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April 2010
9238394Planes and mercenaries XXIIIOp shows up, and delivers an epic tale of gauntlet running, badassery, iron balls, and plane awesome. The russians move in, and op and crew essentially start a war. Discussion of ww2 fighters and area 88 as well.planes, mercs, awesome, steve, area 882010-04-17 10 
December 2013
28862778Shadow Quest 88Under the Timorian Deep.Collective Game, shadow, quest, 88, master, shadow quest, shadow,quest2013-12-15 24 
29103461Stormtrooper Quest Part 1: Tatooine HeatIn which we join the Imperial Inquisition and hunt for rebels.Collective Game, Star Wars, Stormtrooper Quest, Stormtrooper, TK-881, Inquisiton2013-12-27 9 
March 2015
38853019Hellborn Quest 88Sierra does Keth'gi and the trek to the landwell begins.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 882015-03-22 20 
January 2016
44543554Novice Heretek Quest 88Scavenging, exploring and fighting. The daily routine of our protagonist. Collective Game, Axsisel, Novice Heretek Quest, Warhammer40k, techpriest, Heracor Nahive , NHQ882016-01-04 10 
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