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Player Systems Settings Timezone Available?
Lord Licoriced20, anyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
PurpleXVI2nd ed AD&D, Unisystem, KultAll Flesh Must Be Eaten, Planescape, Dark Sun, KultEtc/GMT+1 (GMT-1)Available!
Failh0rseUnknown Armies, ORE, d6 LegendaryCoC, Unknown Armies, Cyberpunk, anythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
MoMoneyExalted/open for suggestions.openAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Hat_HairOpen to suggestionAnyGB (GMT+0)Unavailable
BurningStar4Open to just about anythingAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
BlaxplotationUnknown Armies, Dark Heresy, Little Fears, Shadowrun 2nd EditionPretty much anythingSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
TankzorWFRP, d20, anyanyAustralia/Perth (GMT+8)Available!
Pedobear_tgWFRP, d20AnyEtc/GMT+1 (GMT-1)Available!
Doom2099d20, CoC, otherD&D, Star Wars, X-Men, and homebrewedAmerica/Menominee (GMT-6)Available!
SatoriI strongly prefer D&D 4e. I am learning Legend of the Five Rings 4e. I am willing to play the Maid RPG, provided that its sexual themes are kept Eberron is my favored Dungeons & Dragons setting, followed by Points of Light, then Dark Sun, then Forgotten Realms dead last. I would be intrigued by a Gensokyo-themed setting. I am not fond of entirely homebrew settings.System/Localtime (GMT-6)Available!
marshamsaned20; D&D; CP 2020anyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Zoating It UpWFRP, D20, Paranoia, Unknown Armies.AnyEtc/GMT (GMT+0)Unavailable
Aun ShiAnything. d20 to F.A.T.A.L., whatever.See also: Preferred Systems ("Anything")America/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
RasamuneAnything not too complicatedAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Chaird20, Savage WorldsAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
FacebreakerAnyAnyAustralia/Brisbane (GMT+10)Available!
DuncandunD20, Shadowrun, EBBERON, what the fuck everAny really, or eberron, I like mixtures.America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Thy ChaplainD20Homebrew, Warhammer FantasyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Issyld20 (any setting)No preferenceSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Dameond20CoreAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
JethrikAnyAnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
GuyIncognitod20 seems to be the going thing, but I'm as flexible as GumbyAnywhere, but preferrably somwhere warm with a nice ocean and drinks with paper umbrellasAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Anonihamd20, D&D, Shadowrun, Star Wars, WHFRPCore or HomebrewAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
FTAGHNEverything... Except Vampire:tm <_<Homebrew settings are always best.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Saleosd20AnyAmerica/North_Dakota/Center (GMT-6)Available!
EarthflameAny (UA, D20, Exalted, Scion)AnyEurope/London (GMT+0)Unavailable
akitodnd/d20core, homebrewAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
ObsscuraD&D, WFRP, Exalted, WoD, Battletech, BESM, Mutants and MastermindsGreyhawk, Exalted, Battletech circa 3050Asia/Manila (GMT+8)Unavailable
Neverasd20, Hackmaster, WHFRP, fuck anything.ANYAmerica/Montreal (GMT-5)Unavailable
Old Agent Anond20, D&D 3.5, 4.0, Abberant, Mutants and Masterminds, Exalted 2nd Ed, NWoD, OWoDCore, Forgotten RealmsAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
GiantD&D D20, cyberpunk 2020, AFMBE, wont play FATALAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Saminerud20, D&D, want to try out Call of Cthulhu, anything suggestedCore, Forgotten Realms, HomebrewAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Magical BumAny d20, AlternityAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
RolandD20 DnD,ModernCoreAmerica/North_Dakota/New_Salem (GMT-6)Unavailable
RorsthatchAny, pref WFRP, will not play FATAL.Planescape, any-America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
WullAnything really, CoC and Paranoia are favourites, also FATALAnyGMT (GMT+0)Unavailable
BrendanGames, guysI like gamesAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Combat FetusD&D 3.5, WoD, D20, willing to try anythingAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Scuzzled20, GURPSebberon, core, any gurpsCanada/Mountain (GMT-7)Unavailable
shadowjogd20, 7Sea, SR4, WoD, GURPS, anythinganyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Ishallcalluany, I know d20 bestAnyAmerica/Tijuana (GMT-8)Unavailable
chris hansend20, exaltedanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
TDMd20 (any), nWODanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
HachimakianyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
DocAnyAnyAmerica/Caracas (GMT-4.5)Available!
Loud Detectived20, but open to just about anythingEh whateverAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
SacredChaod20, White Wolf, WFRPAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
ShorbinSureThat's cool too.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AstradanD&D 3.5, GURPS 4th EditionD&D: Any. GURPS: Supers, Fantasy, Sci-FiAmerica/Detroit (GMT-5)Available!
IkardAnything (preferably Shadowrun)AnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
ObeliskDnD 3.5, willing to learn anyCore, HomebrewUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
Gourdsman GaryD20,willing to learn others though.Anything.Europe/London (GMT+0)Available!
cowAny, most experienced with d20Any that doesn't suck.America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
OcelotAnyAnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Cruixd20, modern or dnd3.5 classicanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
FedoraEXALTED, DH, anyHorror, EPIC, any reallyAsia/Seoul (GMT+9)Unavailable
GhostDark Heresy and Dnd3.5GrimDarkAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
GreyGriffinAnyNot EberronAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
Archon RagnarokAny, interested in DH, CTech, CoC and ParanoiaAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
NasdaqDear god someone run WFRP...Almost anything, WFRP I'm dying to playAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
PortugalwhateverWarhammer40kAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
JerkyBlowfishwilling to learn anythingCoreEurope/London (GMT+0)Unavailable
Spacepup18Exalted, DH, WFRPanyUS/Central (GMT-6)Unavailable
Havicusd20, Dark Heresy, BESM, Exalted, GURPS, Shadowrun, WHFRPNot PickyAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Available!
KarthalosAny. Most experience in WFRP/Dark Heresy.AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Tom NookD&D 3.5Core, FRAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Unavailable
HoboAnarkiDark Heresy, d2040k and star wars, I'll try pretty much anything really though.Etc/GMT+0 (GMT+0)Unavailable
LightmaneWHFRP, Dark Heresy, Call of Cthulhu and much more...CoreEurope/Copenhagen (GMT+1)Unavailable
Tehbluesd20America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Von PlatMost familiar with d20 and Tri-Stat, but will play anything I have or can get the book(s) for.AnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
unknown useranyOH GOD MY EYESAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
ElectronicmajiAny, d20, DNDCore, AnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
Revan_987d20core or homebrewAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
MountainLightningoWoD, D&D (Will try most anything)Forgotten RealmsAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Unavailable
LIBERATIONd20, XPG, DH, SNSAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
M0sesD20D&DCanada/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
LinuxEaterd20CoreAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
CainenShadowrun 2-3, GURPS 4, UnisystemShadowrun, Planescape, Dark SunAmerica/Kentucky/Louisville (GMT-5)Available!
Aurend20D&DAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Available!
boromeer3D&D 3.5Core/Homebrew. I'm not familiar with other published settings(Eberron)US/Central (GMT-6)Unavailable
Ruler Of CreationAnything, Will learn new systemsAnyAmerica/Dawson_Creek (GMT-7)Available!
ZeroharpeAnythingAnywhereAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
ARFd20, WFRP, DH, Planescape, 40k, GRIMDARKEurope/Dublin (GMT+0)Unavailable
rageaholicd20, DH, WFRP, WoD (old or new)Any, but I'm especially interested in Changeling: The LostEurope/Stockholm (GMT+1)Unavailable
kimotaboomAnything, willing to learn new systemsPretty much anything, especially sci-fi or horrorAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
DeusExeany, familiar with d20America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
SintuaDitV, SotC, UA, Lacuna, Shadowrun, Homebrew... Any but DnD 3E***punk, low fantasy, modern, western, WWII, Anything reallyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
ShadowAngled20AnyAmerica/Edmonton (GMT-7)Unavailable
DraoiAnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
FexyDark HeresyAnyEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
Unyuufexd20Anything but EberronAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Mvctar AvrelivsDark heresy, CTechCoreAsia/Singapore (GMT+8)Available!
Mr. TintAnythingPlanescape, Homebrew stuff, anythingAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
Theraged20Faerun, Star WarsGB (GMT+0)Unavailable
Atom EveAFMBE, DitV, 2nd Ed. AD&D, Mutants and Masterminds, willing to play 3.5 or other d20 but dear God I'd really rather not.Modern, cyberpunk, steampunk, western. Established settings are for punks.US/Central (GMT-6)Available!
RakurasD&D, nWoD, DHAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
IsalrocD&D 3.5/D20, willing to try anythingAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
MorzasI know a little d20, but I'm open to other systemswhatever worksAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
ChiwienWOD, wh40k DH, D&D 3.5, WHFRmeh Australia/NSW (GMT+11)Unavailable
kasdayeanyanyCanada/Mountain (GMT-7)Unavailable
Red Machine Dd20Greyhawk, HomebrewAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
LightAppAny. New, but willing to learn.AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Geremy TibblesWilling to learn anything, or play anything.If it's good, I will play it.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Toadthroatd20, D&D 3.5No PreferenceAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
BeauDH, WHFRPG, ShadowrunAnyEurope/Berlin (GMT+1)Unavailable
SarbitonAnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
NillardHero SystemSuper-HeroAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Sevend20AnyEurope/London (GMT+0)Unavailable
Darius099Whatever. Prefer Sci-Fi or Fantasy.Core, Homebrew, Eberron is a bad setting and you should feel badAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Salamanders FanboiAny and allAny and allAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Tisiphoned20, or any.Core, homebrew, whatev; I like every genre.America/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
Mango JuiceD&D,D20 Modern, ExaltedEbberon, Forgotten Realms, HomebrewAmerica/Detroit (GMT-5)Unavailable
JogganonI'm game for anything.EberronAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
SenorBuzcoany, though I really want to try 4edanything funAmerica/Indianapolis (GMT-5)Unavailable
Anti-TrollD20, Dark HeresyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
VnonymousAnyAny, PlanescapeAustralia/Sydney (GMT+11)Available!
ScytaleDnD3e or 4eAny DnDCanada/Mountain (GMT-7)Unavailable
The_SixlerDnDanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
That Scaly BastardD&D, GURPS, WoD, Star WarsFantasy and Sci-FiAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Maximilliond20fANTASYAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Papist_RapistUnknown Armies, D6 Legendary, CoC, WHFRP/DarkHeresy Any (non d20)America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Zach D.any, hoping to try shadowrun somedayanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
EdwardAny, willing to learnHomebrew. Nothing like seeing people's personal settings. Though, anything works.America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
RaptorJudasd20, Mutants and MastermindsCore, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Iron ageAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
blastxenosDark HeresyGrim'n'darkEtc/GMT+12 (GMT-12)Unavailable
GormDark HeresyEurope/London (GMT+0)Unavailable
Jershd20/DnDAnyCanada/Eastern (GMT-5)Unavailable
homefag3.5, but im open to new systemsim a big eberron fan when i dm, but i will play most any settingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
DrmChsr0 aka Hamsterlingd20, but will take anythinganyAsia/Singapore (GMT+8)Unavailable
Setsuna F Seiei3.5, 4e, d20 modern, d20, willing to try any othersanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Mitchell3.5e, 4e, d20, anything.Anything, long as you teach me.America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
CarterHalwellOld WoD, AFMBE, CoCWoD, Homebrew, AFMBE, CoC (1920's or Modern)America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Conscript Garyanything reallyHomebrew, 40k, vidya-based, traditionalAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Gemd20, 3.5 4eAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
vaceriousd20, CoC, nWoD, Dark Heresy, WHFRPanyAmerica/Louisville (GMT-5)Available!
WebcomicjunkieDnD, d20, Dark Heresy, WFRPCore, Homebrew, possibly otherAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Berylliumd20AnyAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Unavailable
Ranakeldiceless, d10, d20, d666, open to new things.Amber, WoD, homebrew. Still open.Europe/Paris (GMT+1)Unavailable
RedSplatDark Heresy, WFRP2E, D&D 3.5, UA, DRYHEberron, Dark Heresy, DRYH or anyGMT0 (GMT+0)Unavailable
PersonguyUnknown Armies, Kult, WFRP, Dark Heresy, anyAnything interestingAustralia/Sydney (GMT+11)Unavailable
MadjobWFRP, Dark Heresy, Call of Cthulhu. Know Exalted, 3.5, willing to learn others but only if interested.America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
MxSaviord20, Open to Learning AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
KillerSquidd20, EXALTED!, Dark HeresyForgotten Realms, EXALTED!, Dark HeresyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
GuardsmanHarryDnd3.5, Alternity, Dark Heresy, anything I can learn.AnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Unavailable
Symmetryd20, 3.5, MSH, Exalted, Shadowrun 4th Ed.Core, Eberron, Autumn Arbor, Steampunk, CyberpunkAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
dandozeeM&M, Exalted, D&D 3.5, D&D 4.0, nWoD, oWoDeberron, homebrew, cyberpunk, steampunk, GRIMDARKAsia/Bangkok (GMT+7)Available!
DNSDiesAny (Newb, D20 exp)AnyUS/Pacific (GMT-8)Unavailable
craptasticD&D 3.5, nWoD, AFMBE, CoC (BRP or d20), Shadowrun, M&M, etc. I'm up for anything.Forgotten Realms, Delta GreenAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
CAPSLOCKGUYanyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
BottleofAleDark Heresy, Willing to learn and get rulebooksanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
Literate ScribeDark Heresy, Inquisitor, d20 3.5 & ModernGrim Darkness of the Far Future, Eberron, HomebrewGMT+0 (GMT+0)Unavailable
BillmiesteranyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
Murmurd20AnyCET (GMT+1)Unavailable
Bones_JonesDark HeresyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Unavailable
Burglesburt4E d20whateverAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
SpacseaDH,anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Frolic3.5, Dark Heresy(Will try a hand at anything)America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Soul_BurnerD20D&D 3.5America/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
CharmD20, can learn new systemsanything's goodAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
NatakDark HeresyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Mikud20, dnd3.5/4e, savage worldsanyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
EssenceAny, Mostly nWOD, DnD 3.5 / d20, Palladium, Exalted, Shadowrun 4th, Starwars D6, BESM, Traveller. Any, Though I shy away from homebrew, I'll give most things a chance.America/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
parabolic000d20planescape, forgotten realms, dark sun, d20 modern, d20 future homebrewAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
MercuriumDark Heresy, WHFRP, White Wolf, d20/D&DEberron, Vampire, Hunter, Dark Heresy, homebrewAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
The Dude4E DnD, Exalted, Dark Heresy, Core Command, Jovian Chronicles, Willing to learn other systems if interestedForgotten RealmsAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
NanoAnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
AarghAnyAnyEurope/Amsterdam (GMT+1)Unavailable
WattsanyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Alebeardabsolutely anything, experimental, playtest homebrewanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
RalewynAnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
GuardsmanHarryAny d20, Alternity, Dark HeresyANYUS/Central (GMT-6)Unavailable
Darkuwaanything but d20 modernanything but the real worldAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Boston Tentacle Partyd20, D&D 4, CoC, L5R, CTechAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
lingerAnythingMoe (Maid, DitS), or anything not excessively LOLGRIMDARK. Homebrews.America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
LanethanD&D 3.5 or 4eWhateverUS/Pacific (GMT-8)Unavailable
LordXarasDark Heresy, CoC, oWoD, HomebrewsAny, with bonus points for interesting homebrews.Europe/Stockholm (GMT+1)Unavailable
NorskVindD&D 3.5, 4e if available, Shadowrun 3e and 4e, d20, whatever I'm willing to learn after thatDon't care, just nothing blatantly weeabooAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Unavailable
Tokkan3.5e, 4e, Cthulhutech, Dark Heresy, n/oWoDEberron, homebrewAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Orrinplayed a few, and wouldn't mind playing them again or trying new onessame as systemsAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
Yued20, Storyteller, ShadowrunEberron, Shadowrun 4, Exalted 2, nWoDAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
W.Irvingd20, Burning Wheel, willing to learnI'm game for whateverAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
mikud20, Ctulhu, don't care.Anything.Europe/Amsterdam (GMT+1)Unavailable
MadassAlexD&D (3 onwards)AnythingAustralia/Melbourne (GMT+11)Unavailable
f4m1n3d20anyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
Lithuidd20Core/homebrewAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
JBrizzleD&D 3.5, Exalted, Star Wars Saga, Mutants and Masterminds, nearly any.US/Central (GMT-6)Available!
Jonas the toothDnD anyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Sandact6Exalted, Mutants and Masterminds, DnD 4e, Scion, anything else Preferably light hearted, but I really don't careAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
The_Littlest_EmoNobilis, BESM, CoC, anything elseNot steampunkUS/Central (GMT-6)Unavailable
Izluded20, CoC, DnD 3.5Forgotten Realms, HomebrewAsia/Seoul (GMT+9)Unavailable
Lil piece o´fluffDark Heresy, WHFRP (both eds), oWoDAny, really.Europe/Dublin (GMT+0)Available!
KommunistJesusd20, WFRP, DHForgotten Realms, WHF, WH40k, Star WarsEurope/Stockholm (GMT+1)Unavailable
RodDark Heresy, D&D 3.5AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
LirlondWilling to Learn anyAnyGreenwich (GMT+0)Unavailable
NabeshinD20, D&D, Dark HeresyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
ClericPrestond20, DRYHHomebrewAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Hemlock3.5, willing to try other gamescore,hombrewAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
Ol' Dirty CustardD&D, CoCWhatever.America/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
TheWarpHeresy- Dark preferredpretty much anyAustralia/Queensland (GMT+10)Unavailable
ReizAny but d20AnyEtc/GMT-8 (GMT+8)Available!
TuxAnyAnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
GURPSfaganyanyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
DeathSquidDark Heresy, D&D 3.5e and 4eDon't careAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
CorgiSomething easy for a newfag to pick up.AnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
FistbeardD&D, Dark HeresyAnyAmerica/North_Dakota/Center (GMT-6)Unavailable
AeonPhoenixUnknown Armies, Exalted, Ctech, Dark Heresy, ect.WhateverAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
KiraDnD 3.5/DnD 4e/oWoD/nWoD/Dark HeresyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Neckbeard whithout a beard. But with a big neck.d20Any.Brazil/West (GMT-4)Unavailable
psyberwraithnWoD, Palladium/Rifts, DnD, willing to learn othersAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
MooMan1d20anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Major MaxillaryDark HeresyanyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
CasaubonD&D3.5, 4. WFRP.Whatever.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
RamirezDH, UA, WFRP, d20AnyEurope/Helsinki (GMT+2)Available!
Inekalton4e is preferred, but I'm willing to learnanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
spoonanyanyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Akaens3.5AnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
JackAr34Dark Heresy, Shadowrun, AnyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AlexGrimmeDeadlands, 7th Sea, L5R, Dark Heresy, Exalted, Scion, nWoD, Maids RPG, Shadowrun 4th, Traveller, any DP9 game and any d20 gameCore of any system is best, but homebrew can be okayAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Dead Koboldd20, Deresy Hark, CoCRavenloftAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
MuttonD&D, M&M, Anything InterestingWhateverAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
FailcakeHomebrew, Percentile, d20, Unisystem, CoC, Storyteller, Any.Dark Heresy, CoC, AFMBE, Classroom Deathmatch, Maid RPG, AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Hep C is BAD!d20, anyhting else that's easy to learnanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
BonesD&D 3.5e, DHCore, HomebrewAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
XazakD&D 3.5/4eForgotten RealmsAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
WarlordD&D 3.5Core/HomebrewAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Available!
DrakanFyreD&D4, Exalted/Scion, Savage Worlds, 7th Sea, L5R, BESM, Shadowrun4EberronAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Servant Lord4e, Savage Worlds, Mutants and Masterminds, Classroom Deathmatch, WFRP, Dark HeresySupers, Zombies, Politics and Philosophy.Asia/Hong_Kong (GMT+8)Unavailable
Morolend20,oWoD,Dark HeresyAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Unavailable
DoomshifterDark HeresyAnyAustralia/Victoria (GMT+11)Unavailable
JackAllD&D 4eCore, homebrewAmerica/Toronto (GMT-5)Unavailable
AdhittanaDark HeresyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
ReconcilliationEclipse PhaseAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Mysterium_Xarxesd20, nwodVtR, SWRPGEtc/GMT+1 (GMT-1)Unavailable
Sweet Soul BrotherD20, D&D3.5, Star wars, and anything that uses the D20 SystemAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Alair KoraiusAnythingAnythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
FatumD&D 3.5; Pathfinder; DH; SR; EP; UA; GURPSPlanescape; dark grimnessEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
ToloranExaltedExaltedAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
Goblin Samuraid20, DnD 3.5AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
dungeonfagd20HomebrewAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Derek58AnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Daka FalD&D 3rd or 3.5, D20 Modern, Star Wars D20anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
QuackattackWilling to learn anything basicanything basicUS/Pacific (GMT-8)Available!
Srikalid20AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
ReilockAnyAnyGMT (GMT+0)Unavailable
LaktarCall of Cthulhu, D&D (3E or 4E), Hackmaster, Mutants and Masterminds, Aberrant, Don't Rest Your Head.Anything.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AhasuerusAnyDH, DnD, CoCAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Available!
TreyanyExaltedAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Prinny3.5, DH, WFRP, America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Emo_DuckD&D 2nd/3.5th edition, Dark Heresy, Mutants & Masterminds, Unisystem40K, homebrew fantasy, post-apocalypse, dystopiaEurope/Copenhagen (GMT+1)Unavailable
AegelwardAnyAny/Sci-Fi PrefGMT (GMT+0)Available!
SnoopfrawggWhite Wolf, but I'll try anythingAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
ScottDark HeresyWarhammerAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Kyud20, nWoD(mage,Changeling)AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Askrend20, DH, open to newanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Jorundd20AnyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
Jeff ZyjewskiD&D 3.5AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
NukEAnything Really, open to new stuff.AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
JamooAnyAnyEurope/London (GMT+0)Unavailable
KirovDark HairesyHeresy, extra DarkEurope/Oslo (GMT+1)Unavailable
octaviusgprimeI'll play anything but FATAL.I'll also play anything but sex themed stuff.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Shiki/Gaod20, 4e, nWoD, DHAny.Etc/GMT-10 (GMT+10)Available!
shinichiziod20, GURPS, BESM, but anything is usually fine tooUnspecific/AnyAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Available!
Garis4eEberronAmerica/Mexico_City (GMT-6)Available!
BaiserD&D, nWoD, Dark Heresy, Shadowrun and open to anything.AnySystem/Localtime (GMT-6)Unavailable
LatAnyAnyEurope/London (GMT+0)Available!
BBBd20, d20 modern, D&D 3.5th, Paranoia (willing to learn any)AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Chicago TedDark HeresyAnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
MaltDark HeresywhateverAustralia/Perth (GMT+8)Unavailable
AnonXDnD 3.5e, Spirit of the Century, will try anythingAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
JaggardDark HeresyWarhammer 40kAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Coyoted20, BESManyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
LawnchairDark Heresy, d20, will try anyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
SladeJTAny (Willing to learn)Any (See Systems)America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
nulaunisystem, most anythingMostly modern, haet fantasyEurope/Bratislava (GMT+1)Unavailable
MirkulD20(Any), BESM, Anima, Dark Heresy, Warhammer fantasy, world of darknessCalderis(Dark heresy), Forgotten realms(Old one, not the C%$& S&?*$/% Piece of S$%? that wizards just released) and also Homebrew setting (Mmmmh...homebrew....)America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
The Bearded BearCtech, DH, D&D3.5, oWoD, nWoDAnyEurope/Warsaw (GMT+1)Unavailable
LordNadDark Heresy, WHFRPno preferenceAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
ParasitologistAnything, mostlyFantasy, RP heavy stuffAmerica/Mexico_City (GMT-6)Unavailable
Wars/m/anDark Heresy, DnD 3.5/4e, BESMCoreAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
AniseAnything (most experience with shadowrun and D&D)ehhh, whateverUS/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
AtraWilling to try anyanyAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Unavailable
Kick4e, shadowrun, storytellerCore, Core, exaltedAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Kudrad20, Dark Heresy, Fantasycraft, Exaltedhomebrew, coreAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
N!Any (nWoD, CoC, DnD3.5, whatever)AnyAustralia/Victoria (GMT+11)Unavailable
AlcesteAnyAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Available!
IssidroAny but GURPSAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
HellfishAnyAnyEurope/Berlin (GMT+1)Available!
krug231anyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
MagicJugglerD20, old World of Darkness, GURPS 4th, BESM 3rd, Teenagers from Outer SpaceAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
MausDark Heresy, Spycraft, D&D 3.5e, d20 in general, will try CTech and other Cthulhu settingsAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
IsenhertzShadowrun, FATE (SotC, Starblazer), 7th Sea, d20, 4E, [o/n]WoDA Homebrew Is Fine TooEurope/Berlin (GMT+1)Unavailable
SurrealPreferably D&D 4e (HURRDURR) but I'm open to new experiences.Eberron, AnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
AmpersandAnyAnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
KevWFRPANYAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Shadowfyst997Ruby QuestAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Iyae3.5CoreAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
SethamundoD&D 3.5 or 4.0, willing to learn almost anythingAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
LastyMost familiar with d20, willing to learn anythingAnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
Rogabeetahd20, although I'm up for anything.Core, Homebrew, AnythingAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Detective_Inspectord20, etc.[Insert setting here]America/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
RaspberryCommieAnyAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
mikeDND3.5, dark heresyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
NosysGURPS, d20, Unknown Armies, Exalted, Shadownrun 4e, Eclipse Phase, Mekton Zeta, Risus, willing to learnDoesn't matterAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Clarence_MageWoD, Exalted, EP, anything really except d20 AnythingAustralia/Melbourne (GMT+11)Available!
BlastWARHAMSWAR HAMSAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
VandelayAnyAny; Cyberpunk, Fantasy, ModernAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
SanjuroAnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
THAT MANd20, Dark HEresy, Exalted. Quick reader and learner willing to try anything but FATALEberron for D&D but anything worksAmerica/Moncton (GMT-4)Unavailable
LokimDnD 4e, ShadowrunAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
NukE3.5, Pathfinder, Exalted, REALLY wanna learn Dark Heresy or WoD (old or new)anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
PDnD 3.5/4e, Deadlands, nWoD, Chuthulutech, WoWd20Core, Homebrew, Unified SettingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Juba the Baghdad SniperD&D, Dark heresyAnyAmerica/Boise (GMT-7)Available!
Sir Corgi4e, 3.5e, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and a base understanding of Exalted/nWoD. Willing to try some homebrew.WhateverAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Leonshoud20 (any)Core, FRAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Nurgle, lord of shitDark heresycorePacific/Kwajalein (GMT+12)Unavailable
OmniusDnD 3.5/PF, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, oWoD, Open to other systems as wellAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
jebsalumpAnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
ConanD&D 3.5, Pathfinder, M&M, WHFRP, DHCore, Eberron, FRAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
ProtspeckAny (DH, d20, WW, Savage worlds)Any, no reallyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
theendcatexaltedAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Phalanxd20, anyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Darcantithd20, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, AD&D 2nd Ed., D&D 3rd Ed.AnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
Valhollw/ew/eAustralia/Perth (GMT+8)Unavailable
AtlisDark Heresy, Rogue TraderCore, HomebrewCanada/East-Saskatchewan (GMT-6)Unavailable
ZarimDark Heresy, WFRP, Paranoia, Feng Shui, d20, anything I can find PDFs of.Core, Eberron, Homebrew (srsly)America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
DanDark Heresy, Rogue Trader, 3.540K, Planescape, Dark Sun, Homebrew shitAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Awesome Wellespissall in my pantsAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
ZephDark Heresy, Rogue Trader40kAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Meepd20, D&D 3.x, Dark Heresy, Rogue TraderAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Eyepatched_CyclopsUnknown Armies, willing to learn moreAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
BeholderD&D 3.5, Pathfinder, willing to try othersmost anyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Dr_Propagandad20AnyGB (GMT+0)Unavailable
MandaloreStar Wars d20 (Revised Edition), DnD (3.0), ShadowrunCore, HomebrewAmerica/Toronto (GMT-5)Unavailable
HalfwingD&D 4e, Mutants and Masterminds, vaugly familiar with nWoDAny, as long as it's not a oneshot.America/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
RaduD&D 4e, Dark Heresy, Rogue TraderNearly AnythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
BlackNWhiteW0LFw/e, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer, DnD,etc...Core, Homebrew (testing also)America/Monterrey (GMT-6)Unavailable
zmoolardanyanyAustralia/Melbourne (GMT+11)Unavailable
Nothing ManAny, interested in Exalted, Fantasycraft, Eclipse PhaseAnySystem/Localtime (GMT+11)Unavailable
Tom HLotsLotsAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
SparrowD&D 3.5, nWoD, willing to learn pretty much anythingAnything reallyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
FRAU DOKTORCall of Cthulhu, Dark Heresy, d20, Vampire the Masquerade, but I am open to trying new things.AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Amarlexd20, DH, willing to learn new stuffAnything, 3.5, DH, and 4e I'm familiar with thoughUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
CantusGrayD20, D&D, ExaltedanyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
zombotronD&D3.5/4, OWoD, NWoD... I'm willing to learn anything.anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
WillHammerD&D 3.5, CoC, EP and nWoDWhatever God-Emperor GM wants.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
GarlyleFF 3rd, Maido, Homebrew, others?HomebrewCanada/Pacific (GMT-8)Unavailable
GWTShadowrun, WoD, 4e, Maid, Homebrew. Willing to try anything I can grab books for.Original settings are the best settingsAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
StainedAnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
UristOpen to anything, played DnD 3.5, 4, want to try Maid RPGAnythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Rally RestanyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
GaiusTerminusAnythingAnything except horrorAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
ThOnlyManEverd20 though anything will work.AnythingCanada/Central (GMT-6)Available!
MindCrushGodlike, M&M 3e, DnD 4e, Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy etcComics, Low Fantasy etcSystem/Localtime (GMT-6)Available!
Fix It Jonesd20, Exalted, Will play anything if given the time to read the rulesAnything, but Eberron and Planescape have special places in my heartAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Tanak The ChurchburnerAny at this point, well versed in DND 3.5, open to anythingWhatever worksAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
KamahlD&D 3.5, 4e, willing to learn anyAnyCanada/Central (GMT-6)Available!
PyropedicNot pickyDark HeresySystem/Localtime (GMT-6)Available!
YaotzinD&D 4e, Risus, anything you're willing to teach meany is fineAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
homertheman3.5 know some of 4, gurps and willing to learnallAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Vermilliond20, 3.5 preferred. Willing to try most things (FATAL being one exception)DnD, Fantasy, Sci Fi. I am not very fond of modern day settings, not fond of modern day without the former tags, and not realismAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
MandaloretGDoesn't matterDoesn't matterAsia/Calcutta (GMT+5.5)Unavailable
Panzer_FaustDHanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
mittensShadowrun, d20, Any.Seattle, Denver, Greyhawk, Any.America/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
mintd20, anyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
MuffkinDnD 4e, anyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
Legatowould like to try DH, maidrpg or anything not too difficultAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
No Respited20, Warhammer 40kdnd 3.0,3.5, Dark Heresy, Rogue TraderEurope/Warsaw (GMT+1)Unavailable
Sphexd20- MnM, 3.5, something else?anythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AurumDudeCyberpunk, DnD 3.5. I'll try pretty much anything.Core, Homebrew, etcAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
VladDnD 3.5Katamari DopplegangerAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
SammyUp for almost anything. Most familiar with d20 and WoD (old and new), and various other games.Really dying for some DRYH or WoD. Old or new Changeling or Geist in particular.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
we_ouroborosanyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
lemachinSoTC, DiTV, will try just about anythingCanada/Atlantic (GMT-4)Available!
cfdk4e, but will play anything.eberronAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Unavailable
TheCrowDnD 4th edanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
EZahnnWoD, Exalted, Deadlands, Mongtrav, L5RAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
I'm no Gordon Freeman.Unknown Armies, Don't Rest Your Head, up for anything.I like survival horror, and prefer realism to wish-fulfillment, but beggars can't be choosers.America/North_Dakota/Center (GMT-6)Available!
Falld20Anything really, I'm a bit of a noob thoughAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
RythyrixPathfinder, 3.5e, can adaptHomebrews, makes it more interestingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
HalfwotAnyAnyEurope/Stockholm (GMT+1)Unavailable
John DoeDnD 2E/3.5E/4E, WHFRP, M20, othersCore, willing to try othersAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AtomicTeaspoonWilling to learn any, know d20, WoD and SWmodern horror, cthulu, pulp adventureAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
BaratheonDark Heresy, D&D 3.5AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
SpectreD&D 4e Call of Cthulhu, willing to learn othersanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Bastard McHagginsD&D 4e, willing to learn othersanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Shrapnelnot d20not high fantasyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
A Cool HoboDnD 4e. new looking for groupcoreSystem/Localtime (GMT-6)Available!
Jace4e, Pathfinder, Spirit of the Century, SagaEberronSystem/Localtime (GMT-6)Unavailable
GeneticsfagDH/RT, D&D. Willing to try others though, esp. M&M.Would like to try Eberron, but don't really mind.Europe/London (GMT+0)Unavailable
VTS4ed, 3.5, pathfinder, DH; willing to try othersany; I'd be interested in a steampunk (IK? haven't tried it before)System/Localtime (GMT+0)Available!
Commander FarsightDark HeresySystem/Localtime (GMT+0)Unavailable
Voodoo JuiceOpen to just about anythingAny and allAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Genuflectd20, M&M, Heresy, MeidoHeresyAmerica/Hermosillo (GMT-7)Available!
iammadeofmercuryDnD (any edition, I can learn), Shadowrun (only familiar with 4E), Pokemon TTA, Dead SpaceAny, really never played tabletop games, if you wanna play please compensate for my knowledge and experience.localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
Metacree3.5/pathfinder, willing to learn new systemsanySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
Maz MediasD&D4e, DH, RT, other (will learn)Anylocaltime (GMT-5)Unavailable
ArchboundDH/RT Willing to learn anything coreEST (GMT-5)Available!
wtstalind20, dark heresy, basically anythingcore, dark sun,System/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
Max StirnerD&D 4eanySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
hitmydotz69NoneDH, Particularly willing to learn nWoD and MaidRPGSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
ParryPersonCoC/DnDw/eSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
ShrimpWoD,d20, 3.5, CoCAny!System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
padgettishanyanyEST (GMT-5)Unavailable
TazaioWoD | Willing to learn the ropes of anything.Anylocaltime (GMT-5)Available!
Michelle Perry4th ed, Pathfinder, Maidany, DarksunSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
RickyD20, 3.5, 4eAnyCanada/Mountain (GMT-7)Available!
Bartlebyd20Core, Eberron, Pathfinder, homebrew, it's all goodSystem/Localtime (GMT-7)Available!
SnoopfrawggWhite Wolf, but will play anythingAnywhere.localtime (GMT-5)Available!
The RogueAnyAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
StagnolaCyberpunk, nWod, Legend of the Five Rings, Call of Cthulhu, willing to try othersanyEurope/Oslo (GMT+1)Unavailable
Helioaquasd20, Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy, Anything reallyAnySystem/Localtime (GMT+1)Unavailable
Lexicaniumd20, Shadowrun, Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch, TravelerAnySystem/Localtime (GMT+1)Available!
SpetsnazUnderdarkWritefiendd20, CoC, Unisystem, Interlock, nWoD, oWoDEberron, 1920's-1950's, Modern, 202XUS/Eastern (GMT-5)Unavailable
AbishuaD&D 3.5, Willing to LearnAnyEST (GMT-5)Available!
Rotten bastard.d20 3.5, 4.0, dark heresy, warhammer fantasy roleplayAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
teh_cabbageWilling to learn anythingAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Hida JiremiSavage Worlds, Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, World of Darkness, FATERavenloft, Homebrew, Golarionlocaltime (GMT-5)Unavailable
TricouPathfinder, 4e, Dark HeresyAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
kongurousAnyAnyAmerica/Toronto (GMT-5)Available!
ZhanAnyaSoIaF/aGoT, SerenitySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
Unwieldy Bobd20, DnD 3.5, Traveller. Honestly anything is fine.Good onesAustralia/Adelaide (GMT+10.5)Unavailable
zigzyD&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Fantasycraft, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, others...EST (GMT-5)Unavailable
RoonwickD&D 3.5/4e, Call of Cthulhu, can and willing to learn others.Everything.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
DaPhungusD20 Modern, SR4eReal worldSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
Elled20, D&D 2.0 / 3.5Forgotten Realms, Dragon Lance.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
TaisuruAnyAnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
RetoriD&D 3.5 or 4.0, Willing to try anyAnyEST (GMT-5)Unavailable
NikolaeVDark HeresyCoreSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
Hawled20HomebrewSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Commissar Fuklaw3.5/Pathfinder, WH40K Vassal, DH/Deathwatch/RT, oWoD, nWoD, ScionAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
TakeTheKTrainD&D 4e, Dark Heresy, Mutants and MastermindsAnythingEST (GMT-5)Unavailable
Jax Will DoD&D 3.5, Spycraft, CTech, DH, RT, L5R, Exodus, wanna try AFMBE. Quick learner, has GM'd for year and rarely a player.Anything really. Into having fun over massive wish fulfullment or 'so deep'.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
RyoutarouD&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga, CthulhuTech, Rouge Trader, Dark Heresy, BESM 2e, BESM 3e, Shadowrun 4e, Touhou RPG, Up for any setting reallyUS/Pacific (GMT-8)Unavailable
rooshunvodkad20, DH, AnyAnyEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
Robotic NecromancerCoC, Shadowrun, Star Wars Saga, 3.5, 4e, DHAnyMST (GMT-7)Unavailable
hacxAnyanyGMT0 (GMT+0)Unavailable
DavidPathfinder, Dark Heresy, 2e D&D, 3.5e D&D, Paranoia, AFMBE, D20Homebrew, Horror, SteampunkSystem/Localtime (GMT+0)Unavailable
BardD/D 3.5, Cyberpunk 2020, might be interested in trying something else, but no Homebrew, no Houserules AnySystem/Localtime (GMT+0)Unavailable
AllenI only know d20, but anything is fineAnything Fantasy-ishUS/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
BizarroTedTurnerD20, Calla Cthulhu, 3.5, etcPrefer something with guns, but whatever's fine.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
BrbDnd 4e, Dark heresy, deathwatchanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
newguydark heresy, rouge trader, D&D,etcany System/Localtime (GMT-8)Available!
FangJokerKingWoD, both old and new, but I can learn any system you want.Any setting is fine.EST (GMT-5)Available!
Ezekiel3.5, Dark Heresy.Any.America/Toronto (GMT-5)Available!
Alexander_DegtyarevDark Heresyanything fittingEurope/Amsterdam (GMT+1)Unavailable
asano_mand20, GURPS 4, working on nWoD, will learn any new systemAnyUS/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
Senor Vapd20, 4e, 3.5,DHanyUS/Pacific (GMT-8)Available!
Crazy HassanD&D 4e, Dark heresyAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-8)Available!
grenadiermanAnyAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-8)Available!
The4th1WFRP, DH, D&D 3.5, D&D 4ECore, Homebrew, System/Localtime (GMT-8)Available!
TzeentchD20, Dark Heresy, SRAnything ReallyEST (GMT-5)Unavailable
unnownrelicDH, willing to learn othersAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
JayPathfinder, 4e, SW Saga EditionGolarion, Dark Sun, AnySystem/Localtime (GMT-8)Available!
GurpsfanGURPS 4e, DnD 3.5, d20. I'd be up for trying Dark Heresy.Eberron, Core ,Homebrew, Modern, Historical, anything really.System/Localtime (GMT-8)Unavailable
flurryanyanyEurope/London (GMT+0)Unavailable
AtkinsonMSH, anyanyUS/East-Indiana (GMT-5)Available!
PiesDark Heresy, A Song of Ice and Fire CoreSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Gnomebitten3.5, PathfinderAnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
RichardKainenWoD (pretty much any of them) HERO System, AD&D/3e/4e, Paranoia, currently reading up on Eclipse PhaseJust about anything reallyEST (GMT-5)Unavailable
BearD20,DH,2e AD&DDark Sun,SpellJammerSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Captain Bubbles3.x/pathfinder, nWoDAny, prefer low magicCanada/Pacific (GMT-8)Unavailable
TonyanyanySystem/Localtime (GMT-8)Unavailable
arcanolothanyanySystem/Localtime (GMT-8)Unavailable
Heresy MakerAnyAnylocaltime (GMT-5)Available!
guardsmen 1243676allalllocaltime (GMT-5)Available!
Relentless ImpD&D 3.5, Shadowrun 4Eberron, Spelljammer, PlanescapeAmerica/Louisville (GMT-5)Available!
Nexold20Core, Homebrew, Forgotten Realms, Star Wars (In That Order)America/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
SkallragD20, Pathfinder, NWoDAnyUS/Pacific (GMT-8)Unavailable
BobAny (Most familiar with D&D3.5, L5R, PTA)AnyEST (GMT-5)Available!
Spiritlessd20, star wars, anyanySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
MagnusPreferably Dark Heresy or Deathwatch but willing to learn anything.AnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
DougFirFFGDeathWatch, Rogue TraderAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Unavailable
Konstant1nAdeptus Evangelion and Pokemon Table top AdventuresAnyUS/Mountain (GMT-7)Available!
bobdisgead20,D&D*(noob willing to learn, excited to learn)fantasy, scifi whateverUS/Eastern (GMT-5)Unavailable
Jessicad20, Call of CthulhuDoesn't matterSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
KingofSangoDark HeresyCoreUS/Central (GMT-6)Unavailable
RhelaraKnow DnD 3.5, Wod, happy to learn anyanyAustralia/Sydney (GMT+11)Unavailable
VicePathfinder, DnD 3.5, Dark HeresyAnySystem/Localtime (GMT+11)Unavailable
Perry FalconWoDSystem/Localtime (GMT+11)Unavailable
aenaithiaD&D 3.5, nWoDprefer Changeling/Mage, but fine with anythingSystem/Localtime (GMT+11)Unavailable
NockyNew to everything, reallyDittoAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
Knight-Hartanyanylocaltime (GMT-5)Available!
MctwitchD&D2e but willing to try othersanySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
Samurai Jack4E, Rogue Trader, Dark HeresySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
EpicurisAnyMost Any US/Pacific (GMT-8)Available!
DeadManWaltzingDark HeresyAny & AllGreenwich (GMT+0)Available!
CC SamielDH, 3.5, CoCCoreSystem/Localtime (GMT+0)Unavailable
SeraphDnD 3.5, Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, Eclipse PhaseAny, so long as they're in the above gamesSystem/Localtime (GMT+0)Unavailable
J-WegsCoC, AdEva, whateverlocaltime (GMT-5)Available!
inthezone123d20, but willing to try anythingCore, HomebrewSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
DarkArchonDeadlands and HoE, D&D 3.5e, Pathfinder, nWoD, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Star Wars Saga EditionAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
BowlthizarDnD 3.5. Savage Worlds, AnythingAnyUS/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
ClockSmasherd20HomebrewSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Unavailable
Veximosd20, anything really3.5, pathfinder, anythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
UnicideDark Heresy, Dungeons and Dragons 3.5E, mostAnyEST (GMT-5)Unavailable
Pylon MountainDark Heresy pref. Willing to try whatever.AnythingAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
CyrusD&D, DH, DW, RT. (open to learn new ones)40k, Cyberpunk and fantasy (High and low) but open to new onesEurope/London (GMT+0)Unavailable
Jackgar Prime3.5, Mutants and Masterminds 2e, Cthulutech, Dark HeresyEberron, Planescape, 40k, whatever elseAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
BlackletterDark Heresy, Rouge Trader, M&M, Star Wars, Serenity, D&D 4.0AnyEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
PirateGuyFamiliar with d20, willing to try new stuffLooking for D&D, CoC, WH40K (mainly Rogue Trader)America/Indiana/Indianapolis (GMT-5)Unavailable
AnonymouseM&M, D&D, Pathfinder, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, DeathwatchMarvel, DC, Low Fantasy, 40k Universe, Zombie ApocalypseEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
Stoneyd20, Savage Worlds, WoDAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
MichaelShadowrun 3/4ed any 40k RPGSci-fyEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
The SpleenAnyAnyEurope/London (GMT+0)Unavailable
WaddleDood20AnyAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Available!
IcewhompAnythingAnythingAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
Wundyd20, DnD 3.5e, PathfinderAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
DocNessuno3.5, 3.P, OWoD, DH and related, Others.AnyEurope/Rome (GMT+1)Unavailable
Omnicronel5r (3E or 4E), Mouseguard, d20 (including 4E)Any, except Forgotten RealmsAmerica/Sao_Paulo (GMT-2)Unavailable
DeamortisGurps, d20, ShadowRunHigh fantasy, scr-fi, over the topEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
fatsmalonepathfinder, 3.5America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
ShiroAisuD&D4, but im up for anything realy, im quite new to RPingAnyEurope/Lisbon (GMT+0)Unavailable
Ryythd20, D&D, PathfinderanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
AkkrylsDark Heresy, Rogue TraderUTC (GMT+0)Unavailable
TheSeventhd20, Dark Heresy, AdEva, WoW RPG, Open to othersEberron, 3.5Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
DuffadashYesFantasy-stuffs or Transhuman SpaceEurope/Copenhagen (GMT+1)Available!
MsIxxiWants to learn about this.Open to anything [prefers up-to-date-scenes]America/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
QGloafd20, oWoD, M.A.G.U.S. willing to learn anythingWH40k, Shadowrun, oWoD, M.A.G.U.S., homebrew, Dungeons The DragoningEurope/Budapest (GMT+1)Available!
KickinRadTopHatCoC, WFRP, 40k, D&D (anything but 4e), willing to learn pretty much anythingWhateverAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
A4BroganDH, DnDCoreAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
margraveofwarD&D 4EanyEurope/Brussels (GMT+1)Unavailable
TarvusD20, Dark Heresy, Maid RPG?I don't even careAustralia/Sydney (GMT+11)Unavailable
CtankepisD&D 4eanyEurope/Vilnius (GMT+2)Available!
SchrodingerAnyAnyEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
AlovardDark Heresy, 40k RP in general, and exploring DnDCoreAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
A4BroganDHCoreAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
CJD2502d20, CoCcore/homebrewEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
YarokNew player looking to learn Dark Heresy and Rogue TraderAnything, from grimdark to beyondAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
SenkopadesExperienced with D&D 3.X/Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and Pokemon Tabletop Adventures.ANYAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
JamesXLd20AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
KickinRadTopHatCoC, WFRP, 40k, D&D (anything but 4e), want to try out WoD, willing to learn pretty much anythingWhateverAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
M @ G 0 0PathfinderForgotten Realms, GolarionAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
Dantooined20, Gamma World, Paranoia. Willing to learn!noneAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
OrangeDryPathfinder, nWoDany, a homebrew is fine tooEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
<script>alert('xss')</script><script>alert('xss')</script><script>alert('xss')</script>Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
MackAny/Open to suggestionsAny/Open to suggestionsEurope/Stockholm (GMT+1)Available!
AbeevauAny. Although I have only ever played 4E.AnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
HurukianyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
earthworm3d&d4anyEurope/Paris (GMT+1)Unavailable
MercenarybluePathfinderCore, MtG, EberronAmerica/Montreal (GMT-5)Unavailable
Flesh NommerRT, DH, DW, BCEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
Pelenor40kOnly War, Dark HeresyEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
SageofTimes4e, Pathfinder, 40k, willing to try anythingEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
Lord BritishWill try anythingn/aAmerica/Toronto (GMT-5)Available!
elriceclipse phase, MAOCT, rogue traderAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
WolfVonhinslikAdEvaCoreAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Funk3.5, PathfinderAnyAustralia/Adelaide (GMT+10.5)Unavailable
VanlereuxD&D 4eWhateverAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Unavailable
BaratheonDark Heresy, Rogue Trader, 3.5No katanasAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
EcksdeenWoD, Magical Burst, FATE, CoC, Any! Willing to learn!Any!America/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Clockworker40kRPG, preferably Black Crusade or Deathwatch40kAmerica/Sao_Paulo (GMT-2)Available!
UnoriginalHackmaster, but I'm up for anything else tooFantasy, but I'm up for anything else tooAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
BeeksAny d20, CoC, Dark Heresy, Only WarAny and allAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
CelestialDoggied20, 40K RPG (any/all), FATE (DFRPG, SotC), Shadowrun, etc.America/Detroit (GMT-5)Available!
GilboronAny, inexperiencedAny, inexperiencedEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
MikuEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
FleasyNo homebrews or FATAL-tier shit, prefer WH40K RP, open to about everything elseNo weeb shit or emo vampires, homebrews acceptable, anything else is cooAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Unavailable
DURPDark Heresy, Wild Talents, AnyForever GM - want to be a playerAustralia/Brisbane (GMT+10)Unavailable
KingRat3.5-4e D&D, Rogue Trader, Savage Worlds, Paranoia, Dark Heresy, PathfinerAnyEurope/Berlin (GMT+1)Available!
AndersonAnyAnyAmerica/Toronto (GMT-5)Unavailable
ZaultDH or RTCore but will try anything.Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
LunariusPathfinder, oWoD, 1st ed Exalted, Monsterhearts; I can be coaxed into a lot of systems--even freeform.Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, some scifi. Give me werewolves, elves or Transformers and I'm good to go, pretty much.America/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
SkraalCall of Cthulhu, WHFRP, Dark Heresy, Adeptus Evangelion, World of Darkness, anything else reallyAnyAmerica/Toronto (GMT-5)Unavailable
StedCatteEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
Gingerbreadd20, D&Dcustom, CoreEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
GeneralfoleyI'm rather new, so I'll be up for anything, if you'll bear with me, since I have a very, very basic understanding of the d20 system, but I am up for learning anything. I've been leaning towards Dark Heresy (and it's variations) and D&D, but I'm game for anything. But if you got something post-apocalyptic, then count me in, I'm a bit of a Post-Apocalyptic buff.America/Phoenix (GMT-7)Unavailable
appaveBewEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
Aet2991WoD (modern nights), d&dVampire the Masquerade, Mage the Ascension, whatever low fantasy for d&dEurope/Rome (GMT+1)Unavailable
MiranD20AnyEurope/Oslo (GMT+1)Unavailable
epitaphedark heresy and CoC looking to try shadowruncore usually homebrew be ok too but...Europe/Paris (GMT+1)Unavailable
LaineExalted, Scion, Dark Heresy, D&D 3.5, D&D PathfinderAny!Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
PeejsterMD&D 3.5e, D&D 4e, Willing to learn anyFantasy settingsAmerica/Rainy_River (GMT-6)Available!
Grogimusany [knoweldgeable about 3.5 and 4e and Gurps]Greyhawk, homebrew, warhammerAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
MangixDnD, PF, WH40kRPGs, Shadowrun-America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Shabaaazd20, CoC, DH, ORE, Gurps 4e, DnD, EH, open to learn anythingno rea preference, really anxious to play good horror or urban fantasy thoughAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
ErasmirPF/3.5/4E/NextAnyAmerica/Kentucky/Louisville (GMT-5)Unavailable
Chapter Master SteelDark Heresy, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, willing to learn othersAllAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Unavailable
ChungoCall of Cthulhu, Unknown Armies, WH40K/Fantasy RPAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
LordDestroxD20Core or homebrewAmerica/Kentucky/Monticello (GMT-5)Unavailable
CatPreferably Eclipse Phase, but, open to anything.Any?America/Mexico_City (GMT-6)Available!
GumbieShadowrun (4/5), Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, SoIaF, got something else in mind? Feel free to shoot me an email.AnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
KravenoffBurning Wheel, DnD, Deadlands, and anything you are willing to teach meHome brew is always more fun, but published stuff now and then can be funAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Detective Chmilewskyd20, willing to try othersPost-Apoc, Fantasy, Can Try OthersAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
LongIslandTroybeing submissive or switchnaked with other peopleEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Unavailable
Pray_for_SnowWH40K, DnD 3.5, PF, Shadowrun 4thAny (very flexible)America/Phoenix (GMT-7)Unavailable
CancerCatAnything, experience with 4EAnythingAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
RevasDark Heresy (d100, experienced), Pathfinder(New)AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Leg HorseD&D 2nd, 3rd, 3.5, and fifth ed, WOD 1.0, Shadowrun, BESMRavenloft, Forgotten realms, Seattle, anything with mechaAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
RoberteaAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
RonaldPiAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Bench anond20, PF, 5e, Dark Heresy, can learn othersHomebrew. FlexibleAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
RixoliWarhammer 40KAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
HG BOSINstar warsyour momAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
tubesWeaverdice, anyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Unavailable
TieflingPathfinder, TravellerHigh magic or Sc-fiAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable
Man of Mysterious ButtsdigestivefartAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Unavailable

Players' availability times are adjusted to your chosen timezone.