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May 2017
53443820Hollow DeedsAn Anon starts a world building thread on vampires, which evolves into an expansive gothic horror setting.Gothic Horror, Vampires, Hunters, Guilds, Therians, The Church2017-05-29 8 
April 2022
5195343Barovian Legends #1Aranuel Caniella, Cleric of Kossuth, searches for her sister, protects a girl from a vampire, and gets acquainted with the land of Barovia.Fantasy, D&D, Magic, Female Protagonist, Gothic Horror, Vampires2022-04-24 5 
June 2022
5242633Barovian Legends #2Aranuel meets the devil Strahd face-to-face. She leaves knowing that Ireena is in trouble, but now she's driven by a new lead on her sisterFantasy, D&D, Magic, Female Protagonist, Gothic Horror, Vampires2022-06-07 0 
July 2022
5299975Barovian Legends #3Still in search of her sister, Aranuel uncovers the horrors of the Abbey of Saint Markovia.Fantasy, D&D, Magic, Female Protagonist, Gothic Horror, Mutants, Vampires2022-07-14 1 
August 2022
5343551Barovian Legends #3.5Aranuel's fate takes a turn for the worst, as she discovers a new ally and meets the girl she has been looking for... to disappointment.Fantasy, D&D, Magic, Female Protagonist, Gothic Horror, Vampires2022-08-22 0 
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