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February 2012
18070990Eldritch Horror Quest IWe escape our millennia long imprisonment, possess our summoner’s body, and begin our war against the gods. Collective Game, Eldritch Horror Quest2012-02-24 15 
18099515Eldritch Horror Quest IIWe learn more about our past, befriend a river goddess, and meet the forest god.Collective Game, Eldritch Horror Quest2012-02-26 6 
March 2012
18179433Eldritch Horror Quest IIIWe meet the god of the forest and kick his ass. Much lulz were had by all, except the forest god.Collective Game, Eldritch Horror Quest2012-03-03 7 
18192641Eldritch Horror Quest IVWe wander around the mountains, and meet our nemesis, Xerxes. Then we destroy his house and run away, like a boss. Collective Game, Eldritch Horror Quest2012-03-04 6 
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