Mary Sue Generator

She appears to be a normal singer except she dresses like a gangsta foxgirl, her eyes have irises that changes color depending on her mood and her hair is neon-green and is so flexible and strong that a single hair can be used to make bowstrings, but secretly she is actually a half-werewolf.
She is an amnesiac whose blood is the cure for cancer and she will fight her enemies with the power to seduce demons or to transform into a mecha.
Her friends and enemies call her Lightthighs Heavybreath!
Her constant companion is a young catatonic neckbearded man who is also a projection of her evil self.
Her favored weapon is a glowing ancient club which will cut through any material.

Just hit F5 to generate a new horrible, horrible Sue. Credit goes to /tg/, and Psientist for compiling it all!


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