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October 2015
42828741Everyone is John StorytimeJohn the TSA Agent has to foil the dastardly terrorists.Everyone is John, EiJ, John, TSA, Terrorists, Storytime2015-10-02 35 
October 2020
4439592CobraQuest - Tape 1 - Appetite for DestructionA crusade for global domination begins! We fill the shoes of Cobra Commander and lead Cobra from relative obscurityCobraQuest, GI Joe, World domination, terrorism, terrorist, TimeKillerQM2020-10-04 7 
November 2020
4480550CobraQuest - Tape 2 - Venomous IdeologyWith new allies in high places, Cobra Commander enacts his plan to destroy EAGLE.CobraQuest, GI Joe, World domination, terrorism, terrorist, TimeKillerQM, Cobra2020-11-04 5 
December 2020
4520808CobraQuest - Tape 3 - Bullets Bombs and Bigotry Freed of his previous predicament, Cobra Commander sets his sights on the final prize.CobraQuest, GI Joe, World domination, terrorism, terrorist, TimeKillerQM, Cobra2020-12-03 5 
January 2021
4563341CobraQuest - Tape 4 - Year of the SnakePreparation begins for Cobra's plan to destroy EAGLE and Duke once and for all.CobraQuest, GI Joe, World domination, terrorism, terrorist, TimeKillerQM2021-01-05 3 
August 2021
4913774Your Wife Is A Supervillain: Issue #1You are Richard Gardener, and your wife Vicky isn’t having an affair. An affair would be easier to solve, for one thing…Collective Game, Superheroes, Supervillains, Paranoia, Conspiracies, Loving Wife, Pompous Psychic Terrorist Grandpa, Cool Ninja Bro2021-08-21 8 
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