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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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February 2012
17877454Unity, Duty, Destiny-Bionicle general.Op makes a thread about making a Bionicle RPG. What follows is a lengthy thread full of nostalgia, system building and general Bionicle fun. homebrew,bionicle,nostalgia,lego,2012-02-10 11 
17900321Riddles and Rahi - Bionicle RPG Part DeuxThe second Bionicle RPG thread, in which levels are adjusted, dice are rolled and shit possibly gets done.bionicle, 2, design, matoran, nostalgia2012-02-11 5 
December 2012
21981641Bionicle Nostalgia Thread/tg/ talks about Bioniclebionicle2012-12-11 7 
April 2013
24088642Bionicle thread 2/tg/ continue building the wargame and the rpgbionicle2013-04-06 6 
24141911bionicle thread 3getting more shit donebionicle2013-04-09 5 
24258017Bionicle thread #4tg continue the discussionbionicle2013-04-15 5 
24334012bionicle thread 5the new edition of the rpg and the wargame are herebionicle2013-04-21 1 
May 2014
32042249Bionicle Quest 1A new Toa awakens on the shores of Mata Nui.Collective Game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Toa Quest, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-05-11 7 
32065753Bionicle Quest 2In which we find a mask, escape danger, and arrive at the Kini-Nui.Collective Game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Toa Quest, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-05-12 7 
32089179Bionicle Thread 3We learn about the mysterious mask we found before Gali gives us an offer.Collective Game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Toa Quest, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-05-13 7 
32179645Bionicle Quest 3We journey through Mata Nui to Ga-Koro, deal with Tarakava, and encounter a most peculiar puzzle. Collective Game, Bionicle Quest, Tarakava, Toa, Toa Quest, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-05-18 6 
32307512Bionicle Quest 5Pyramid puzzle stuff and arrival at Po-Koro. Collective game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Mata Nui, 2014-05-24 3 
32351146Bionicle Quest 6We deliver a package, check out the Kolhii field, and meet Turaga OnewaCollective Game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Toa Quest, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-05-25 2 
June 2014
32956437Bionicle Quest Thread 7BIonicle Quest returns. Onewa is a dick, and Tumahti needs grounds for fighting haha. Collective Game, Bionicle Quest, Toa, Tumahti, Chronicler, Mata Nui2014-06-24 2 
November 2015
43562585Bionicle Homebrew/tg/ has a long talk about Bionicle Lore and decides to start making a RPG system for it.Bionicle, Homebrew, Nostalgia2015-11-10 11 
43584194BIONICLE RPG Thread #2In this thread, we brainstorm ideas for the BIONICLE RPG and make puns out of Onua's name. (Just the one, really.)BIONICLE, RPG, WIP, /tg/ gets shit done2015-11-14 3 
September 2016
49216454Bionicle Quest 1The Great Spirit descended like a burning star from the heavens. Arrival -> Kini-Nui -> Mount Ihu.Collective Game, Bionicle Reboot Quest, Tumahti2016-09-08 3 
568527Bionicle Quest 2Mount Ihu looms before you like an upthrust sword. Ko-Wahi.Collective Game, Bionicle Reboot Quest, Tumahti2016-09-17 2 
January 2019
64088456Biotech/Biomechanics Worldbuilding/tg/ discusses organic technology.biotechnology, biomechanics, genetic modification, cloning, biomancy, fleshcrafting, posthuman, transhuman, bionicle, worldbuilding, setting2019-01-26 2 
January 2020
70534274Bionicle: Masks of Destiny RPGOP presents his attempt at a fully functional (if never playtested) Bionicle RPG. Dropbox pdf links at the bottom of the thread. Lego,Bionicle, homebrew RPG, Masks of Destiny, PDF, dropbox2020-01-22 13 
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