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July 2013
25899479Ghost Quest 15: Ghost Quest 15: Don't you let me Die in SpaceHelldog Mercenary squad takes the bridge of the Aeron. Delta Phoenix kills an old squad memeber. Collective Game, Ghost Quest, Adjutant, Delta Phoenix, Assassin, RTS, Starcraft, Marine, Battlecruiser2013-07-09 27 
25937168Ghost Quest 17: All Along the WatchtowerThe XO does his best to keep Delta Phoenix's forces alive.Collective Game, Ghost Quest, Adjutant, Delta Phoenix, Assassin, RTS, Starcraft, Battlecruiser2013-07-11 16 
September 2013
27455732A.I. Quest 9 Chrono HorizonOphion learns of alien life, before confronting the pirates in one final showdown. Things do not go as planned, however, and V.I. 1 has a new name.A.I. Quest, Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, computer, machine, Program0, sentience, control, repairs, Gas, V.I., Pirate, Attack, Battlecruiser, Kronos2013-09-28 20 
January 2022
5117686Battlecruiser Captain QuestPlayers design and captain a WW2-era Battlecruiser in a fictional setting on a surface raiding mission.Battlecruiser Captain Quest, Collective Game, WW2, Ships2022-01-31 12 
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