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August 2009
5377552How did you get thrown out of the Vault?OP making a Fallout RPG requests reasons PC might have been banished from their Vault by the Overseer. Hilarity ensues.fallout, overseer, humour, door abortion, GOAT2009-08-08 7 
September 2011
16436924Deus Ex: MagickaA new spin to the Deus Ex series- magipunk. The main character, one mean satyr with a meaner kick named Ann O'Bedlam, awakes to find that her limbs have been replaced magically augmented metallic limbs. Deus Ex, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Goat, Satyr2011-09-27 2 
May 2013
24666929A Song of Ice and Fire - The Quest of House Harrock: Part 8In which Lord Artys of House Harrock, sworn of House Arryn, dealt with his neighbours in matters of trade and diplomacy, helping to better his relations with his ally House Egen, and received a pointed missive from Lord Yohn Royce, Castellan of the Vale, relating to his dealings with Lady Maahira of Qohor. In addition, settlers arrived from elsewhere in the Vale, helping to develop the land of Westpass, and much discussion was had over the buying of goats.Collective Game, House Harrock, Harrock, ASOIAF, A Song of Ice and Fire, Quest, Mountains, Barbarians, Bastards, Game of Thrones, Goats2013-05-06 26 
January 2014
29376751Goat wizards, goatanon and an African Witchdoktor.From goat wizards, to 6.9 gigs of goat pictures, finishing with a discussion on the relative merits of an African Shaman in D&D.Goat, Goat Wizard, Witchdoctor, Homebrew2014-01-10 11 
May 2014
32074324Goat QuestGoat who is the Protagonist must search for the fabled goat tower.Collective Game, Goat, Ragdoll, Goat who is This Goat2014-05-12 8 
32112265Goat Quest 2: The FinaleGoat who is Protagonist completes his grand quest after overcoming many trials.Collective Game, Goat, Ragdoll, Goat who is This Goat2014-05-14 5 
August 2014
34314640 Poorly Drawn Karateman QuestA shitty stick figure karateman, Probably drawn by some talent less fuck who can't draw for shit in MS Paint or something, goes on a quest to become the champion of Karate, on the way he teaches a goat how to fight and faces off with a black guy.Karateman, karate, quest, drawings, goat, black guy2014-08-22 8 
September 2015
42676614The Second Goat Quest 01A sequel to Goat Quest? You have goat to be kidding me.Collective Game, Goat Quest, Goat, Goat who is QM, Ragdoll, Goat who is this goat2015-09-23 3 
42691970The Second Goat Quest 02I really wanted to see goats driving a car. I really did.Collective Game, Goat Quest, Goat, Goat who is QM, Ragdoll, Goat who is This Goat, Michael Bay Turdles2015-09-24 1 
42711843The Second Goat Quest 03Giraffe GET! Also, Michael Bay Turdles.Collective Game, Goat Quest, Goat, Goat who is QM, Ragdoll, Goat who is this goat, Tall Goat2015-09-25 1 
42718954The Second Goat Quest 04We do not become Deadgoa7.Collective Game, Goat Quest, Goat, Goat who is this goat, Ragdoll, Goat who is QM2015-09-25 1 
42808103The Second Goat Quest 05Being Deadgoa7 is suffering.Goat Quest, Goat, Goat who is QM, Ragdoll, Dancing jackasses2015-09-30 1 
October 2015
42825706The second Goat Quest 06The finale!Goat Quest, Goat who is QM, Goat, Ragdoll, T-rex, Goat who is this goat2015-10-01 1 
November 2015
43490968Thoughts?All is not well in the lands.Thoughts?, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Goatmen, Rape, Civilisation, Catan, Bob2015-11-09 10 
April 2016
1573Autistic Goat Girl QuestThe former warchief of a village of goat-people destroyed by a fat human woman wanders around looking for drugs.Autistic Goat Girl Quest, Tristram, Quest, Collective Game2016-04-27 1 
January 2017
987786A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #1An autistic goatgirl with a shovel and a bucket wanders the land for adventure.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-01 26 
998168A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #2An autistic goatgirl bonks someone on the head, meets people, and goes into town.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-03 18 
1011675A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #3An autisticute goatgirl meets some adventurers, causes a minor heart attack, and goes to sleep.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-06 14 
1027034A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #4An autistic goatgirl runs off to find a big snake.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-09 14 
1044821A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #5An autistic goat gives a bird a name, says goodbyes, and meets a walking bush.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-16 13 
1073258A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #6A fairy does fairy things in the village of bush people, and a goat stabs a branch with a shovel.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-23 12 
1099727A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #7An autistic goatgirl participates in a frog experiment and gets listless.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-30 8 
February 2017
1127609A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #8A wolf-girl searches for her goat, witnesses a bug be useful in a prison break, and runs into a lot of birds.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-02-06 10 
1159630A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #9A goat-girl encounters a man and his birds, accomplishes a stealth mission, and then comes right back for a face-full of feathers.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-02-14 11 
1189562A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #10The confrontation with the Baroness. The curtain call for the rebellion at Silvercrest. GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-02-23 12 
March 2017
1216571A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #11A short thread. An epilogue to the first arc. A slice of life before the journey starts again.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-03-01 8 
1268492A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #12A sheep does nothing useful, and a goat sings a siren song for a ball of fluff.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-03-16 8 
1297158A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #13A goatgirl meets a strange not-person, then a strange earth-person, then eats some mushrooms.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-03-26 7 
April 2017
1342839A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #14A goatgirl walks around a big city, decides not to REMOVE UNDEAD, and gets dressed up.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-04-08 11 
1363461A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #15A goat feeds leaves to a tortoise, has something sweet, and visits a classroom.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-04-15 7 
1408627A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #16A goat talks with a nice old teacher, meets little metal constructs, and does some learning about the world around her.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-04-30 7 
May 2017
1473799A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #17Night. A goat makes a decision, and looks for a friend.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-05-20 7 
1497501A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #18Struggles with things from the outside. Dawn, and an ending.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-05-26 8 
January 2018
57558728Orb of the Albino DoomgoatAnon gets invited to a homebrew game. It turns out his GM is the best kind of autist.GOAT, system, autism, Say-Tyr2018-01-22 37 
June 2018
60225648Varsol RPG DumpRemember ORB OF THE ALBINO DOOMGOAT? OP has returned to tell us even more.Orb, Doomgoat, Varsol, RPG, breathing is a spell, spitting is also a spell2018-06-09 43 
July 2019
3639213Dragon QuestRiona, the dragon, starts her search for a place in the world after leaving her mother's lair, deals with spiders, humans, elves and orcsCollective Game, Dragon, Riona, Goats, Fire2019-07-17 8 
3665966Dragon Quest 2Riona deals with betrayal and loss, then unites the valleyCollective Game, Dragon, Riona,Distinct Lack of Goats, Fire2019-07-29 5 
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