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January 2013
22579656Winged Lizard QuestA young Pseudodragon is trying to keep himself and his Kobold friend alive and fed in a fantasy setting. That isn't easy when you are only as big as a house cat!Collective Game, Pseudodragon, Winged Lizard, Kobold, Thievery2013-01-14 7 
22678331Winged Lizard Quest Thread 3The hunter is clever to our tricks and forces a confrontation. Later, we depart for the exotic and mysterious East and run out of water.Collective Game, Winged Lizard Quest, Pseudodragon, Kobold, Thievery2013-01-20 3 
22788047Winged Lizard Quest Thread 4We encounter Marcus who, despite being human, turns out to be a pretty cool guy. Lesa gets mad again and we make a pretty important decision.Collective Game, Winged Lizard Quest, Pseudodragon, Kobold, Magery2013-01-26 7 
February 2013
22917194Winged Lizard Quest Thread 5We run into some other kobolds, which is good. But the Lesa gets attacked by pseudodragons, which is bad. But then the other kobolds agree to help us save her, which is good. But then we have a fight.Collective Game, Winged Lizard Quest, Pseudodragon, Kobold, Fightery2013-02-02 6 
23046756Winged Lizard Quest Thread 6After recovering from injuries sustained in the last fight, we get kicked out on an important mission.Collective Game, Winged Lizard Quest, Pseudodragon, Kobolds2013-02-09 3 
March 2016
45880593D&D: the animated series/tg/ becomes /co/ and designs a D&D-based cartoon.Cartoon, D&D, WotC, Hasbro, Faerun, Realms, Bards, Druids, Pseudodragons, Drow Appeal, Friendship, Is, Magic2016-03-10 7 
June 2020
73260627magical petshopWhat creatures might you find being sold in a shop for magical exotic pets?worldbuilding, plot hooks, pseudodragons, mimics, cute, greentext,2020-06-21 1 
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