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February 2012
17978165Wuxia CommunismOP asks for help in crafting a wuxia campaign set in an alt-Communist China.wuxia, communism, mao, china2012-02-17 12 
June 2015
40607961Dungeon Lord Quest Chapter OneWe are the most well mannered Demon Lord to ever grace humans with our presence. We take an airship ride to the new world out west, and we meet our intended brides.Collective Game, Dungeon Lord Quest, Quest, Strategy, Dungeon, Monster, Building, Maou2015-06-15 4 
40627858Dungeon Lord Quest Chapter TwoDungeon planning and building beginsCollective Game, Dungeon Lord Quest, Quest, Strategy, Dungeon, Monster, Building, Maou2015-06-16 0 
May 2016
47238762Muv-Luv Alternative Quest 4Our return to Tea Drinking Station includes drinking Irish Coffee minus the coffee part. We also bully a commissar and avoid certain doom.Muv-Luv, Muv-Luv Alternative Quest, Collective Game, Mecha, ayy lmao2016-05-14 1 
August 2018
2760626Xiaolin Showdown Quest BeginningWe are Oliver Turei, the last of the Maori. And we embark on the journey of a thousand steps... Starting from elsewhere.Star, Wagon, Starborn, Xiaolin, Showdown, Cartoon, Maori, Oliver, Turei, Haka, New Zealand, Maori2018-08-06 3 
2781752Alien Invasion QuestAliens invade, and fuck it up.Collective Game, Alien, Invasion, Ayylmao2018-08-10 1 
2815227Alien Invasion Quest 2We switch to a different timeline, and the humans start fucking up too.Collective Game, Alien, Invasion, AyyLmao2018-08-19 1 
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