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June 2013
25364736Stormtrooper Quest: Part 1The story of a stormtrooper beginning his glorious career with the Empire!Stormtrooper Quest, Part 12013-06-11 10 
25380844Stormtrooper Quest: Part 2The plot thickens as you and your squad go out to battle rebel scum!Stormtrooper Quest, Part 22013-06-12 10 
25420118Stormtrooper Quest Part 3: It WAS a trap!You Our story continues with loss, promotions, and more bar fighting!Stormtrooper Quest, Part 32013-06-14 13 
25571101tormtrooper Quest Part 5: Proving grounds ( part 2)We take down a jedi by sacrificing ourself and become memorialized Stormtrooper Quest, where is part 4, feels2013-06-22 17 
December 2013
29103461Stormtrooper Quest Part 1: Tatooine HeatIn which we join the Imperial Inquisition and hunt for rebels.Collective Game, Star Wars, Stormtrooper Quest, Stormtrooper, TK-881, Inquisiton2013-12-27 9 
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