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December 2011
17350616Battleship QuestYou're given command of the German battleship Graf Spee. The year is 1939. You're in the southern Atlantic and low on everything. How do you plan to troll the British, French and survive?Battleship Quest, Collective Game, Quest thread, Quest, quest2011-12-28 11 
17360227Battleship Quest Pt. 2Battle ensues, but then dies off when OP takes an hour or so to resolve actions. Unknown if continuing further.Battleship Quest, Collective Game, Quest thread, Quest, quest2011-12-29 5 
November 2012
21675770Battleship QuestSole surviving spaceship reanimates its sole surviving crewman, decides where to go from there. Makes preliminary plans to be a creepy ghost ship.collective game, Battleship Quest, space, ship, spaceship, bolo,2012-11-21 18 
21765828Battleship Quest IIFirst contact with two entities. We get to blast one and engage in murky politics with the other. To Prime Directive or Not, that is the question.collective game, Battleship Quest, space, ship, spaceship, bolo,2012-11-27 16 
December 2012
21874922Battleship Quest IIISignificant contact and nanoweapons.collective game, Battleship Quest, space, ship, spaceship, bolo,2012-12-04 11 
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