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January 2009
3520068Promethean: The CreatedAn uncommon White Wolf RPG gains some recognition and mutual admiration.promethan, created, white wolf, rpg, frankenstein2009-01-26 0 
June 2019
3568727CreatedA new divinity is born.drawquest, Gods, created2019-06-21 40 
3589163Created #2A divinity continues.drawquest, Gods, created2019-06-28 25 
July 2019
3608707Created #3The return of Teletubby the vengeance.drawquest, Gods, created2019-07-03 21 
3624810Created #4The death of Teletubby the gigamegafaggotdrawquest, Gods, created2019-07-11 18 
3648586Created #5The beginning of the end.drawquest, Gods, created2019-07-19 14 
3670651Created #6The End is here.drawquest, Gods, created2019-07-25 14 
3690985Created #7The journey is over.drawquest, Gods, created2019-07-30 14 
August 2019
3708441Created EpilogueGood and Bad Endingsdrawquest, gods, Created2019-08-09 12 
3743086Recreated 1#A New Goddess is born.drawquest, gods, created, recreated2019-08-17 10 
3753878Recreated 2#quest discontinueddrawquest, Gods, created2019-08-31 0 
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