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May 2011
15001904Totemist Quest 2Shhh... Be vewwy vewwy quiet, I'm hunting Rock Turtles.Totem Quest, Monsters, Behemoth, Collective Game, Quest, Totem, Diarca, Osyki2011-05-22 35 
15104219Totemist Quest VII part 2Continuation of VII, Osyki makes use of the Cloudstrider Boots like a Kamen Rider from weeabo-land to the east, striking with furious lightning-and-thunder borne kicks. Modi Magni creates its own golem body, and Sylvia makes a contract to heal a poisoned Osyki, for the price of a favor. Osyki proceeds to Rider- I mean, Cloudstrider Kick the splinter of Magus in twain."Totemist Quest, Totem, Diarca, Osyki, Collective Game, Quest"2011-05-31 28 
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