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February 2012
17877454Unity, Duty, Destiny-Bionicle general.Op makes a thread about making a Bionicle RPG. What follows is a lengthy thread full of nostalgia, system building and general Bionicle fun. homebrew,bionicle,nostalgia,lego,2012-02-10 11 
17900321Riddles and Rahi - Bionicle RPG Part DeuxThe second Bionicle RPG thread, in which levels are adjusted, dice are rolled and shit possibly gets done.bionicle, 2, design, matoran, nostalgia2012-02-11 5 
December 2012
21981641Bionicle Nostalgia Thread/tg/ talks about Bioniclebionicle2012-12-11 7 
April 2013
24088642Bionicle thread 2/tg/ continue building the wargame and the rpgbionicle2013-04-06 6 
24141911bionicle thread 3getting more shit donebionicle2013-04-09 5 
24258017Bionicle thread #4tg continue the discussionbionicle2013-04-15 5 
24334012bionicle thread 5the new edition of the rpg and the wargame are herebionicle2013-04-21 1 
May 2014
32042249Bionicle Quest 1A new Toa awakens on the shores of Mata Nui.Collective Game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Toa Quest, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-05-11 7 
32065753Bionicle Quest 2In which we find a mask, escape danger, and arrive at the Kini-Nui.Collective Game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Toa Quest, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-05-12 7 
32089179Bionicle Thread 3We learn about the mysterious mask we found before Gali gives us an offer.Collective Game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Toa Quest, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-05-13 7 
32179645Bionicle Quest 3We journey through Mata Nui to Ga-Koro, deal with Tarakava, and encounter a most peculiar puzzle. Collective Game, Bionicle Quest, Tarakava, Toa, Toa Quest, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-05-18 6 
32307512Bionicle Quest 5Pyramid puzzle stuff and arrival at Po-Koro. Collective game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Mata Nui, 2014-05-24 3 
32351146Bionicle Quest 6We deliver a package, check out the Kolhii field, and meet Turaga OnewaCollective Game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Toa Quest, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-05-25 2 
June 2014
32956437Bionicle Quest Thread 7BIonicle Quest returns. Onewa is a dick, and Tumahti needs grounds for fighting haha. Collective Game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Tumahti, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-06-24 2 
November 2015
43562585Bionicle Homebrew/tg/ has a long talk about Bionicle Lore and decides to start making a RPG system for it.Bionicle, Homebrew, Nostalgia2015-11-10 11 
43584194BIONICLE RPG Thread #2In this thread, we brainstorm ideas for the BIONICLE RPG and make puns out of Onua's name. (Just the one, really.)BIONICLE, RPG, WIP, /tg/ gets shit done2015-11-14 3 
September 2016
49216454Bionicle Quest 1The Great Spirit descended like a burning star from the heavens. Arrival -> Kini-Nui -> Mount Ihu.Collective Game, Bionicle Reboot Quest, Tumahti2016-09-08 3 
568527Bionicle Quest 2Mount Ihu looms before you like an upthrust sword. Ko-Wahi.Collective Game, Bionicle Reboot Quest, Tumahti2016-09-17 2 
January 2019
64088456Biotech/Biomechanics Worldbuilding/tg/ discusses organic technology.biotechnology, biomechanics, genetic modification, cloning, biomancy, fleshcrafting, posthuman, transhuman, bionicle, worldbuilding, setting2019-01-26 2 
January 2020
70534274Bionicle: Masks of Destiny RPGOP presents his attempt at a fully functional (if never playtested) Bionicle RPG. Dropbox pdf links at the bottom of the thread. Lego,Bionicle, homebrew RPG, Masks of Destiny, PDF, dropbox2020-01-22 13 
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