Mary Sue Generator

She appears to be a normal marine biologist except she dresses like a gestapo officer mad scientist, her eyes can find the weak spot of any foe and her hair is black with streaks of white and is so flexible and strong that a single hair can be used to make bowstrings, but secretly she is actually a half-catgirl.
She is unknowingly the queen of her kind from another dimension and she will fight her enemies with the power to punch her opponent into another dimension or to eat vampires.
Her friends and enemies call her Nightgirl Peacebird!
Her constant companion is a depressed over-analytical angel who is also secretly her nemesis.
Her favored weapon is a spirit golden sword which can restore the life of good persons.

Just hit F5 to generate a new horrible, horrible Sue. Credit goes to /tg/, and Psientist for compiling it all!


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