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Archived Threads

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October 2009
6404119Real Life Quest 2The continuing story of an anon and his attempts to un-fuck his life.Quest, Real Life, Roleplay2009-10-23 0 
May 2010
9933783AssassinsDiscussion of the game "Assassins" and creative ways of "killing" peopleAssassins, real life, college, games, killer, paranoia2010-05-20 8 
August 2010
11700384Story Hour feat. Wizard, Psion, Brobarian And RogueOP starts with a tale on how The Dark Elf Trilogy made him feel envy for another man, then another story in which Wizard tells off Psion.Wizard, Psion, Brobarian, Rogue, Story, Real Life, Gaming Group2010-08-17 24 
January 2011
13368060/fit/ translated into /tg/Fitness advice in /tg/ language, and how to manage exercise as exp.fitness, Real Life2011-01-02 5 
13393514Social Failure."Professor asks in class what the council of Nicea was." "Its when the Emperor forbade the use of Psykers." "What?"Fail, funny, humor, derp, natural 1, Omnissiah, STORYTIEM, stories, story, RPG, Real Life, IRL, AFK, Traditional Games, Nat 202011-01-04 38 
13722782Real Life feedbackGod asks for feedback on Real Life, and suggestions for the next editiongod, real life2011-01-30 9 
February 2011
14058013Real-life random encounters againThe denizens of /tg/ shares their real-life random encounters again, ranging from Swedish musketeers to the usual hobos.awesome, real life, random encounters2011-02-27 10 
November 2011
16949853Yet more IRL random encountersDruids, Larpers, Hobos, /tg/ recalls it's strangest moments.Random encounter, real life, IRL, druids2011-11-18 11 
December 2011
17266503Real life random encountersHolding hands inside a cow rectum, weapon collecting girlfriends and other insanity from the daily lives of fa/tg/uys.Random encounter, real life2011-12-19 13 
17306554That Guy ThreadAnother field reports of horrific That Guys. Everybody is awed and scared.that guy, real life, irl, storytiem, horribad2011-12-23 10 
August 2012
20196913Present-day Earth becomes a settingIn a parallel universe, the most grimdark setting of all is created. Earth.setting, parallel universe, earth, rl, real life, grimdark2012-08-05 10 
20193487Real Life Random Encounters (With /tg/ as NPCs)/tg/ exchanges stories of odd things which have occured to them, and wonder what greater design these events were part ofreal life random encounters, funny2012-08-06 6 
November 2012
21492704Saint Elegius, the Relic HammerWelder Anon discovers an ancient relic and embarks on an epic quest to forge a legendary hammer. In real life.Epic, Real Life, Elegius, Artifact, Metalworking2012-11-08 70 
January 2013
22864314Real Life Random Encounterstitle relatedReal Life, Random Encounters, amusing2013-01-29 14 
February 2013
23103325/tg/'s Nighttime Horrors IIA sequel to the previous thread about the creatures of the night fa/tg/uys have encountered.Horror, Real Life2013-02-11 5 
23123454/tg/'s Nighttime Horrors IIIFa/tg/uys discuss the supernatural terrors that set upon them in the night, for the third time.Horror, Real Life, IRL2013-02-12 5 
23142009/tg/'s Nighttime Horrors IV Fa/tg/uys discuss the supernatural terrors that set upon them in the night, for the fourth time. Ghostfuckeranon does not come back.Horror, Real Life, IRL2013-02-14 3 
May 2013
24678380Quaker Q&AA Quaker stops by /tg/ to ask a question, and answers many more. A (mostly) civil discussion takes place.RPG, religion, roleplay, morality, /tg/, advice, Discussion, Real Life, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Call of Cthulu, D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Dogs in the Vineyard2013-05-07 11 
March 2014
30805925Real life PCPC who are real peopleReal Life, PC, Pictures2014-03-12 5 
February 2015
38070862IRL Random Encounter Stories/tg/ has a discussion about being and having random enounters IRL, devolves to general storiesstories, Real Life2015-02-17 5 
April 2015
39604439The Search for KyleAnon posts old GW invitation for Warhammer, /tg/ contacts employee through internet detective skills, OP is re-invited to game.Games Workshop, /tg/ gets shit done, Real Life2015-04-28 97 
May 2015
40259536Chaos Worship ThreadJust what the Title said. Expect disgust and/or arousal. MASSIVE quantities of heresy. Like, even more than DOUBLE HERESY. Possibly the reason for the Age of Strife.40k, Chaos, Real Life, what2015-05-29 12 
May 2016
47219389Reality is an Overrated SettingIn which /tg/ decries "Real World" as being an unrealistic setting.Setting Discussion, Discussion, Campaign Setting, Comedy, Real Life2016-05-13 18 
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