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March 2010
8586512Polymorphed Dragon-girlWhat starts like a monstergirl thread ends up generating some interesting (and non-pornographic) writefaggery.dragon, writefaggery, polymorph2010-03-15 16 
8627301Polymorphed Dragon Girl 2A different writefag continues the story from the first thread, slightly intoxicated.dragon, writefaggery, polymorph2010-03-17 12 
8675840Polymorphed Dragon-girl 3The writefag returns from a short disappearance to continue the story.dragon, writefaggery, polymorph2010-03-20 10 
April 2010
9010467Doppleganger DamacyA discussion of a campaign in which the PCs begin as weak and frail, but gradually take on the abilities of the creatures they kill.Dopplegangers, D&D, Evolution, polymorph, Katamari Damacy, new abilities, 2010-04-06 43 
April 2011
14506111BBEG Brainwashing MoralityDiscussion of the moral implications of rewriting a villain's mind.ideas, polymorph, mindwipe2011-04-08 5 
January 2012
17579384Polymorph x into CatWent from turning a lump of stone into a kitten bomb, into various ways to destroy large areas with a bunch of simple spellspolymorph, cat2012-01-18 7 
May 2014
32461889Shoggy the Seldom DogA party pet called Shoggy the Seldom Dog. A friendly dog that randomly polymorphed every few hours.Shoggy, Shoggy the Seldom Dog, Polymorph, Shoggoth, Story, Cute2014-05-31 90 
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