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April 2010
8975844Shadowrun Matrix DiscussionDiscussion about hackers and the Matrix in ShadowrunShadowrun hackers matrix2010-04-05 3 
April 2011
14717864Artificial IntelligenceThe humanity of AI's are conversed for a while, before the topic shits into talking about your favorite megalomaniac AI characters. Briefly visited by MC Vatican.Gerty, Moon, Shodan, Marathon, Durandal, Agent Smith, Matrix, Game, Shodan, WOPR, AM, Friend Computer, AC, nostalgia2011-04-26 1 
July 2012
19850413Lost Future Quest part 4: Internal AlphaClarke and Co dive the Networked SAP, and go all inception/matrix on its ass. Title changed because screw you, it's cooler.lost future, mexico, bending, inception, AI, robot, matrix, innocence, inn0cence, quest, collective game2012-07-13 13 
September 2012
20627131Lost Future Quest part 10.5: A Gathering of WidgetsClarke and Co get their shit together, reactivate Ladybird, and dive into the memories of Q1N: Medicine Robot.lost future, mexico, bending, inception, AI, robot, matrix, innocence, inn0cence, quest, collective game2012-09-08 11 
November 2012
21417377Lost Future Quest part 13: Better, Faster, StrongerThe Huntsman is vanquished, Quinn's psychological issues become apparent, and cuteness returns to the Quest.lost future, mexico, bending, inception, AI, robot, matrix, innocence, inn0cence, quest, collective game2012-11-05 12 
January 2013
22497008Lost Future Quest part 17: Bright Lights, Big CityClarke and Co deal with the aftermath of Cozumel, and dock their boat, protecting their hiding place with Cindy's social-fu. But it turns out to be a bit crowded in Cancun...lost future, mexico, bending, inception, AI, robot, matrix, innocence, inn0cence, quest, collective game2013-01-10 7 
22885537Lost Future Quest part 18: City of Broken GlassClarke and Co prove, unquestionably, for all time, that NO problem cannot be solved with sufficient bending. Also, we meet the wacky leader of the Free Machines, LT. Joshua Percival Cogson.lost future, mexico, bending, mexico, AI, robot, matrix, innocence, inn0cence, quest, collective game, Lost Future2013-01-31 12 
July 2022
85453380The Illusionary KingdomA kingdom under an illusion of utopian plenitude, which only works for people who believe in it and the infohazardous consequences.setting, worldbuilding, feywild, matrix, perception,2022-07-31 -11 
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