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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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March 2008
1380255Being sent for reeducationA player complains about a crappy D&D session and spirals into a thread involving brain washing conditioning from 1984.torture, color, D&D, 1984, 4 lights2008-03-22 -3 
September 2008
2524762Color WarsA fa/tg/uy's inquiry about obscure colors to use in a pool cage degenerates into Anonymous discussing the strategic finer points of a non-existent game where color-based factions are at war.color2008-09-08 0 
August 2011
16076417Orks and PaintOP wonders what qualities Orks might ascribe to colors other than red. Green iz best, of course...40k, orks, colors2011-08-27 9 
November 2013
28217272Color WizardsEach wizard can control things of his assigned color only. Also, fuck the purple.color, wizards, idea, magic2013-11-10 7 
August 2015
42006676Surfer Ghouls Setting WorldbuildingOP proposes a setting in which a nonhuman intelligent species of "ghouls" appears in the modern world, claiming to be fleeing something. Worldbuilding results.ghouls, ghoul, surfer, beach, colors, neon nightmare, worldbuilding, setting,2015-08-21 18 
42020487Surfer Ghouls Setting Worldbuilding 2: The Neon NightmareA second thread discussing the arrival of hippy-surfer-slacker "Ghouls" on Earth, the friendships they make and the secrets they keep about their native culture and the fate of their old home in the Neon Nightmare.ghouls, ghoul, surfer, beach, colors, neon nightmare, worldbuilding, setting,2015-08-22 13 
September 2016
49294049Check out this settingOP goes whole hog into making a game setting. Amazement ensues.map, lore, technicolor moustaches, setting2016-09-11 42 
October 2016
49492001Check Out Anon's Cool Setting #2sequel of sorts to the first one(also has a neat name generator)map, lore, technicolor moustaches, setting, worldbuilding, name generator, fantasy2016-10-01 6 
September 2017
1812398Sburb Quest - Part 1Valve releases a new game on steam. A silver haired bug enthusiast buys it. bad anime is mentioned. The power of air pressure is utilized. Homestuck, sburb, sburb quest, quest, collective game, part 1, pesterlogs are boring without color, Garzey's Wing is the best anime ever2017-09-01 1 
July 2020
73880485MTG Card design derailed by schizoSomeone derails a boring Custom Card General with surprisingly well thought-out 10-color Magic schizophrenia they found on the internet.MTG, Magic, purple MTG, yellow MTG, brown MTG, orange MTG, pink MTG, deeplore, color-theory, color theory2020-07-22 3 
August 2020
74398585The Omnisssiah invents AM:tGSasha Vyoks-childer/The God-Emperor's Waifu fixes WoTC's cowardice.MTG, Magic, purple MTG, yellow MTG, brown MTG, orange MTG, pink MTG, deeplore, color-theory, color theory, cyan MTG, cinnabar MTG, cream MTG2020-08-19 -1 
74432909ADVANCED Magic the Gathering shitpostingOmnissiah is Sasha Vykos' IRL/Sims-childr, Digimon is darkMTG, Magic, purple MTG, yellow MTG, brown MTG, orange MTG, pink MTG, deeplore, color-theory, color theory2020-08-23 -1 
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