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October 2021
5009817Nationquest Chapter II: Rise of the WavesAzeholder Agana tries to fund her fleet without support of her familyCivilization, Nationquest2021-10-26 2 
January 2022
5062211Captainquest Chapter II- LandfallLono and the Great Fleet make first contact with the mysterious and terrifying Anyaten EmpireCaptainquest, Nationquest, Collective Game, Civ2022-01-10 1 
July 2022
5293364Nationquest III: The ReturnCaptain Lono returns from sea and is torn between democracy and domination as he runs for election to lead his troubled nation.Captainquest, Nationquest, Collective Game, Civ, Bronze Age, The Hypercrisis Bro,2022-07-09 2 
August 2022
5344863RevolutionquestIn a land where coin is king, a freed slave fights for liberty.Revolution, Revolutionquest, Nationquest, The Hypercrisis Bro, Bronze Age, Abolitionism,2022-08-03 0 
October 2022
5384661Nationquest Chapter IV: World of Tommorow Lono joins a tribal council that will determine the future of The Island and has a final campaign before the election.Captainquest, Nationquest, Collective Game, Civ, Bronze Age, The Hypercrisis Bro,2022-10-13 2 
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