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January 2010
7401927actual DMing adviceno really its actual advice.DM GM advice tips tricks2010-01-03 8 
May 2010
9942500Another "how to" thread from IfuritasfanIfurita is back with all sorts of tips and tricks to help make painting your minis easierminiatures, painting, tips and tricks2010-05-21 1 
October 2010
12435507Tricks and props for the GM GM asks for ideas for tricks and props to use in gaming sessions to enhance the mood and immersion. Mostly horror ideas are suggested.tricks, props, immersion, horror,2010-10-14 3 
April 2011
14487824The most Groan-inducing character concepts you've ever seen.This exciting thread goes into excruciating detail of what happens to some Mary Sues when they cross the wrong GMs. Also Mary Sue weapons that make you want to cry.D&D, Mary Sue, Trickster, Weapons2011-04-06 10 
May 2011
14979045SS13 Tips and Tricks TG Station ServerTips and Tricks for SS13, The TG Station ServerSS13, Space Station 13, Tips, Tricks2011-05-19 1 
August 2011
15998909Tips for D&DRecovering Powergamer enlightens us with good tips for players and DMstips, tricks, D&D, dungeons & dragons, tabletop, RPG, 3.52011-08-20 5 
January 2013
22642385All you need to know about airbrushesOld Anon gives us the what's up about airbrushes, types of airbrushes, and airbrush brands.miniatures, painting, tips and tricks, hobby, instructional2013-01-17 9 
February 2013
23394127Trickster Daemon QuestIn which Anomaly is freed from it's prison, and on a whim, chooses to protect a small girl named Mari.Collective Game, Daemon, Not The Little Girl, Trickster Daemon Quest2013-02-27 27 
23413736Trickster Daemon Quest IIIn which Anomaly ruins the life of a random soldier, then moves on to the town of Deepwell and is caught up in a commotion involving some mysterious robed GolgothansCollective Game, Trickster Daemon Quest, Quest, Daemon2013-02-28 24 
March 2013
23434053Trickster Daemon Quest IIIThe captain decided to request reinforcements at Guille Fortress. We killed the officers of the army and made a soldier burn the supply wagon. Will we rescue the prisoners?Collective Game,Trickster Daemon Quest,Quest,Daemon2013-03-01 23 
23449221Trickster Daemon Quest IVIn which Anomaly causes a battalion of Golgothan troops to slaughter themselves, assists some refugees, and then discovers that there is probably more to Mari than meets the eye.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-03-02 22 
23466167Trickster Daemon Quest VIn which Anomaly talks to some mortals without making anyone kill each other.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-03-03 22 
23484400Trickster Daemon Quest VIIn which Anomoly discovers that Olberek may be sealed in an oubliette, Rin the hunter dies via wolves, and the shaman is persuaded to provide a human sacrifice.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-03-04 21 
23503474Trickster Daemon Quest VIIIn which Anomaly releases Olberek from his prison, gaining an rmy of direwolves, before preperations for war begin in Deepwell. Guille Fortress is the next target.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-03-05 21 
23524065Trickster Daemon Quest VIIIIn which Anomaly infiltrates the fortress and discovers a peculiar Stone Daemon named Girdin in the dungeon.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-03-06 22 
23543135Trickster Daemon Quest IXIn which Anomaly joins the assault on Guille's Fortress, fights mortals and daemons alike, and grows more powerful. Chapter 1 Complete!Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-03-07 20 
23717910Trickster Daemon Quest XIn which Anomaly regroups with her allies and plans their next move, scouting out Summerbridge ahead of the main force.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-03-17 20 
23755300Trickster Daemon Quest XIIn which Anomaly continues to investigate Summerbridge and scheme against the soldiers within.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-03-19 17 
23769303Trickster Daemon Quest XIIIn which Anomaly incites chaos within Summerbridge, turning soldiers against the Blood Guard and dealing with a summoned foe.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-03-20 17 
23821972Trickster Daemon Quest XIIIIn which Anomaly sneaks ahead of the army into Golroute, the enemy's headquarters, and uncovers some distressing news.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-03-23 15 
April 2013
24033821Trickster Daemon Quest XIVIn which Anomaly uncovers the Golgothan strategy and persuades the Dorriki to liberate Norfin for reinforcements. We attack the seige force at dawn.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-04-04 16 
24207234Trickster Daemons Quest XVIn which Anomaly helps the Dorriki slaughter the Golgothans seiging Norfin, and gains their support. Abridged thread due to return from hiatus.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-04-13 14 
24239921Trickster Daemon Quest XVIIn which Anomaly and the Dorriki assault Golroute, stamping out their opposition, and prepares to take Mari to pursue the survivors fleeing towards Deeprock.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-04-15 14 
24261562Trickster Daemon Quest XVIIIn which Anomaly has an argument with Mari over the morality of their war, and raids the surviving soldier company headed for Deeprock. Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-04-16 13 
24298174Trickster Daemon Quest XVIIIIn which Anomaly visits Deeprock and fails to gain their support. Westercoast looms ahead, and we move on to gather intel. Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-04-18 14 
24356823Trickster Daemon Quest XIXIn which Anomaly spies on the Golgothan general, and raises havoc amongst the troops with a Blood Golem. An old foe returns, and a new one emerges.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-04-20 13 
24377723Trickster Daemon Quest XXIn which Anomaly continues on her merry rampage throughout Westercoast, only to have the fun police show up. A highly disturbing discovery is made in the catacombs beneath the city. Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-04-22 13 
24400914Trickster Daemon Quest XXIIn which Anomaly decides talking to others is more productive than trying to kill them all.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-04-23 13 
24437950Trickster Daemon Quest XXIIIn which Anomaly books it like a librarian, becomes more guilty of waterway pollution than China, and discusses the finer nuances of strategy with a rock.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-04-25 13 
May 2013
24569177Trickster Daemon Quest XXIIIIn which Anomaly assaults Westercoast for the final battle. The Dorriki achieve a Pyrrhic victory, and we plot our next move. Some exposition remains to be addressed before we depart.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-05-02 12 
24703104Trickster Daemon Quest XIVIn which Anomaly bargains with Jens and Olberek to free the Greatoak citizens. A verbal trainwreck ensues, and we make a surprising recovery. We now have a daemon minion!Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest, Quantum Girdin2013-05-09 12 
24747103Trickster Daemon Quest XXVIn which Anomaly arrives in Arn, one of the islands outside Margell. We investigate the port city and discover several things of importance.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-05-11 12 
24787204Trickster Daemon Quest XXVIIn which Anomaly plots to gain the favor of a skilled blacksmith being kept down by the monopolizing Guild. After a narrow purchase success to secure his trust, we plot our next move against the Guild. Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-05-13 12 
24806977Trickster Daemon Quest XXVIIIn which Anomaly begins her plot of undermining the blacksmith lord in the Guild. We secure an investor for Grist as well.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-05-14 12 
24846015Trickster Daemon Quest XXVIIIIn which Anomaly considers her options in dealing with the Guild. Arson, sabotage, murder, anything's on the table to ensure Grist is in our pocket.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-05-16 12 
24881123Trickster Daemon Quest XXIXIn which Anomaly enacts her plan to make Vern look crazy and secretly begins to garner the unwitting support of the other Lords for Grist's position.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest 2013-05-18 12 
25052153Trickster Daemon Quest XXXIn which Anomaly fucks up on a rather large scale. We resolve never to speak of it again. Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest 2013-05-27 12 
25070964Trickster Daemon Quest XXXIIn which Anomaly leaves Arn and resupplies at Westercoast, makes a quick stop at Vin while dropping off our shade and Lark to fight the Caelum, and sails to Shorefall to get to business with the mainland.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest 2013-05-28 11 
June 2013
25359413Trickster Daemon Quest XXXIIIn which Anomaly offers her assistance to the Duke of Kestis and investigates the claims of a Golgothan god of death that has begun to influence the diseased of Shorefall.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest 2013-06-11 11 
25376957Trickster Daemon Quest XXXIIIIn which Anomaly locates the "god of death" Mortil, and negotiates a meeting with him and an unknown party outside the city.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest 2013-06-12 11 
25436805Trickster Daemon Quest XXXIVIn which Anomaly departs for the cove up the coast, settles in, and is surprised by the timely arrival of Girdin at the scene.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest 2013-06-15 11 
25453641Trickster Daemon Quest XXXVIn which Anomaly confirms that the meeting was in fact a Dominion ambush, and fights for her's and Girdin's lives.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest 2013-06-16 10 
25472321Trickster Daemon Quest XXXVIIn which Anomaly regains her bearings and investigates Sholta with Mari in tow.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-06-17 10 
25491030Trickster Daemon Quest XXXVIIIn which Anomaly skulks about the city, discovering the presence of none other than Ivan and having to flee with Mari to avoid her being captured.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-06-18 10 
25508099Trickster Daemon Quest XXXVIIIIn which Anomaly continues her agenda in Sholta, and confronts the Count about Ivan's presence.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-06-19 10 
25531031Trickster Daemon Quest XXXIXIn which Anomaly gets Girdin and Lark back in action, and prepares the investigate the cursed woods. Along the way, they encounter patrols from Sholta and prepare to face the pursuing Hit Squad for Round 2.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-06-20 10 
25567113Trickster Daemon Quest XLIn which Anomaly finds out where all her luck has been hiding, for better or worse.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-06-22 10 
25584622Trickster Daemon Quest XLIIn which Anomaly camps out until Mari recovers from her near-death experience. Painfully abridged. Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-06-23 6 
25603214Trickster Daemon Quest XLIIIn which Anomaly ventures to the mysterious Whisper City and confronts the source of the phenomena originating there.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-06-24 6 
25622573Trickster Daemon Quest XLIIIIn which Anomaly catches up with Thin Jack, making an alliance with him and plotting to wipe out the two remaining hit squads in the area serving Mortil.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-06-25 5 
25659916Trickster Daemon Quest XLIVIn which Anomaly engages the two remaining Hit Squads and barely pulls off victory with Mari's timely help. Chapter 3 Complete!Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-06-27 6 
July 2013
25834958Trickster Daemon Quest XLVIn which Anomaly fills Jack in on what he's missed, Mari practices her abilities on Ghouls, and we threaten Sholta while making the Count defenestrate himself.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-07-06 5 
25872458Trickster Daemon Quest XLVIIn which Anomaly gets shanked for her actions, and subsequently beheaded. We wake up to Mari healing us, and another mortal boy with her.Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-07-08 1 
25893639Trickster Daemon Quest XLVIIIn which we make the decision to temporarily transition to a parallel storyline within the same setting and time period that has been running alongside Anomaly. Thus begins the tale of Tallorn, Peer of Sun. Trickster Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest, Tallorn2013-07-09 4 
25974200Fire Daemon Quest IIn which our temporary protagonist Tallorn plots how to avoid Razag in his desperate flight to the mountain range.Trickster Daemon Quest, Fire Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-07-13 1 
25993236Fire Daemon Quest IIIn which Tallorn evades Razag, regroups with some allies, and arrives in Margell to witness the Golgothan invasion of Menteraki.Trickster Daemon Quest, Fire Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-07-14 1 
26010191Fire Daemon Quest IIIIn which Tallorn and company reinforce Menteraki, charging in to provide desperate aid and confront the Daemonic leader of the enemy forces.Trickster Daemon Quest, Fire Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-07-15 0 
26029784Fire Daemon Quest IVIn which we spring a trap on the enemy Daemon, badly wounding and driving him away from Menteraki. We then turn out sights to the (hopefully) vulnerable mortal army left behind.Trickster Daemon Quest, Fire Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-07-16 0 
26153737Fire Daemon Quest VIIn which we split the party, departing for Vigoth and engage a force of Gigan cavalry diplomatically.Trickster Daemon Quest, Fire Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-07-22 0 
26173863Fire Daemon Quest VIIIn which Tallorn arrives in Vigoth, assessing the situation and attacking the Golgothan position to weaken them before winter.Trickster Daemon Quest, Fire Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-07-23 0 
26290427Fire Daemon Quest IXIn which Tallorn engages the enemy Daemon trying to maim him with a barrage of fireballs, and retreats back to Gigan lines.Trickster Daemon Quest, Fire Daemon Quest, Collective Game, Daemon, Quest2013-07-29 1 
August 2014
34090879Oversized Weapon Quest 52Shax reunites with some old friends, talks to some demons. A magical evening is experienced.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, magic tricks2014-08-13 11 
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