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Archived Threads

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July 2008
2225740OscarOscar the stoner upstages godmoding freeform rpers by getting high.freeform, stoner, awesome character2008-07-16 36 
April 2009
4264012Remember the Days of Rhy'DinAnon asks about the olden days of AOL RPing in Rhy'din, and all of 4chan weeps as they admit they took part in it. Also, a bar made entirely of dark corners to brood in.AOL, Rhydin, freefrom, Brood2009-04-13 0 
May 2009
4580594Roleplaying Horror StoriesHorror Stories of Freeform RPGs. Turns into win with James Bond the crab and generic guard.Freeform, James Bond the Crab, Guard, SuperGuard, Horror Stories, Players2009-05-18 20 
June 2010
10674975Counter Mary-Suing Freeform RP'sAnon discusses past experiences with freeform RP's and stories are shared of revolution against speshul snowflakes.roleplay, freeform, Mary Sue2010-06-23 12 
February 2011
13801279All Teched Up With Nowhere To GoWhat starts as a simple roleplaying horror stories thread turns interesting when one of the named GMs turns up and /tg/ learns the value of Teching Up.That Guy, Freeform, shitty games, horror stories, Tech Up2011-02-06 20 
March 2012
18370497God of Delicious FoodsOP needs help making a deity of cuisine and taste for a freeform RP. /tg/ provides ideas.food, delicious, god, tasty, ideas, awesome, Ainsley, freeform2012-03-18 6 
May 2012
19038563Ancient Reef Evo GameReturning to the oceans for this game, life evolves in three coral reefs around the globe.Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution, Reef, Roo, Kafka, Nuro, Slizer, Ojo, Phou, Roha2012-05-11 5 
19064012Ancient Reef Evo Game IILife continue to evolve in the reefs and mutations go galore. And what are those Rohas up to?Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution, Reef, Roo, Kafka, Nuro, Slizer, Ojo, Phou, Roha2012-05-12 5 
19084937Ancient Reef Evo Game part 3Evolution continues in the reefs and beyond.Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution, Reef, Roo, Kafka, Nuro, Slizer, Ojo, Phou, Roha2012-05-17 5 
19151544Free forum RP invasion starts out just like any old online RP storytime thread,then gets to invading a RP forum to fuck shit upFreeforum, Apocalypse Now, Fuck Yes,2012-05-18 8 
19154225Freeform RP invasion part 2/tg/'s assault continues, with three techpriests and a cyborg ninja at the helm.freeform, invasion, mary sue,2012-05-19 11 
June 2012
19584339Freeform Draw QuestA quest where every 3rd reply is fulfilled. It soon turns to insanity.Collective Game, Freeform Draw Quest, Fail, Insanity, Rub, Gaben, Chaos, Law2012-06-22 15 
July 2012
19766361Freeform TaleOp and his friends have made actual good characters in an online Play-by-Post freeform game that's full of Mary Sues. Sit back and watch the magic happen.Freeform, Posting, Mary Sue, Bullshit Powers, OOC Knowledge, Poor Spelling2012-07-08 24 
August 2012
20260858Freeform Horror stories/tg/ discusses the horror that is freeform experiancesfreeform, freeform rp, stories2012-08-10 6 
January 2013
22551419Mary Sue disasters (with Richard Priapus )/tg/ swaps stories of mary sues from across the internet, anon steps up with the funniest RP derailing character seen in a long timefreeform RP, RP, Role-play, Mary, Sue, Richard, Priapus, funny, hilarious2013-01-12 58 
22564075Richard Fontaine 2: Electric BoogalooContinued trolling of Kidzworld starring Richard Fontaine, son of Priapus.freeform RP, RP, Role-play, Mary, Sue, Richard, Priapus, funny, hilarious2013-01-13 38 
22570344Richard Fontaine 3: Cuhrayzee EditionContinued trolling of Kidzworld starring Richard Fontaine, son of Priapus.freeform RP, RP, Role-play, Mary, Sue, Richard, Priapus, funny, hilarious2013-01-13 25 
22795577Richard Fontaine 4: The Dick of Astral FireContinued trolling of Kidzworld starring Richard Fontaine, son of Priapus.freeform RP, RP, Role-play, Mary, Sue, Richard, Priapus, funny, hilarious2013-01-25 22 
February 2013
23031407The return of Ivan D. StrelnikovThe glorious leader and hero of /tg/'s Chickensmoothie Invasion returns and tells us about his adventures on other Freeform RPGs.Ivan Dmitri Strelnikov, Communism, Communist, Russian, Stalker ,Chicken Smoothie, Infiltration, Invasion, Freeform, RPG 2013-02-07 5 
March 2013
23872011The Sundered Realm of Jhalom/tg/ makes a cool setting.freeform, vanillamancy, world building2013-03-25 5 
July 2013
25850439The tale of HydraAlphone Kapwon brings another tale of bad roleplay, bad GMs and magnificent bastardy. All with the help of a fat, ugly industrialist.storytime, Alphonse, freeform, stories, science, industry, magnificent bastard2013-07-06 22 
April 2014
31420000Freeform thread...and the story of Andrew Jacksonfreeform, mary sue, awesome, andrew jackson, eagles, freedom2014-04-13 5 
June 2014
32794188Skyfall Quest 1In which a storm cloud falls from the sky, saves a plane, calls itself Brenna, and bones a reporter.Freefall Quest, Freefall, Quest, Collective Game2014-06-15 7 
32874954Edgelord Refugee CampDiscussions of freeform leads to an amusing ideaedge, edgelord, freeform2014-06-19 5 
February 2015
38259793Freeform Roleplaying and Minecraft ModsAnon recounts a tale of finding a Minecraft RP server and balance breaking. Starts part way through at “Thaumcraft”.Minecraft, Freeform2015-02-24 26 
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