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July 2017
1652938Moe Drones Skirmish: Londry EditionCommanders, drones, and mobile factories fighting for the dietary health of mankind. Maintenance mission, wrestling with awkward controls.skirmish, moe drones, Londry, veggies, pumpkin2017-07-19 1 
1682772Moe Drones Skirmish: Londry Edition 2The mission is jeopardized. veggies, londry, moe drones skirmish2017-07-29 1 
September 2018
2894714Moe Drone Skirmish 3The Moe Drones return, and the mission to save crawlers Fis'kiire and Akolon commences.collective game, moe drone, cognis, skirmish, pumpkin, tacticool2018-09-30 2 
October 2018
2944977Moe Drone Skirmish 3(part2)The mission to save the Fis'kiire goes horribly wrong and the Amida is forced to retreat.Collective Game, Moe Drone, skirmish, cognis2018-10-14 1 
November 2018
3025142Moe Drone Skrimish 3 part 3The crew of the Akolon fight for survival in the heart of veggie territory.Collective Game, Moe Drone, Moe, Drone, skirmish, cognis, tacticool2018-11-17 1 
July 2019
3636691Moe Drone Skirmish: Operation Coldfront 1Our commanders and their moe drones must fix crawler Nabaal's engines and return to base, but can they drive responsibly?collective game, moe drone, cognis, skirmish, pumpkin, tacticool2019-07-15 1 
August 2019
3679295Moe Drone Skirmish: Operation Coldfront 2Our commanders must drive the Nabaal back to base and find an AWOL commando droid. All while fending off killer onions and potatoes.collective game, moe drone, cognis, skirmish, pumpkin, tacticool2019-08-01 1 
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