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Fate Points:3
Insanity Points:6
Corruption Points:0

    Your name is Enoch. You are male. You are 51 years old, and have fair skin, copper hair and grey eyes. Your peers describe you as stunted. You have a stooped stance. You have no immediate family to speak of.

    You were born, but where and even when are a mystery to you. The memories of your past are lost to you, but you still awaken at night, screaming from the horror that claimed your friends and family and left you the sole survivor. You walk the path of the Arbitrator, where you hold the rank of Trooper. You are one of the few Arbitrators that have studied the Calixian Pattern Killings, a series of brutal and inexplicable murders that have occurred throughout the sector. When you visited the Imperial Diviner, the seer told you this: Men must die so that Man endures. Your only physical reminder of your past life is your lucky rat's foot, something that holds great sentimental value to you. In your travels and adventures as Arbitrator, you have collected a special memento of your journey, your section of chest plate.

    Your upbringing, environment, and the path you have chosen in life have granted you the following traits: Engram Implantation, Failsafe Control, Imperial Conditioning, Through a Mirror Darkly.You have learned, acquired, or been born with a number of talents, such as Jaded, Pistol Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Basic Weapons Training (SP), Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Quick Draw, Talented (Inquiry).

    You excel in a number of basic skills, including Deceive (Fel) (Engram), Intimidate (S) (Engram), Common Lore (Tech) (Int) (Engram), Survival (Int) (Engram), Inquiry (Fel).You have learned a number of advanced technical skills, such as Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Literacy (Int), Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites) (Int), Common Lore (Imperium) (Int).

    At this time in your life, your personal belongings are meager, most provided by the Imperium as part of the path you walk. Your holdings include shotgun and 12 shells, club, brass knuckles, knife, uniform (Good Quality Clothing), 3 doses of stimm, injector, Arbitrator ID, chrono, pack of lho-sticks, chain coat, lucky rat's foot (memento), section of chest plate (memento).


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