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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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April 2015
39529364Will of the Ice Quest #1Our protagonist wakes up, goes shopping with friends, discovers a plot in the kingdom and has a coming of age ceremony.QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest, , 2015-04-24 7 
39565981Will of the Ice Quest #2Visions and romance and plot thickening, OH MY!QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest2015-04-26 5 
39585415Will of the Ice Quest #3Randal buys supplies, learns more about the gods, prays to Tor and then has a conversation about their love with TristaQMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest 2015-04-26 3 2015-04-27 5 
39614448Will of the Ice Quest #4Our hero is granted the title of King's Ranger by the king, fights a drunk, and kisses Trista (again). Also plothooks take place.QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest2015-04-28 5 
39630741Will of the Ice Quest #5Randal joins up with Trista and fellow rangers, embarks on his journey north, engages in smalltalk with his companions, makes love to Trista, and battles bandits in a night ambush on their camp.QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest2015-04-29 2 
39653160Will of the Ice Quest #6Randal and his group makes it to the small town of Waterrun, where he asks Sariel to train him and has some fun in an alley with Trista. The group then is ambushed by wolves before finally making it to Highspire Castle, headquarters for the rangers.QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest2015-04-30 0 
May 2015
39736900Will of the Ice Quest #7Short thread, but we take a short tour of the castle and meet the lord commander of the rangers.QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest2015-05-04 1 
39749900Will of the Ice Quest #7.5Randal speaks to Lord Commander Stormwind and reveals everything he knows from his vision and meeting with The Stranger. He also gets some armor and meets his UncleQMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest2015-05-04 2 
39872522Will of the Ice Quest #8Randal catches up a bit with his uncle, partakes in a sparring session, watches as Trista makes an enemy, and discovers some healing magic for the first time.QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest2015-05-10 2 
40035774Will of the Ice Quest #9Randal catches up with his uncle, takes a much needed bath, tries his hand at practicing archery and swordplay, and makes a new friend. The Stranger even makes an appearance!QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest2015-05-19 2 
40241735Will of the Ice Quest #10(Short thread due to power outages) Randal explores the castle and runs into The Stranger again.QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest2015-05-28 2 
40302304Will of the Ice Quest #10.5Randal is tasked with a mission to head north and spy on the barbarians and recruits some friends to do so.QMChills, Collective Game, Will of Ice Quest2015-05-31 1 
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