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May 2016
38509Melancholic QuestFacing turmoil at home, Delilah runs away and tries to survive the mean streets without getting violated.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue, homeless, Delilah, blood2016-05-07 30 
67044Melancholic Quest 2Delilah, our unfortunate runaway continues to find her place in the world. This is made a little harder by the whole drinking blood thing.streets without getting violated. Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue, homeless, Delilah, blood, depressing2016-05-10 16 
98903Melancholic Quest Part 3Delilah molests a friend in an attempt to help, finds new friends in unlikely places, and brings lost friends back in the fold.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-05-13 11 
114202Melancholic Quest 4Delilah finds lewd magazines, a secret room full of sardines, and suffering. Almost killing Lawrence, again, she agrees to let him draw her.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-05-15 10 
131868Melancholic Quest 5Delilah becomes drunk and belligerent, initiating a series of poor choices and almost succumbing to the bloodlust. Also, a mystery appears.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-05-19 11 
146992Melancholic Quest 6Overcoming her craving, Delilah proceeds to make everyone uncomfortable while Lawrence is a good boy and should not be bullied.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-05-21 12 
160852Melancholic Quest 7Interrogating mom, Delilah ends up with more questions than answers and almost gives her grandmother a heart attack. Lawrence is a good boy.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-05-24 7 
176466Melancholic Quest 8Mistakes are made, sending Delilah into severe depression. Lawrence goes on mission to make up for his mistakes and get Delilah back.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-05-27 12 
189861Melancholic Quest 9Delilah gets better and interacts with people for Christmas, but things take a turn for the disheartening.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-05-31 7 
June 2016
205510Melancholic Quest 10We get chased by a black car, meet Timmy's mom, and find out grandma's disappeared. We attend a dinner theater and meet Mr. Faraway again.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-06-03 7 
215369Melancholic Quest 11Returning to the school only to find it abandoned, Delilah winds up high on oxy. She also gets to deal with bleeding and general discomfort.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-06-07 9 
231365Melancholic Quest 12Delilah goes to the mall and makes an unlikely friend. She also gets a very quick and rude lesson in the female reproductive system.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-06-12 10 
243079Melancholic Quest 13Delilah watches the New Year's Eve fireworks with her beau. Lawrence disappears in the morning, only to return bruised and battered.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-06-15 11 
258284Melancholic Quest 14We tend to Lawrence's injuries and learn that Nancy lied to us about fried eggs. We also do something we regret.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-06-19 6 
274993Melancholic Quest 15Still filled with regret and an imbalance of hormones, we visit dad's grave and later get upset at Lawrence. We do more things we regret.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-06-23 5 
295401Melancholic Quest 16We spend the day as Lawrence and gain new insights into his life. Later we're forced to evacuate from the apartments and hide at Al's clubMelancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-06-28 6 
July 2016
309952Melancholic Quest 17We try to make up our mistake to Lawrence with breakfast and spend hours cooped up inside. Later, everything starts falling apart.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-07-01 6 
325342Melancholic Quest 18Barely escaping Bower's attention, we meet a racist cabbie and stay the night at Mr. Faraway's club. Lawrence bottles up his emotions.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-07-06 6 
341652Melancholic Quest 19Tracked down by Bower's goons, we're forced to flee. Everything goes pear-shaped and we maim a guy.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-07-14 5 
363955Melancholic Quest 20After holing up at a VFW post, we get scared and lost, and lie to a cop to avoid being taken to the station. A difficult question is posed.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-07-21 5 
391501Melancholic Quest 21We chill at Sharron's theater and go spelunking, hearing things we probably shouldn't.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-07-28 6 
August 2016
416740Melancholic Quest 22To keep us safe while the rest of the group relocates, Sam has us hide in a hotel room. Alone.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-08-04 6 
470560Melancholic Quest 23Lawrence visits, having an adverse reaction to a drug, and we make him talk. We also meet a sharp P.I. hired by grandma, maybe.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-08-23 5 
September 2016
500759Melancholic Quest 24We stay with John at the VA hospital and reminisce about our family. When John is discharged and Sam doesn't show, we leave to find a guy.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-09-04 5 
529132Melancholic Quest 25We talk with John about guilt and our sanguinary disorder. Learning about street rot, we continue our journey with a gimp and a queen.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-09-12 5 
562214Melancholic Quest 26Meeting back up with the group, we discover several missing but try for normalcy. We learn about drugs and why John chews.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-09-19 5 
597494Melancholic Quest 27Delilah left at a cliffhanger, Lawrence seizes one of the few jobs he can and is posed with a number of moral quandaries.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-09-29 5 
October 2016
662087Melancholic Quest 28John springs a leak and Delilah helps fix it, then sneaks away to get her fix. Tensions get high and more lies are told to the neighbors.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-10-14 2 
November 2016
753487Melancholic Quest 30With Delilah suffering an emotional breakdown, we step into Lawrence's shoes and try to calm her. John acts odd.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-11-03 2 
784572Melancholic Quest 31Delilah too despondent for much of anything, Lawrence stays in focus with a trip down memory lane.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-11-12 2 
828955Melancholic Quest 32Lawrence opens up to the group, to their surprise. He later lets John rage out, his fear for Delilah's well-being overwhelming him.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-11-23 2 
December 2016
871450Melancholic Quest 33Marilyn falls sick, Mabel offers plot exposition, and a mysterious guy leaves something for Delilah.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-12-05 2 
906289Melancholic Quest 34Everyone meets Crockett and Bower's goons track down the Good Hope hideout. Chaos ensues.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-12-13 2 
940308Melancholic Quest 35Escaping Bower's goons, Crockett sacrifices himself after a rookie cop spots Delilah. Lawrence brings Delilah to hide at his parents'.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2016-12-24 2 
January 2017
1002117Melancholic Quest 36A brief respite, Lawrence stays on edge and sleeps poorly. We try to carry our weight while Del stays inside, hidden from the world.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-01-10 2 
1032491Melancholic Quest 37We go out for groceries and reach out to Crockett, then get confronted with old memories. Repeatedly.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-01-20 2 
February 2017
1162320Melancholic Quest 38Law sells some pills and gets the tape deck fixed. He also breaks the news about Michele to his parents.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-02-23 2 
March 2017
1199873Melancholic Quest 39Lawrence meets with Crockett and it's revealed Bower's depravity knows no bounds. Needing to run soon, he tries getting the cash he's oweMelancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-03-06 2 
1235660Delilah's Birthday Quest-OneshotThe one-year celebratory oneshot quest for Melancholic QuestMelancholic Quest, birthday, aCowboyNamedSue2017-03-07 1 
1280639Delilah's Birthday Quest-Oneshot Part TwoSecond part of the MQ one-year anniversary oneshot.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-03-29 2 
April 2017
1315540Delilah's Birthday Quest-Oneshot Part ThreeThird part of the MQ one-year anniversary oneshot.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-04-07 1 
May 2017
1402015Melancholic Quest 40Del deals with some emotional turmoil, and Law is forced to run out to pick up Crockett and a ride through the danger zone ensues.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-05-06 1 
1433846Melancholic Quest 41Bower's goons track us down, along with Bower who has completely lost his marbles. Situation escalates and Lawrence gets shot.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-05-17 1 
1470784Melancholic Quest 42Brief thread where Lawrence gets patched up and we get to grandma's place.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-05-27 2 
June 2017
1545551Melancholic Quest 43We learn about Del's mom's condition, grandma's, where some of our friends are, and that Del needs more practice in the kitchen.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-06-17 1 
August 2017
1716788Melancholic Quest 44Delilah gets a physical, learns more about her grandfather, and how to use a handgun.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2017-08-09 1 
January 2018
2206533Melancholic Quest 45We pay mom a visit, now more lucid, and a nurse insinuates everything's not as it seems.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-01-17 1 
February 2018
2243393Melancholic Quest 46Cammy brings Del back to the range, and withdrawal rears its ugly head again as her birthday comes around.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-02-02 1 
2301981Melancholic Quest 47Del discovers Ace is investigating missing girls. With a surprise party and a pretty cake, Del gets her drink on. Birthday cuddles ensue.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-02-24 1 
April 2018
2402296Melancholic Quest 48Ace brings Del out for some fresh air while getting supplies, a detour turns everything to shit.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-04-03 1 
2449157Melancholic Quest 49We make it home safe, have a nightmare, and meet Brandi chained in the kitchen.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-04-20 2 
May 2018
2563745Melancholic Quest 50Grandma guides us to a hidden safe in case we ever need to evacuate, there's also hidden passage under the floorboards with a cold draft.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-05-30 1 
July 2018
2660484Melancholic Quest 51With the mystery of the tunnel solved, Delilah is haunted by paranoid thoughts and questions the loyalties of those around her.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-07-02 1 
August 2018
2764001Melancholic Quest 52Delilah tries to grill everyone at the safe house and the search for more secrets continues.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-08-12 1 
September 2018
2889712Melancholic Quest 53We recall the days surrounding grandpa's death, and Ace poses a troubling 'what if' question, one that could see us separated from Law.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-09-30 1 
November 2018
3030757Melancholic Quest 54One messed-up dream later, we spend as much of the day as possible with Lawrence. Quick plans need to be laid to visit mom.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2018-11-23 2 
March 2019
3274933Melancholic Quest 55Visiting mom, it becomes clear she's not there because she needs to be. We're brought to an old friend of grandpa's for grandma's sake.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2019-03-03 1 
April 2019
3421138Melancholic Quest 56We're posed with grandpa's legacy, much to Camilla's chagrin. Lawrence behaves oddly when we're not around. Ace overestimates his toleraMelancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2019-04-23 1 
June 2019
3540437Melancholic Quest 57Exploring again, Del finds something odd hidden away since grandpa was alive. Ace gets overprotective.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2019-06-18 1 
July 2019
3619618Melancholic Quest 58Ace plays driving instructor during an errand and brings up mom's sister over lunch. A bout of nostalgia turns sour.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2019-07-15 1 
October 2019
3804130Melancholic Quest 59Del gets an update on grandma and Ace takes issue with her feeling safer with Lawrence. Law has bad trips down memory lane.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2019-10-01 0 
November 2019
3871720Melancholic Quest 60On his way to his parents, Law's mind constantly races into the past, to the night he ruined everything.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2019-11-02 0 
December 2019
3930705Melancholic Quest 61Saying goodbye to his parents and hoping he'll see them again some day, Lawrence continues on his caper and almost screws the pooch.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2019-12-09 0 
March 2020
4070190Melancholic Quest 62Rather than justify his violent mishap to Ace, Law lets Cammy do it while he spends time with Del. Later, torture porn commences.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2020-03-01 2 
4129508Melancholic Quest 63Getting answers out of Alex, Law and Cammy move to grab someone not nearly as easily swayed by physical violence. Cammy isn't coping well.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2020-03-31 0 
April 2020
4173149Melancholic Quest 64With a professional dealing with the interrogation, Law gets to play cop with Palmer and Palmer gets to feel a bit alive again.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2020-04-22 0 
June 2020
4279159Melancholic Quest 65Exhaustion, pain, and stress sends Law down for the count. With pills and ordered to rest, Jones brings Law back to the compound.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2020-06-23 1 
July 2020
4318971Melancholic Quest 66Bushed, Law sleeps the day away as dreams turn to memories of tracking down Michele. Del tries to do the cooking by the book.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2020-07-22 0 
September 2020
4427689Melancholic Quest 67Law gets wined and dined, and put to sleep like a big boy. Del reminisces about a conversation with Ace.Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue2020-09-28 0 
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