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September 2016
515559Himehorn 911!asdasdasdasdHaremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-09-06 3 
551599Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "I can't smell myself."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-09-18 4 
590644Himehorn 911!Why!Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-09-29 4 
October 2016
636642Himehorn 911!"State your emergency" "I can't count without my fingers"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-06 4 
652318Himehorn 911!"State your emergency" "How much for two medium pizzas?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-06 3 
668227Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "I can't make phone calls!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-11 3 
678002Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "Where is home?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-11 3 
693678Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "Give me my money back!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-17 3 
712319Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "How do I go reverse with a hovercraft?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-24 3 
730505Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "I've got all this time! Help!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-29 3 
749877Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "N-no bully!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-29 3 
November 2016
765560Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "WHY AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOORR...?!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-07 3 
791142Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "This couch is far too comfortable. Help."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-07 2 
806304Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "How much time should I leave the tea bag in the water?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-12 2 
830577Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." " H911's first season is over!" "Elaborate?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-21 2 
December 2016
966128Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "My Witch device only gets one channel"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-12-28 2 
974045Himehorn 911! "State your emergency." "Do carrots count as snacks?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-12-28 2 
January 2017
984317Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "State your emergency." "Elaborate?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-07 2 
1002925Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "You will pay for my ship someday, I swear it!" "..."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-07 2 
1013721Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "FUCK Galapago turtles." "Elaborate? Is your ship under siege?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-07 2 
1035351Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "He's taking me out tonight, I don't know what to weaaaaar...!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-20 2 
1054206Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "Just checkin if my phone worked." beeeeeeepHaremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-20 2 
March 2017
1238687Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "They keep staring at my eyebrows."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-15 2 
1270580Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "What does Mr. Wallace looks like?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-24 1 
1283310Himehorn 911!"State you-" "Does he look like a bitch?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-24 1 
1297199Himehorn 911!"State your emergency.""I can't stop thinking that my lips look weird when I talk."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-29 2 
April 2017
1339417Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "...hey soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing..."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-04-15 2 
June 2017
1497329What is VA-11 Hall-A?Pretty please don't fuck this timeline too.Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-06-03 2 
1545492What is VA-11 Hall-A?Seriously.Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-06-16 2 
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