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January 2011
13371906Monster ManuelFawlty Towers ShenanigansMonster Manual, Monster Manuel, Fawlty Towers, Basil, Manuel2011-01-02 6 
July 2011
15474941D&D Alphabet4th of July made awesome by a rhyming monster manual alphabet. And then it happens again. D&D, Monster Manual, Monster, Alphabet 2011-07-05 34 
May 2014
31875548/tg/'s Bestiary/tg/ creates a bestiary with homemade fluff and stats for various original monsters.Bestiary, monster manual, monsters, fluff, worldbuilding2014-05-03 3 
November 2019
68972978/tg/ Makes a Monster Manual/tg/ invents a bunch of new monsters for your games.monster manual, worldbuilding,2019-11-03 5 
69063118/tg/ Makes a Monster Manual Thread TwoA continuation of the prior thread, now with stats.monster manual, worldbuilding,2019-11-03 2 
69251279/tg/ presents their original species and monstersAnons invent and share original monsters and species for their games.monster manual, worldbuilding,2019-11-23 2 
69591333South American BestiaryBrazilian anon provides great insight on mythological creatures of South America. bestiary, monster manual, fluff, worldbuilding, mythology2019-11-25 29 
December 2019
69507836more original species and monstersA continuation of the prior thread in which anons invent and share even more original monsters and species for their games.monster manual, worldbuilding,2019-12-14 0 
January 2021
76534829Fantasy World WildlifeOriginal monsters and fauna for fantasy settings.worldbuilding, monster manual, speculative evolution,2021-01-07 2 
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