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April 2010
9147601Horse SeppukuA Unicorn clan bushi asks /tg/ for help regarding her failing. /tg/ tells her to have her horse commit seppuku.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Ronin, Horse, Seppuku2010-04-12 17 
June 2010
10783196HorserapeOne /tg/ers account of being sexually assaulted by a horse.tg horse2010-06-27 21 
December 2010
13187338/tg/-related things that confuse you.A simple question, involving Horseshoe Crab, turns into engineering the perfect crab army.crab, horseshoe, hedron, planecrawler2010-12-17 3 
October 2012
21241408Lich's Employee Quest pt 18Daniel does out with SpiderDan to the first church of Hydra, and gets a horse.skeleton quest, hydra, religion, horse, skelecopters2012-10-22 11 
May 2013
24764565Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 56.2Hito finally challenge the German knight Gustav in mounted combat.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Horses, Knight, Wrestling2013-05-11 2 
August 2013
26604934Let's Build a World/tg/ has an imagination and creates a unique setting from absolute scratch.world building, original content, fluff, sci-fi, shamanistic horseshoe crabs2013-08-13 12 
26646664Let's Build a World 2/tg/ continues to build the Winder Civilizationworld building, original content, fluff, sci-fi, shamanistic horseshoe crabs2013-08-16 3 
January 2014
29303736Pokemon Quest #4Drinks are had, Robin learns we lied about our name and like to steal stuff, she nicknames us Kat ('Robin' when we're alone), and we catch a HorseaPokemon Quest, Pokemon, Quest, drinking, lesbian, horsea, zubat2014-01-05 24 
October 2014
35327430Centaurstg gets philosophical about centaur ass wiping, anon supplies information. Reactions happen.centaur, horse, ass2014-10-06 22 
February 2015
37823911Modern Knight Quest #7Having discovered the evil at work in the museum, Ser Aldrich and Leonardo DeRetti steal priceless artifacts to slay Djinni and a wizard.Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Horseman, Djinn2015-02-05 6 
38002817Modern Knight Quest #8With our supernatural foes vanquished but our exit sealed we traverse the long dark of the 'Sub Way', where we confess to our new comrade our checkered past...Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Horseman, Origins2015-02-14 5 
August 2016
471693Bullshit Quest - Thread #1Where the goals don't matter, the enemies are shit, and OP is a faggot.bullshit, quest, comedy, fun, RPG, Manhorse, karma, combat, PvP, PvE, demons, angels, challenging2016-08-14 5 
December 2016
846329YouthQuest - SHOT THROUGH THE HEART Edition Faggots.Manhorse, Youth Quest, freelance2016-12-05 5 
880960YouthQuest: Classroom Pipe Dreams EditionThis is an american highschool apparently. Expect homicides, eldrich horrors and chunnis en masse!Manhorse, Youth Quest, freelance2016-12-12 2 
918795YouthQuest - Post Times Are a Myth EditionThe high-school turns into a battlefield of epic proportions. Death, life and stupidity are omnipresent. AND THEN THERE IS THIS FAGGOT!Manhorse, Youth Quest, freelance2016-12-20 0 
952344YouthQuest: Cheese EditionThe Gang war ends, with the death of the last of the leaders. School life returns to normality. Until Christmas happens.Manhorse, Youth Quest, freelance2016-12-28 1 
January 2017
983210YouthQuest: Online EditionEvent-Bossrush happens, and we even get a bit more lore. And students engage in... Did I mention that a not-so-much-angel gets his wings?Manhorse, Youth Quest, freelance, Multi-PC, Open World, Events, Linear Storyline, Magic, Guns, Modern2017-01-06 3 
1015645YouthQuest: Tito "Dick" Dickman Baby EditionThe students prepare for the FINAL event-boss, lewdness get shut down, and the kill count goes up drastically. And that's pretty much it.Manhorse, Youth Quest, freelance, Multi-PC, Open World, Events, Linear Storyline, Magic, Guns, Modern, Cults, Ocean Blue2017-01-14 2 
1044194YouthQuest: Internal Suffering EditionThings FINALLY return to normal, but plot twists happen left and right. We also get a lot of exposition, and like that the TRUE game begins.Manhorse, Youth Quest, freelance, Multi-PC, Open World, Events, Linear Storyline, Magic, Guns, Modern, Cults, Ocean Blue, ROMANCE, Drama2017-01-24 1 
February 2017
1086324YouthQuest: Nanomachine EditionIn the aftermath of the raid on the greenhouse, every man is free to fight their own wars again. But not for the better, but for the worse.Manhorse, Youth Quest, Multi-PC, Open World, Events, Linear Storyline, Magic, Guns, Modern, Cults, Ocean Blue, ROMANCE, Drama, Consequences2017-02-03 2 
March 2017
1203931YouthQuest: Memories EditionWe didn't miss much, and move on towards exploring the forests, finaly doing alchemy and fighting the first couple of rivals.Manhorse, Youth Quest, Multi-PC, Open World, Events, Linear Storyline, Magic, Guns, Modern, Ocean Blue, Drama, Consequences, Plot, Riddles2017-03-09 1 
1238810YouthQuest: Of Mice and NomadsRivals taken care of, things return to (relative) normality. New players join in, and so do... old friends? Prepare for the Last Stand!Manhorse, Youth Quest, Multi-PC, Open World, Linear Storyline, Magic, Guns, Modern, Ocean Blue, Drama, Consequences, Plot, Bossfight, RP2017-03-16 3 
April 2017
1299020YouthQuest: Reborn - Thread ISo run that by me one more time; why is this a good idea again? I dunno, but we are back at it again, bigger and just a bit better!Manhorse, Youth Quest, Multi-PC, Open World, Magic, Guns, Modern, Ocean Blue, Plot2017-04-09 2 
1328572Youthquest Reborn - Thread 2Where things don't go wrong for once, The newbies make a name for themselves, and a player faces judgement from God.Manhorse, YouthQuest, Multi-PC, Open World2017-04-13 1 
1355807YouthQuest Reborn: Thread 3The end of act I. Last stand is finally done, and the nomads leave the school. the dictatorship at the school has come to an end.Manhorse, YouthQuest, Multi-PC, Open World, Ocean Blue2017-04-21 1 
May 2017
1386614YouthQuest Reborn -Thread 4The players take their time to prepare for what comes next. Studying, training, brewing, constructing, planning... Manhorse, YouthQuest, Multi-PC, Open World, Ocean Blue2017-05-01 1 
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