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November 2014
36002147Bolo Quest: The Stand at ShantiCatha heads south towards Carthen, hoping to relieve the defenders before they are butcheredCollective Game, Bolos, Strategy2014-11-07 7 
36165748Bolo Quest: The Stand at ShantiCatha gets the marines to their armor, sows chaos, and makes a break for RaleighCollective Game, Bolos, Strategy2014-11-15 4 
36312649Bolo Quest: The Stand at ShantiCatha does battle with an enemy destroyer trying to pull an orbital bombardment, and the horror of the hugcouch is born.Collective Game, Bolos, Strategy2014-11-22 2 
36450571Bolo Quest: The Stand at ShantiCatha clears Raleigh, takes a black eye, and sees the true extent of the foe she will faceCollective Game, Bolos, Strategy2014-11-29 5 
December 2014
36589388Bolo Quest: The Stand at ShantiCatha duels with the Tezrach superheavies and prepares for the final assault on OosterbeekCollective Game, Bolos, Strategy2014-12-06 2 
36784686Bolo Quest: The Stand at Shanti 7The thin blue line takes a horrifying beating as the Tezrach lead one final, desperate assault to crack the Shantian defense.Collective Game, Bolos, Strategy2014-12-16 3 
36841826Bolo Quest: The Stand at Shanti 8Badb Catha finally lays waste to the last of the Tezrach and deals with the aftermath of a planetary invasionCollective Game, Bolos, Strategy2014-12-19 7 
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