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May 2009
4695827Neckbeard FinancesA thread about spending habits turns awesome.Money, army prices, debt, George Carlin, savings2009-05-29 2 
February 2014
30061998D&D Discussions: Economic systemsAlso known as: A treatise on the problem with gold vs what player characters go around to buy.The Archivist, homebrew, economics, money, gold, setting, world, worldbuilding, world building, 2014-02-06 3 
March 2014
30536823Wop your wad.Started as a stat me thread. Turned into money. Loads of money.money, wop your wad, Kill la Kill2014-03-01 24 
July 2014
33399865Homeless Mutant Quest #80Everything's coming up JJ! Horrors to come.Homeless Mutant Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Homeless, Mutant, Marvel, Hobo, Stealth, dolla, dolla dolla, bill y'all, making money2014-07-14 29 
May 2016
47183895Obtuse Currency/tg/ creates a currency system that is deliberately obtuse, confusing, circular, and illogical as possible. money, humor, setting, absurdity, worldbuilding2016-05-12 30 
January 2017
987176Starborn Quest 27: The World Keeps SpinningTinton is reached, Hona,Luc and Purps park the wagon - Purps goes full Italian and invents pizza before we bet against Hona. Short Thread.Collective Game, Starborn Quest, Zen, Hona, Luc, Wagon, Star, Starborn, Lexington, Money Touble, Tinton, Divine Zen, Badass, Luc,2017-01-01 2 
February 2017
1151634Starborn Quest 28: Is This The Town By Murillo?Starborn Quest returns with Recaps, Healing, Messengers, Races and Discovery!Collective Game, Starborn Quest, Zen, Hona, Luc, Wagon, Star, Starborn, Lexington, Money Touble, Tinton, Zelam, Badass, Luc,2017-02-14 2 
May 2019
3485115Panzer Commander Quest #48Richter Von Tracht does his best to keep the holiday season peaceful. Or at least not disastrous.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, Spending Money Wisely2019-05-24 2 
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