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January 2009
3342058Juvenile Corrections AnonJuvenile Corrections Anon tells us how they play D&D in the hoosegow.4e criminal scum informative blacks2009-01-08 6 
August 2010
11720890Phalanx What happens when you make a M&M character that has ESP, Teleportation, and Duplicate? STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM!storytiem, oblivion, criminal scum2010-08-18 24 
January 2012
17598005So this one time..IRL shenanigans. Encounters and such. Ýncludes a guard tackling a thief in a medieval fair and getting promoted...Guard, IRL, Random Encounter, Story, STOP RÝGHT THERE CRÝMÝNAL SCUM!, Larp2012-01-19 5 
October 2012
21207669Scum Quest/tg/ decides to be a scum with an insanely overpowered lasgun. Awesome ensues.Collective Game, Scum Quest, Scum, The Glare, Lasgun2012-10-21 28 
September 2014
35066522Guardian Warlord Quest 1you are Takuji, a beta helped out of it by an old african spirit(?)Collective Game, Herr Kaleun, lol end, savescumming2014-09-24 7 
35087332Guardian Warlord Quest 2You are Takuji, a beta helped out by an African spirit.Collective Game, Herr Kaleun, lol end, savescumming2014-09-25 3 
January 2015
37675091Guardian Warlord Quest 3You are Takuji, a beta helped out by an African spirit.Collective Game, Herr Kaleun, lol end, savescumming2015-01-28 2 
June 2015
40385805I Just Read A Lewd Manga And Now I Want To Run A Quest Based On It?You are so impressionable and feeble minded, anon-kun!collective game, catgirls are scum, /a/ is shit, /d/ is worse2015-06-04 2 
May 2016
85592Early 1700's Adventure Part 1Young farm girl turned mercenary dreams of buying Iceland and learns to never trust cute swedes. Schizophrenia, Mount and Blade, Protestants are scum, 1700's, mercenary, Swedish treachery, Pirates.2016-05-12 1 
February 2019
3250749STAR WARS: The Imperial ArchiveWhere a terrorist attack by the rebels drives Mina Celilale to join the Imperial Academy to protect her loved ones.Star Wars, The Imperial Archive, Imperial Historian, Empire, Imperial Intelligence, Die Rebel Scum, Collective Game2019-02-24 1 
January 2022
5075383Scumbag Antipaladin QuestA crazed deserter goes on a hunt for blood, meets an orc, and has an unholy amount of luck.Collective Game, Edgy, Edgelord, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Scumbag Antipaladin2022-01-07 27 
February 2022
5111607Scumbag Antipaladin Quest #2The paladins arrive in Dalhurst, Melvin gets new followers, Sadie and Melvin fight, we meet a Antipaladin, our sacrifices begins, QM flakes.Collective Game, Edgy, Edgelord, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Scumbag Antipaladin2022-02-15 7 
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