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February 2012
18061278Zerg Quest LXXVDancing with Dyles is dangerous, and humanity is about to find out just how much.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Even More Terran Factions, Shit I'm Late!, OH FUCK2012-02-23 11 
July 2015
40993044MiasmapunkWorldbuilding thread creates unique setting about a dead god and all the people who live in it.worldbuilding, setting, grimdark, factions, collective game2015-07-04 9 
January 2017
972967Multi Faction Nationgame: CHAPTER 1 - DEMONS AND ANGELS COLLIDE! THE COALITION FORMS!Bug people are massacred. A man hijacks a civ. Demons get strafed by f16s. Come on down fuckers.collective game, NationDawnQM, fantasy, civ game, multiple factions2017-01-02 4 
1001082Multi Faction Nationgame: CHAPTER 2Shit happens, rocks fall, skeletons die.collective game, NationDawnQM, fantasy, civ game, multiple factions2017-01-14 2 
1028411Multi Faction Nationgame: CHAPTER 3more shit happens, I don't even know anymorecollective game, NationDawnQM, fantasy, civ game, multiple factions2017-01-17 1 
1077229Multi-Civ Quest #2First thread was not archived here in time: https://boards.4tan.org/qst/thread/1039619/ No more room for description. Fun stuf happens thCiv Quest, Fantasy, Factions, Hardcore Survival, Rare Magic, Butterlord, Quarterly-Seasonal Turns2017-01-31 1 
1065133Multi Faction Nationgame: CHAPTER 4Magical Arms Race Faggotry and QM gets a life. collective game, NationDawnQM, fantasy, civ game, multiple factions2017-01-31 1 
February 2017
1106119Multi-Civ Quest 3Things start to get magical then OP gets burnt out. New Management happens.Civ Quest, Factions, Hardcore Survival, Butterlord, Seasons2017-02-07 1 
August 2018
61017447New xeno races in 40kIdeas for new xeno races and factions in the 41st Millennium.worldbuilding, 40k, xenos, species, races, factions,2018-08-02 1 
March 2021
78042699/tg/ makes a Steampunk Setting #3/tg/ makes even more in a Steampunk Setting. The civil war of Arvantha gets detailedworldbuilding, Steampunk, MASS, maps, factions, heraldry2021-03-16 5 
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