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July 2015
41121574Roman Underground Rich Lady FightingNoble women fight in the gladitorial arena in cognito, WWE style. /tg/ starts to get shit done, but gets distracted.gladiators, gladiatrix, nobles, roman, wrestling, grapple check2015-07-11 5 
July 2017
1656911A Gladiator's GameYou awaken in a cell and are called out to fight in the arena. How will your life play out from there? Collective Game, Gladiators, Quest2017-07-12 4 
1693262A Gladiator's Game 2You continue your life as a guardsman and patrol the city.Collective Game, Gladiators, Quest2017-07-23 1 
April 2018
2401853RHG QuestA drawquest about being a Rock Hard Gladiator.Rock Hard Gladiators, ParadingMusette2018-04-02 3 
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