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July 2019
67231534COBRAAAAAAAA!/tg/ talks about G.I. Joe, Cobra, how to bring them to the tabletop, and a bit of Transformers.g.i. joe, cobra, transformers, cartoon action hour, don't even need other boards2019-07-17 5 
October 2020
4439592CobraQuest - Tape 1 - Appetite for DestructionA crusade for global domination begins! We fill the shoes of Cobra Commander and lead Cobra from relative obscurityCobraQuest, GI Joe, World domination, terrorism, terrorist, TimeKillerQM2020-10-04 7 
November 2020
4480550CobraQuest - Tape 2 - Venomous IdeologyWith new allies in high places, Cobra Commander enacts his plan to destroy EAGLE.CobraQuest, GI Joe, World domination, terrorism, terrorist, TimeKillerQM, Cobra2020-11-04 5 
December 2020
4520808CobraQuest - Tape 3 - Bullets Bombs and Bigotry Freed of his previous predicament, Cobra Commander sets his sights on the final prize.CobraQuest, GI Joe, World domination, terrorism, terrorist, TimeKillerQM, Cobra2020-12-03 5 
January 2021
4563341CobraQuest - Tape 4 - Year of the SnakePreparation begins for Cobra's plan to destroy EAGLE and Duke once and for all.CobraQuest, GI Joe, World domination, terrorism, terrorist, TimeKillerQM2021-01-05 3 
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