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November 2016
814422Yes, Sire! III: Chancellor's Not Dead EditionWarfare can into rules now. Everyone wants dragons. Reichsfuehrer Snake wants to become Pope. A statue-off begins. Shenanigans abundant.Yes Sire!, Multi-Civ2016-11-15 5 
December 2016
906101Yes, Sire! IVDRAGONS! Salt finishes his skyships. Skyraker plans to find Thunderbirds. Snake continues to roflstomp Kattinkrad.Yes Sire!, Multi-Civ, Collective Game2016-12-12 7 
974028Yes, Sire! VI: Let's Hope I Archive This One EditionChristmas Special! Everyone gets goodies. Snake locks a demon in his broom closet. Salt finds new uncharted lands.Yes Sire!, Multi-Civ2016-12-28 1 
940190Yes, Sire! V: Actual War Rules EditionThe Krattyr is deposed. Grand Prophet Skyraker has war declared on him by his God. Everyone posts their flags.Yes Sire!, Multi-Civ2016-12-28 3 
February 2017
1112939Hereditary Builder Pt. 2Alliances and shizBuilder, Collective Game, Multi-Civ2017-02-11 1 
1151379Hereditary Builder Pt. 3ehBuilder, Collective Game, Multi-Civ2017-02-20 1 
September 2017
1871459Yes, Sire! Reboot: Thread 1Countries are built and make their first moves.Yes Sire!, Multi-Civ, Collective Game2017-09-17 1 
March 2021
4704470Yes, Sire! Campaign 3Yes, Sire! returns from the dead! The Kingdom of Dirt farms hallucinatory cacti. First Archon Davos solves a murder.Yes Sire, Multi-Civ, Collective Game2021-03-21 0 
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