SotC: In Dark Times...

DM Name:Sintua
Other DM Contact:
System:Spirit of the Century
Setting:The Roaring 20s, Globe-hopping Action
Start Time:2008-10-27 22:00:00 (2008-10-27 20:00:00 America/Chicago)
End Time:2008-10-28 04:00:00 (2008-10-28 02:00:00 America/Chicago)
Game Runs Weekly:No
Accepting New Players?:Yes
Desired Skill Level:Any
Game Style:Epic
Playing Using:IRC @ #SotC

Game Information:

Currently... our heroes discover a possible plot involving super-intelligent bears (by The good Professor's home being raided by one), originating from siberia! They set out to wales to meet up with the Morcant Twins and their drill-train, then to head off into the frozen wastes to solve this case.
Looking for all players! Never heard of it but interested? Long time veteran? All are welcome!

Spirit of the Century is a pick-up game of high-action pulpy goodness. The world is wide and full of mysteries, The Great War has reshaped politics, technology, and expectations for the world. Yet, above it all, a striking optimism of a better future; Nothing can't be solved with determination, grit, passion, and SCIENCE!

This is a very easy game to pick up and learn while you play, and although there are already threads of various storylines tying into an overarching campaign, the story will center on YOU, so let me know what kind of characters you want to play and what you want from the game, and the story will circle around that.

Character sheets will be hosted online at the wiki:
Rulebook can be grabbed from /rs/, or listed here:

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