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March 2014
31082498Philosophy of Donut Justice'Why not paladin' thread, derailed into donut-based explanations of philosophyDonut, philosophy, paladin, derail, LG2014-03-26 5 
November 2015
43887923Coldsteel QuestOur protagonist wages war on all his greatest rivals, overcoming through sheer strength of will and his trusty katanaSonic, Sanic, Donut Steel, Coldsteel Quest, Collective Game2015-11-29 18 
December 2017
2107565arSnot Pokemon Mystery Quest Thread #3A Pokemon based /qst/ drawn by SugarSnot guided by the suggestions of the thread readers.pokemon mystery quest, comic, sugarsnot, sugarsmear, magby, psyduck, magnezone, donut, lilypaddle, shuckle2017-12-03 1 
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