks in space.40k, warhammer, human, get, shit, done, tg2017-06-18 8 
53793082Warmasters Triumvirate XVIThe 16th of the /w3/ threadsAlternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k2017-06-18 1 
53832984Stories from a Dead MegacityIn this short thread, ideas are shared for things a group of explorers might find while searching for a way to leave a dead megacity.post-apocalyptic, futuristic, sci-fi, megacity, urban unease, brainstorming2017-06-17 7 
53833232L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 17Do you know where you are? You're in the Jungle, Stone Wall! Crab-anon's continuing tale of Hida Ishigaki and his party of Jade MagistrateL5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-06-16 11 
53836365Doom Crows/tg/ does a critically endangered homebrew chapter, ends up with jump-packing sniper/gunslingersDeathwatch, Space Marine,2017-06-16 0 
53727323 FIELD KIT INSPECTION!enraged Commissar calls another surprise field kit inspection on a rag-tag Imperial Guard regiment.Imperial Guard, roleplay, 40k 2017-06-15 2 
53797683Original Monsters Worldbuilding and Discussion/tg/ invents new monstersmonsters, worldbuilding, fluff, backstory, setting,2017-06-14 1 
53684402Old School Aircraft RPGsAfter watching "Porco Rosso," OP makes a thread suggesting the idea of an RPG set in the golden age of flight. Aircraft, Aiplanes, Flight, Retro, Worldbuilding, Brainstorming, Adventure, Exploration, Porco Rosso, Tail Spin2017-06-13 2 
53501636Monsters for modern horror/tg/ invents original modern-day monsters.cryptids, monsters, modern, worldbuilding,2017-06-13 2 
53716563Blu Toof and the Strayt Shootas: Part 2In which the Strayt Shootas are expanded upon. Great draw, and writefaggotry is posted, and a space hulk is rolled up. 40k, Ork, tau, Strayt Shootas, Chimera Legion, inquisition, writefaggotry, drawfaggotry2017-06-13 5 
53754134The Bush Fang Correctionals.Lizard mutant Imperial Guard regiment.40k, Imperial Guard, Mutant, creation,2017-06-13 0 
53693251L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 16Stone Walls don't fear the reaper. Crab-anon's continuing tale of Hida Ishigaki and his party of Jade Magistrates.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-06-13 10 
53757201quantum physics, nuclear waste waste disposal and succubiA Magical Realm is derailed into a discussion of thermodynamics, atomic waste disposal and Satan weaponizing the heat death of the universe.derail, succubi, succubus, thermodynamics, heat death, entropy, quantum physics, nuclear waste,2017-06-12 1 
53690952Empire BuildingIdeas for worldbuilding interesting original evil empires and the motivations behind them.setting, worldbuilding, empire,2017-06-12 1 
53638765Warmasters Triumvirate XIVThe 14th of the /w3/ AuAlternative Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k2017-06-12 0 
53718973Warmasters Triumvirate XIVThe 14th of the /w3/ AuAlternative Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k2017-06-12 1 
53728805Dragon encounter pic anticsAnon posts a picture of an impossible encounter to win, asking others what they'd do. Cue numerous edits and solutions.edits, silly, dragon2017-06-11 5 
53557919Nobledark 40k 28: Imperial Grand Tour editionSavlar, felinids, Damocles Gulf, more Old Earth, Silent King, what are Zoats and should (the tyranids) be eating them, and more.Eldar, Human, Nobledark, Emperor, Isha, 40k, Warhammer 40k2017-06-09 5 
53640143Blue Toof and the Strayt ShootasFirst thread for Strayt Shootaz, Ork Snipers with a taste for Tau technology, and exclusive contracts with rogue traders. ork, 40k, tau, writefaggotry, drawfaggotry,chaos2017-06-08 4 
53697713Zombie NASA CrawlerNASA equipment and its uses after a zombie apocalypse.Zombies,RPG,NASA2017-06-08 3 
53617449"I never noticed... "OP realizes the Mark of Khorne is a skull. A chain reaction starts, admissions pour in and plans start for the WorLd Bearers chapter.Warhammer 40k, homebrew, funny, Chaos, Space Marines2017-06-07 8 
53619604/tg/ enters the Magical RealmA collection of the worst fetish settings /tg/ has ever seen.That gm, fetish, magical realm, cringe2017-06-07 3 
53604513Fluff for the Wasteland Thread/tg/ comes together to write fluff, backgrounds, and stories for pics of the Wasteland. May be a useful resource!Fluff Writing, Community Worldbuilding, Community Writing, Fluff, Wasteland, Post-Apocalyptic, Grim, Lore2017-06-05 5 
53592279Warmasters' Triumvirate XIIIThe thread where we did more stuffAU, 40K, Warhammer, Warmasters Triumverate2017-06-05 2 
53586442anon's Space FriendsAn anon posts his Warhammer 40k lego figures.lego, 40k2017-06-05 35 
53618918Setting GeneralKelvaverse 1Setting General, Setting Creation2017-06-05 7 
53557163Fantasy Kentucky Setting/tg/ talks about Kentucky and the American South and its potential as a rpg setting.Kentucky2017-06-04 2 
53584343L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 15Hey there Stone Wall, doesn't it feel like our time is running out? The continuing tale of Hida Ishigaki and his party of Jade Magistrates.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-06-03 10 
53593459Surprise Field Kit Inspection!An enraged Commissar calls a surprise field kit inspection on a rag-tag Imperial Guard regiment. But just who the fuck are they, anyway?Imperial Guard, roleplay, 40k2017-06-03 3 
53354051Scifi Encounters and Adventure HooksOriginal encounters and adventure hooks for scifi settings and games.Encounters, Plot Hooks, Adventure Hooks, Scifi,2017-06-03 2 
53587392Will Artificial Intelligence be capable of humanity?Anons discuss if AIs capable of self-awareness, sentience, sapience, and emotion are considered human, and more related discussion follows.science, Artificial Intelligence, robots, machine, soul, emotion, human, sapience, self-awareness, semantics, intelligence, consciousness2017-06-03 5 
53537257Warmasters' Triumvirate XIIThe thread where we usurped the other other warmaster AU, 40K, Warhammer, Warmasters Triumverate2017-06-03 2 
53444133/tg/ fixes Enterprise/tg/ anons rewrite the infamously terrible Star Trek Enterprise show into something which would have actually been entertaining.story, worldbuilding, star trek, rewrite, enterprise, shran,2017-06-02 0 
May 2017
53473114Warmasters' Triumvirate XIThe Thread Where We Talked RelationshipsAU, 40K, Warhammer, Warmasters Triumverate2017-05-31 3 
53439299L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 14Shine on you crazy Stone Wall. Crab-anon's continuing tale of Hida Ishigaki and his party of Jade Magistrates.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-30 10 
53443820Hollow DeedsAn Anon starts a world building thread on vampires, which evolves into an expansive gothic horror setting.Gothic Horror, Vampires, Hunters, Guilds, Therians, The Church2017-05-28 8 
53361294Urban Unease - Surreal Subway StoriesUrban Unease goes underground, and anons discuss creepy subway happenings.Horror, Subway, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2017-05-28 7 
53449408Warmasters' Triumvirate XThe thread where we figured out how the seps separate.AU, 40K, Warhammer, Warmasters Triumverate2017-05-28 4 
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