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February 2011
13865562Kalang, the Bat-people, part 2.The Kalang get more work done, the bat-ogres get a name (Fear the Kamazotzl!) and we learn why the floor is dangerous in a Kalang cavern, and not because of guano. Also, wing-blades and illustrations!race creation, bats, kalang, monks, ogres, kamazotzl, guano, blades2011-02-12 9 
January 2012
17641919The Field of Blades questWe are a sentient weapon who has been unclaimed for decades. A chance meeting with a person gives us freedom. Work as a caravan guard and creepy forestsThe Field of blades quest, Collective game, sentient weapon, quest2012-01-24 12 
17659488The Field of Blades quest IIWe get to a small village and tell Adel of our former master. Adel gets attacked during the night and we leave with Clem heading to CitadelThe Field of blades quest, Collective game, sentient weapon, quest2012-01-25 12 
17700413The Field of Blades quest IIIWe get to Citadel which is under lockdown. We manage to talk ourselves into the outer Quarter of the City.The Field of blades quest, Collective game, sentient weapon, quest2012-01-29 8 
September 2012
20824331The Iron CrusadeWhat starts of as a mediocre Chapter Generation Thread become awesome, when we roll Crusading Iron Hand descendants, searching for The Grail, which will revive the lost heroes of the past!The Iron Crusade, The Iron Blades, Iron Hands, Deathwatch, Rites of Battle, Crusaders, Bard2012-09-23 14 
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