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February 2011
13982719Car lesbiansA new, rules light game system about lesbian racershomebrew, lesbian, racing2011-02-21 39 
13990397Car Lesbians IIViral is unbanned and development of Car Lesbians continues! Now with .pdf goodnesshomebrew, lesbian, racing2011-02-23 15 
December 2011
17181094Grim Dark RacingThe Announcer runs a jolly race involving a crab on a hover-board, Dick Dastardly, the Wolf Lord, and Khaldun the Eternal battle it out for victory.Collective Game, Grimdark, Racing, random, funny, 2011-12-11 7 
March 2012
18517205Wacky Racing 40kOp asks a simple question: What are the DE Reaver races like? What follows is an discussion about racing in 40k, and how to make a game about it. Who knew that 40k and Redline would fit this well together?Racing, Discussion, Homebrew, Dark Eldar, 40k, Redline2012-03-31 20 
January 2013
22538004Drift: The Line -Lap 1Samantha Tells is hired by the FBI to infiltrate a massive criminal racing conspiracy.Drift Racing, Collective Game, DK2013-01-12 12 
22553697Drift: The Line -Lap 2Sam Telis gets her feet wet in the world of street racing.Drift Racing, Collective Game, DK2013-01-13 10 
22781523Drift: The Line -Lap 3Sam Telis spends the day with her new cute, soon to be Asian girlfriend.Drift Racing, Collective Game, DK2013-01-27 12 
February 2013
23317681Racer Queens In the extreme glamour of the future-90s, mechanized idols racing comps are the shock! nineties, 90s, race queens, motorball, cyberpunk, modempunk, worldbuilding, racing2013-02-22 13 
March 2013
23461390Racer Queens 2The game about sexy cyborg racer girls shall be a card game.nineties, 90s, race queens, motorball, cyberpunk, modempunk, worldbuilding, racing, card game 2013-03-03 1 
October 2014
35661981Racer Quest 2048-0Welcome to Acceleration City. You are Jason Alexander.. Start your engineRacer Quest, Racing, Collective Game, GardenMaster-NORG, Wipeout, IGPX, Cyber Formula, Speed2014-10-21 0 
July 2015
41325000Redline Quest #0You win the local Shift Race, your Mom makes you promise not to race, but relents upon hearing that you'll get a girl out of it. Or something like that.Redline Quest, Redline, Racing, Collective Game, ArtemisQM, Awesome2015-07-19 18 
41479906Redline Quest #1You go to the National Shift, meet a cool engineer, go ABSURDLY FAST, and finish with an offer from Morosa.Redline Quest, Redline, Racing, Collective Game, ArtemisQM, Awesome2015-07-26 16 
August 2015
41626213Redline Quest #2You serve out chili, you wreck a would-be robber, and you head to the National Shift, which you'll actually be competing in this time.Redline Quest, Redline, Racing, Collective Game, ArtemisQM, Awesome2015-08-03 10 
41648288Redline Quest #3It's the National Shift. Lots and lots of salt is spilled.Redline Quest, Redline, Racing, Collective Game, ArtemisQM, Awesome2015-08-03 16 
41669205Redline Quest #4You get yourself all Dapper, make yourself the biggest man in the room, and do an interview with a journalist. Not a necessary thread, just some spacing between races.Redline Quest, Redline, Racing, Collective Game, ArtemisQM, Awesome2015-08-04 13 
42029174Redline Quest #5We arrive where the World Cup will happen, upgrade the handling on our frame, and have pizza with Arachnia.Redline Quest, Redline, Racing, Collective Game, ArtemisQM, Awesome2015-08-25 5 
January 2016
44589126Exterminator Quest #36We defend the honor of our racing clan, things get a little hairy.collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, purifying flames, serial killer, milf, termites, centipedes, taco bell,racing2016-01-06 6 
May 2016
163312Mach Quest 2.5More not-so-secret originals and we test the system for the first time.Mach Quest, racing2016-05-21 1 
June 2016
254541The Fast Life: A Racing QuestPhil Fitzgerald, a former American Open-Wheel champion, takes stock of his life and prepares for a new challenge: Formula XCollective Game, Fast Life Quest, Racing2016-06-16 3 
November 2016
786884"Racing" adventureThe race starts off with Orc Cleric and Daemon Paladin getting in some early victories before Daemon Paladin has to go to the hospital.notapaladin, collective game, racing, racing adventure2016-11-15 1 
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