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November 2009
6569983Awesome RP moments goes col. workA thread originally about awesome moments or things in a PnP RPG session turns into a thread that (possibly) sparks a collaborative effort into being that will translate one of the most popular Swedish PnP RPG's into english. Thread mostly saved for future reference, but contains many quality posts in its own right.awesome moments, awesome, guitars that shoot lightning, giant church robots, Mutant, collaborative work,2009-11-05 2 
May 2017
53443820Hollow DeedsAn Anon starts a world building thread on vampires, which evolves into an expansive gothic horror setting.Gothic Horror, Vampires, Hunters, Guilds, Therians, The Church2017-05-29 8 
June 2020
4275597Otome Gone Wrong Ch. 3Nobody expects Maria's inquisitionOtome, Otome Gone Wrong, Real World Mockery, inquisition, church, OtomeQM2020-06-09 11 
January 2022
5078009Beneath The Pale Moon #1In Which /qst/ makes a character, chooses the church, and fights some NecromancersWarden, Nasuverse, Church, Beneath The Pale Moon2022-01-07 5 
February 2022
5114302Beneath The Pale Moon #2Joshua Braun sets up shop in France, begins some research into spells, and investigates the heretical Magnus Jean d'Hoc.Warden, Nasuverse, Church, Beneath The Pale Moon2022-02-23 2 
April 2022
5195170Beneath The Pale Moon #3In which Joshua finishes up his preparations and heads out to engage the rogue magusWarden, Nasuverse, Church, Beneath The Pale Moon2022-04-21 2 
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