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June 2011
15237774FLGS rivalry with not so FLGS part 2.OP follows up the previous thread with the latest tournament. Trolls get smacked and kindness is done.FLGS rivalry, 40k2011-06-12 11 
August 2012
20523795Zerg Quest CIThe Xel'Naga's testing comes to a head, and the Brood must decide just whose side it's on.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Xel'Naga, Protoss, Sibling Rivalry, Dimplomatic Immunity!, Shit getting real2012-08-30 8 
July 2013
25795660Party Betrayalfa/tg/uy describes machiavellian plot to murder teammate's love interest, discovers teammate posted the same story earlierbetrayal, worst part was, we, worked, with, fencer, rival, rivals, dead, blood2013-07-05 8 
May 2018
2572796Sibling RivalryA girl undergoes alien puberty and becomes part furry I guess. A girl struggles with her identity crisis leading to her possible demiSplit protag, collective game, sisters, sibling rivalry, 2018-05-26 1 
September 2022
5365691Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 11You battled Darren, Mike and talked with Mike about Team Green. You also resupplied and prepared to head for Saltcoast City.Pokemon Quest, Towel, 2nd Gym, Rival, SuperBusy2022-09-06 3 
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