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April 2017
1328572Youthquest Reborn - Thread 2Where things don't go wrong for once, The newbies make a name for themselves, and a player faces judgement from God.Manhorse, YouthQuest, Multi-PC, Open World2017-04-13 1 
1355807YouthQuest Reborn: Thread 3The end of act I. Last stand is finally done, and the nomads leave the school. the dictatorship at the school has come to an end.Manhorse, YouthQuest, Multi-PC, Open World, Ocean Blue2017-04-21 1 
May 2017
1386614YouthQuest Reborn -Thread 4The players take their time to prepare for what comes next. Studying, training, brewing, constructing, planning... Manhorse, YouthQuest, Multi-PC, Open World, Ocean Blue2017-05-01 1 
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